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XLRG is a fusion alien that never made it into the show. He is the combination of XLR8 and NRG's DNA. He can only be accessed by using the Biomnitrix.


XLRG resembles an armored Velociraptor. He is a physical being constantly emitting pure, red, radioactive energy wearing a heavy, dark green-teal oven-like containment suit capable of containing high levels of radiation and heat. Unlike NRG's containment suit, XLRG's suit has wheels on its feet, like XLR8.

Inside his suit, XLRG wears a lower level containment suit similar to NRG'S. While in his armor, XLRG wears the Biomnitrix symbol on its chest seal, and in his true form, the Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Being part-Prypiatosian-B, XLRG could fire highly radioactive energy beams through the vents in his containment suit, which can corrode or melt metallic objects.

Being part-Kineceleran, XLRG could run extremely fast, though probably not as fast as XLR8. He could also think, act and react at superhuman speed.

Outside his containment suit, all of XLRG's powers are expectedly enhanced massively. He supposedly becomes very agile and gains both flight and limited phasing abilities, besides being able to manipulate energy at a higher level and fire energy balls and blasts out of his hands and mouth. He can open the suit via the visor.


Due to the dangerous radiation XLRG's body gives off, he would have stay in his suit for the safety of others and keep his radiation level to a minimum. There are, however, downsides to this: most of his abilities become weaker than they really are outside of the suit.

Being part-Kineceleran, he most likely cannot run on non-solid ground like mud and especially ice, as he might have has poor control over the latter.


XLRG's name is a combination of XLR8 and NRG.


  • XLRG was designed by Tom Perkins, like all other Biomnitrix fusions.[DJW 1]
    • However, the design is only concept art, as XLRG never made it into the show.
  • XLRG and Gravadactyl were the only concept Biomnitrix fusions that were actually drawn. The others were just "names on the board".[DJW 2]


Derrick J. Wyatt

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