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Zvezda is where Celestialsapiens originate from.[Bandai 1][note 1]


Zvezda is as nebulous as the Celestialsapiens themselves. It is not a planet,[merch 1] rather it is a non-terrestrial collection of gases and energy. It is often passed over by astronomers and space-travelers who don't realize that intelligent life actually exists within the murky mist. Celestialsapiens prefer the solitude of their shrouded existence here, unfettered by the petty concerns and going-ons of all the other life forms in the universe. Celestialsapiens are able to survive in Zvezda's usual semi-opaque environment by themselves being at one with the stars.[Bandai 1][merch 2]

Notable Inhabitants


Zvezda means "star" in several slavic languages such as Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian, and Macedonian.


  • Prior to the introduction of the Forge of Creation, Dwayne McDuffie claimed that Zvezda does not exist.[DM 1]


  1. This information has been retconned as of The Forge of Creation, which established that Celestialsapiens come from the Forge of Creation.


Dwayne McDuffie

  1. link unavailable



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