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Windy-Hindy is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Chronosapien from an unknown planet, and the Dimension 23 equivalent to Clockwork.


Windy-Hindy resembles 11-year-old Clockwork in Ben Again,[DJW 1] except his eyes and circular piece of glass on his chest are blue, his armor is dark blue, the white parts of his shirt are light blue, and the Omnitrix symbol on his chest is blue with a gold outer casing.

Powers and Abilities

Windy-Hindy can fire blue time rays from his hands or chest, which have various effects like sending people back in time,[1] aging an object/person to dust,[2] restoring individuals who have been erased from time, sending them into a different timeline,[3] and reverting them to a previous state while also immobilizing them.[4]

Windy-Hindy can slow down time around himself, making it look like to others that Windy-Hindy is moving at very high speeds.[5]

By rotating the key on his head, Windy-Hindy can create hologram-like projections of what happened in the past.[6][7]

Windy-Hindy has a degree of enhanced strength, as Clockwork was able to throw a pipe so hard it became heavily embedded into a wall.[5]

Windy-Hindy is capable of reversing the effects of a Chronosapien Time Bomb using his time powers.[3]

Because he is robotic (rather than biological) in nature, Windy-Hindy can survive in the vacuum of space, as demonstrated by Maltruant.[8]

Windy-Hindy can rotate his head 360° degrees.[DJW 2]

Windy-Hindy possesses chronopathy, which grants him a fine-tuned sense of precise time and determine the exact time an event has taken or will take place and for low long, as demonstrated by Maltruant.[8]

Because he is a technological being, it is possible for a Galvanic Mechamorph to merge with Windy-Hindy, thus making his time rays stronger and increasing his speed and stamina to superhuman levels. While in this state, Windy-Hindy can jump extremely high, morph his hands into drills, fire rockets out of shoulder-mounted launchers, and sense another Chronosapien's head key.[4]

Windy-Hindy can travel both through time and between different dimensions,[9][1] as demonstrated by Maltruant.[4][8]

Windy-Hindy can sense the use of a fellow Chronosapien's powers and undo the resulting effects if needed.[3]


Windy-Hindy is not very durable, as a laser blast from Carl Nesmith's glove damaged Clockwork's right shoulder and caused him to shut down. If Windy-Hindy reverts to human form in this state, Ben 23's right arm will be broken.[2]

If something hits Windy-Hindy head key, he can be badly stunned; this shows that Windy-Hindy is not very agile, as Clockwork admits that he "is not good for dodging."[5]

Because of his large body and short legs, Windy-Hindy cannot run very fast and is low on stamina, meaning he tires out quickly.[10]

Windy-Hindy's time rays are ineffective against anything diamond-related such as Petrosapiens, due to them being incapable of aging.[11][1] Similarly, the time rays are ineffective on gumballs because time has no effect on them.[12][13]

The use of Windy-Hindy's time powers create a ripple effect in time that can be sensed or reversed by another Chronosapien.

Windy-Hindy's time powers are completely useless in a place where there is no time at all, such as the beginning of the universe, as demonstrated with Maltruant.[14]

There is a limit to how strong Windy-Hindy is, as he is unable to penetrate through the Contumelia's machine's extra-dimensional field, as also demonstrated by Maltruant.[14]

Because he is a mechanical-based being, Windy-Hindycan be magnetized by a Biosovortian.[DJW 3]


Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Br) Relogião From relogião, big clock
Russian Лёгкий ветерок
From лёгкий ветерок, light wind
From крылатый, winged
Spanish (HA) Not named (It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 1)
Manecillas (It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 2)
Dub error because "Windy-Hindy" is not mentioned.
From manecilla, clock hands.



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