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Yawkwawi, (better known as Yawk) is an evil bear-like monster that tries to escape from mascot.


In the daytime he is wooden. At nighttime, he comes to life when moonlight rises and replaces all the wood with fur and fabric.


At an unknown point in his past, Yawk was an ordinary bear until he was cursed. The curse is made of wood and completely lifeless during the day, and that curse can only be broken when Yawk leaves the valley before sunset. The magic of the curse also gives life to the other mascots, to keep Yawk in the valley.

Maluquice Em Mascote Galeria (11)

In his wooden form.

He tried to escape from the city and leave the valley. However, the rest of the mascots also came to life to prevent him from escaping. He had to face Omni-Enchanced Four Arms to try and be free. When it apparently had obtained the victory, Yawk falls of a crag of a great height while the sun returned to leave, causing that it's body becomes wood and that it shatters when it hits the ground.

Later, his remains are taken to the city, where he is revived by Wildvine when he rebuilt his wooden body.

Powers and Abilities

Yawk is extremely dangerous, because his species is carnivorous, making him a predator for all. In addition, It is also really strong, as it managed to maintained a battle with Omni-Enhanced Four Arms.


Yawk during the day, it is a wooden totem, so it is vulnerable when it is in that state.


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