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Zed is a female Anubian Baskurr currently owned by Kevin Levin, and formerly by Khyber.


Zed is a dark blue creature that appears to be a cross between a dog and a dinosaur. She has red eyes, blue-gray spike-like hair running down from her collar to the tip of her tail, and black lines on her neck and legs.

Zed used to wear a red spiked collar that had the Nemetrix on it, but now she wears a light blue collar with a gold bone-shaped dog tag.


Zed, as Khyber's pet, was very savage and aggressive. She was also a lot more feral, and was very loyal to Khyber prior to the events that led to Khyber taking the Nemetrix away.

When Kevin saved her, Zed became loyal to him and soon became his pet, where he discovered her true gender much to Gwen's surprise. After being taken in by Kevin and, by extension, Gwen, Zed seemed to have calmed down and is a lot more tame than before.

Zed is able to understand others and their intentions better than most humans can.

Zed doesn't like Argit.[MW 1] However, she did let him ride on her back in Weapon XI: Part 2.



Zed was found by Khyber and chosen as a "worthy tool" for his hunting career. Ever since, she has been trained and responded to her master's commands.

With every test subject failing to remain stable and in control of their transformations, Zed became the perfect host for the Nemetrix due to her savage nature.

Zed with Khyber


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Zed first appeared in The More Things Change: Part 1, where she attacked Ben as Crabdozer before being recalled by Khyber during a fight with Spidermonkey.

In The More Things Change: Part 2, Zed attacked Ben and battled Water Hazard as Buglizard before being defeated by Shocksquatch.

In It Was Them, Zed attacked Ben as Slamworm but was defeated by Diamondhead. She later attacked Ben a second time as Mucilator and was able to overpower Crashhopper. However, she was defeated by Dr. Animo's Mutant Ants.

In Of Predators and Prey: Part 1, Zed was first seen battling Stinkfly and Wildmutt as Buglizard. She later battled Armodrillo as Slamworm, Crashhopper as Mucilator, Heatblast as Crabdozer, and Ball Weevil as Terroranchula.

In Of Predators and Prey: Part 2, Zed seemed to be gaining the upper hand against Ben's alien forms before he eventually turned into Humungousaur. Through she was able to overpower Humungousaur as Tyrannopede, she was defeated by Grey Matter using Hephasestan Nero Grip. Zed survived the crashing of Khyber's ship.

In Outbreak, the Nemetrix became unstable, causing Zed to randomly changes forms. Dr. Psychobos eventually fixed the device, allowing her to turns back to normal.

In Malefactor, Zed kept Ben busy while her master battled Rook Blonko and Malware download the codes for the Galvan Defense. During the battle between predators and prey, she turned into Hypnotick to deal with Big Chill. Once the mission was complete, she retreated with the other villains.

In Showdown: Part 1, Zed gained a new Nemetrix transformation, Omnivoracious, from a fossil at the Galvan museum. Using this transformation, she chased after Azmuth. When Ben and Rook were teleported into Galvan Prime, she immediately battles Ben. However, she became confused by multiple whistle commands from both her master and a whistle made by Azmuth using a discarded piece of fossil. She then transformed into Vicetopus and captures Dr. Psychobos. However, Zeb was abandoned by Khyber, who escaped with the Nemetrix, and captured by the Galvan.

Zed with Kevin

In Showdown: Part 2, Zed escaped from her cell during the attempted destruction of Galvan Prime and attacked Kevin. However, she became trapped under a boulder before Kevin saved her. She is eventually adopted by Kevin, who is able to confirm her gender from studying alien lifeforms classes.  

Powers and Abilities

Zed is very fast, agile, and strong (able to throw Ben with ease). She was able to sense that there was something not quite right about Gwen's classmate, Dante, growling when he was near.


Zed used to have the Nemetrix on her former collar, which allowed her to transform into alien monsters that are the predatory species of Omnitrix aliens.

Nine predatory beasts have been seen used by Zed:


Zed is not completely loyal and can be manipulated by anyone who uses a whistle that is at the same frequency as Khyber's gills. Azmuth built a whistle in order to turn Zed against Khyber and Dr. Psychobos. This does not last if someone shows love and care.

Like a regular dog, if someone scratches behind Zed's ear, she will become tame.[1] This also does not last.

Feeding Zed will dull her hunting instinct.[2][3]



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  • The idea of Kevin adopting Zed was requested by Greg Cipes due to his love of animals. Early on, there were some thoughts of an Earth dog for Kevin, which Derrick J. Wyatt started designing, before they decided to give him Zed.[DJW 1][DJW 2]
  • During her appearances in the first two seasons, Zed went unnamed because Khyber saw her only as a tool to hunt, and didn't care about her enough to name her.[DJW 3]
    • Zed's name was first revealed in the credits for The Frogs of War: Part 2, despite not appearing in that episode. This is because she was supposed to physically appear in the episode but her part was cut for time.[DJW 4]
  • Khyber almost never fed Zed, preferring to let her hunt for her own food.[3]
  • Zed's gender was first revealed by Kevin in Showdown: Part 2, something that both Azmuth and Khyber were unaware of.[1][4]
    • During production, Zed's gender was not decided right away.[DJW 5]
  • During the events of The End of an Era, Zed was at home with a grounded Devlin Levin.[DJW 6]
  • A scene with Ship and Zed interacting was discussed, but it did not come to pass.[MW 2]
    • Speaking of Ship, Zed shares a few similarities with him, such as both of them being dog-like aliens and able to detect if something is wrong with a person.[5][6]
  • "Zed" happens to share the same name of the Tetramand deity.[7]
  • Coincidentally, Kevin previously had an alien pet in the Null Void that he called a dog.[DM 1] He took the pet to a vet named 'P'str'ph'.[DM 2]


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