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Wildmutt is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vulpimancer from the planet Vulpin.


Ben as Wildmutt

Wildmutt appears to be a large orange dog with no eyes, ears, nose, or tail. His posture and movements are also somewhat apelike. His teeth are very defined and stick out of his mouth. Since Wildmutt has no eyes, he uses his sense of smell and hearing to navigate, which are aided by three gill-like nostrils located on each side of his neck.

In the original series, Wildmutt wore a brace with the Omnitrix symbol on his left shoulder.

4-year-old Wildmutt looked very similar to his 10-year-old self, but a lot smaller and thinner.

In Ultimate Alien, Wildmutt wore the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest, had lighter fur and orange lips rather than black. However, he had black lips in the Ultimate Alien intro.

10-year-old Wildmutt in Ultimate Alien was almost identical to his 10-year-old version in the original series, just with orange lips rather than black and the brace didn't have any white in it. The Omnitrix symbol was also recolored.

In Omniverse, Wildmutt has black lips, his forearms are a bit bigger and he now wears a green and white collar which contains the Omnitrix symbol.

11-year-old Wildmutt in Omniverse looks almost the same as he did in the original series, with the exception of the fact that the Omnitrix symbol on his brace is recolored to green.

Ben 10,000 as Wildmutt

At 30 years old, Wildmutt had grown larger. He had stripes on his back and had sprouted a tail. His appearance had shifted to a more feline form. Wildmutt wore the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead.

Powers and Abilities

  • Wildmutt sniffing
  • Wildmutt running
  • Wildmutt's Vision in the original series
  • Wildmutt's Vision in Side Effects
  • Wildmutt's Vision in Ultimate Alien
  • Wildmutt's Vision in Omniverse

Wildmutt's main ability is his sense of smell. As he has no eyes, his "vision" is made up of a dull 3D mapping of where his senses originate, similar to a thermograph.[1] Combined with his enhanced hearing, his senses take the form of a radar or sonar, allowing him to still perceive his environment more clearly. His enhanced speed and reaction time allows him to dodge, evade, and counterattack effortlessly with the help of his senses.

Wildmutt can track almost anything and anyone by their scent.[2]

Wildmutt has superhuman strength, as he can rip off the roof of a car with ease.[3] Wildmutt can dig deep craters at a fast speed, even while digging through solid stone ground.[4]

Wildmutt has enhanced agility that allows him to run, jump and climb at an inhuman rate. He is highly acrobatic and gymnastic, with such movements being similar to that of an ape.[5]

Wildmutt is durable enough to survive a steel tower falling on top of him.[6]

Wildmutt is a quadruped, however he is capable of standing on his hind legs, and he can punch, somewhat awkwardly, by doing this. In addition, his feet are prehensile, as he caught Gwen with his foot as she was about to be sucked into space.[7]

Wildmutt also possesses razor sharp teeth and claws.


Wildmutt can't talk in human languages. Instead, he communicates through a combination of barking and snarling. Due to this, it is extremely difficult for anyone to understand him.

Wildmutt's senses are very sensitive, making him vulnerable to anything that can overwhelm his senses such as a high-pitched sound or a strong smell.

Wildmutt's lack of eyes makes him completely dependent on his other senses (mainly olfactory).

When infected with a cold, Wildmutt's nostrils (on the sides of his neck) get blocked by mucus, making him unable to smell or hear and rendering him essentially "blind". In addition, his fur color seems to "decrease" from its vivid orange to a pale yellowish-orange tone, and his lips and claws turn from black to a sickly dark green hue.[8]


  • In Framed, Gwen mentioned Wildmutt was used by Kevin to terrorize Tallahassee, Florida.
Ben 10,000
  • In Ben 10,000, Wildmutt ran to battle Vilgax, but he ended up being thrown back.

10 year old Ben
16 year old Ben
  • In Inspector 13, The Ultimatrix turned Kevin into Wildmutt which caused him to crash his car.

16 year old Ben
11 year old Ben
  • In Evil's Encore, Wildmutt freed himself, Max and Gwen from a sack.
No Watch Ben


10-year-old Ben
Season 1
16-year-old Ben
Season 2
Season 3
Season 3

16-year-old Ben
Season 1
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11-year-old Ben
Season 4
No Watch Ben
Season 5

Video Games

  • 16 year old Ben as Wildmutt in Ben 10: Omniverse (Video Game)
  • 11 year old Ben as Wildmutt in Ben 10: Omniverse (Video Game)

Ben 10

  • Wildmutt is a playable alien in the game.

Ben 10: Omniverse

  • Wildmutt is a playable alien in the game (by both 11-year-old and 16-year-old Ben). Wildmutt can release a sonic attack capable of stunning enemies.

Ben 10: Omniverse 2

  • Wildmutt is a playable alien in the game (only on 3DS).

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Albanian Memeci From memeci, dumb
Arabic وايلد مت
Bulgarian Тъподив (OV)

Дивозвяр (UAF & OV) || From див, wild, and звяр, beast

Burmese Tiger Monkey
Chinese 超能兽 From 超能 (Chāo Néng), super, and (Shòu), beast
Croatian Psina From psina, mutt
Dutch Stomkop/Wildmutt From stomkop, mute head
French Sauvage From sauvage, savage/wild
German Biest From biest, beast
Greek Αγριόσκυλο From Άγριο, wild and Σκυλί, dog
Hebrew כלב פרא From פרא, wild and כלב, dog
Hungarian Vadorzó From vadorzó, poacher and vad, wild
Italian Bestiale From bestiale, bestial
Japanese ワイルドマット From ワイルド (wairudo), wild and マット (matto), mutt
Korean 몬스터 From 몬스터, monster
Norwegian Wildmutt From the original English name
Polish Dzikopysk From dziki, wild and pysk, mouth
Portuguese (Br) Besta From besta, beast
Romanian Salbaticul From salbatic, wild
Russian Дикий пёс
Космический пёс
From дикий пёс, wild dog
From космический пёс, cosmic dog
Serbian Џукац/Džukac From џукац/džukac, tike
Spanish (HA) Bestia/Feral From bestia, beast and fiero, wild
Spanish (Spain) Bestia/Feral From bestia, beast and fiero, wild
Swedish Vilden From vilden, savage
Turkish Yaban Köpek From yaban, wild and köpek, dog


  • The porcupine-like quills on his back supplement his sonar and can also serve as weapons, either protecting him while he's rolling, or as projectiles fired off at will.
  • In Race Against Time, Wildmutt had a higher pitched snarl that sounded almost like screaming.
  • Wildmutt is the only alien in Race Against Time to have his voice actor reprise his role from the original series.
  • Wildmutt's name in the Croatian version of the cartoon, "Psina", means "Great Dog", but the same word is sometimes used to name several sharks, especially the Great white shark, which sometimes caused naming confusions between him and Ripjaws.
  • Wildmutt has a very similar concept to the Doom 3 version of the "Pinky" Demon enemy: both are canine-esque beings whose faces display no visible eyes or noses, walk on all fours, roar loudly and have massive powerful jaws with huge pointy teeth sticking out.


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