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Wolfen Sheep is an Alpha mutant created by Dr. Animo. He first appeared in Animo Farm.


Wolfen Sheep has the body of a common sheep having white wool on most of his body. His sheep wool covers his wolf face. However, he can stretch out his neck extremely far. When he does this, you can see he has the head of a wolf. His wolf fur is greyish-black. He has orange eyeballs with black eyes as well as a grey mouth and a black nose. The insides of his ears are pink. He also has sharp teeth like a wolf. He has greyish-black wolf feet with three grey claws on each foot and has a sheep tail.


Wolfen Sheep has great pride. He does work if he is needed to. He is vicious and aggressive as he wasn't afraid to attack Ben when Ben wasn't doing work. Wolfen Sheep can also talk, but can't say too many words. When he talks, he sounds like a sheep "baaaing" while saying words.

Powers and Abilities[]

Wolfen Sheep can stretch his neck to use his sharp teeth to attack enemies. He can also use his sharp claws to attack, but he usually uses his teeth as his neck is stretchable. He is also able to stand on two feet.


Wolfen Sheep's teeth can't bite through horns, so he can't attack if horns are in the way.


Along with the other Alphas, he was forcing the Accidentals and Stinkfly to do work on the farm. Later, the Accidentals and Stinkfly teamed up on the Alphas. Wolfen Sheep tried to fight Minitaur, but his teeth couldn't bite through Minitaur's horns. After the other Alphas lost against the Accidentals and Stinkfly, Wolfen Sheep and the other Alphas became prisoners on The Farm.


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Wolfen Sheep's name is based off of the term "wolf in sheep's clothing," an idiom from the Holy Bible used for someone playing a role contrary to their real character with whom contact is dangerous.

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