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What do you know? Ordering henchmen around is kind of fun.

– Whampire.[1]

Whampire is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vladat from the planets Anur Vladias and Anur Transyl in the Anur System.


Whampire is a vampire-like alien with pale skin, green eyes, and sharp yellow teeth. He wears a black jumpsuit with a green chest and markings, black gloves with green fingers that possess sharp claws, and a green mask with spikes on it. His head is rather large and features green eyes, and his head spikes are part of his suit and they do not cover any part of his body. Whampire also has green flaps under his arms, which resemble the wings of a bat.

Whampire wears the Omnitrix symbol on his stomach.

Whampire's Corrupturas are crystalline entities,[DJW 1] they are small, dark green, diamond-shaped objects with light green eyes, little horns, and black bat-like wings.

In his bat form, Whampire becomes a small black ball with wings of the same color and size. A miniature version of his face is on the front of his body.

While burning in sunlight, Whampire's clothes seem to burn off first, leaving his skin, which would be completely grey due to the sun, exposed before he himself burns.

Powers and Abilities

Just like Lord Transyl, Whampire possesses hypnosis from his eyes and can control other beings by shooting Corrupturas at their foreheads.

Whampire's Corrupturas are effective on other races of the Anur System, such as Transylians, Thep Khufans, Loboans, and tangible Ectonurites.[1]

Other races shown to be effective on Corrupturas include Revonnahganders,[1] Merlinisapiens,[2] Splixsons,[DJW 2] Crystalsapiens,[DJW 3] To'kustars,[DJW 4] Sonorosians,[DJW 5] Galvanic Mechamorphs,[DJW 6] Piscciss Premanns,[DJW 7] and Arburian Pelarotas.[DJW 8]

Whampire can absorb and feed off the energy of living beings by sucking on them. He can even drain the life force of a Celestialsapien.[DJW 9] If Whampire were to completely drain his victims of their energy, they would look similar to Darkstar's victims.[DJW 10]

Whampire has the ability to fly and is highly agile while in flight.

Whampire has a certain level of enhanced strength, being able to hold his own against a mob of Anur Transyl citizens before eventually being overrun,[1] get Max out of Malgax's clutches, and flip the latter over afterwards.[3]

Whampire possesses enhanced durability, as shown when he was able to withstand being thrown against a wall by Malgax.[3]

Whampire can hang upside down like bats and real vampires using his prehensile feet. According to himself, he does his best thinking while he is upside down.[1]

Whampire can turn into a bat-like creature.[4][DJW 11]

Whampire can see the internal structure, like the nerves and energy of his victims using his infrared vision.[1]

Whampire can withstand other Vladats hypnotizing him depending on his willpower,[DJW 12] as demonstrated in Lord Transyl's failed attempt to control him.[1]

Whampire can create a huge sonic explosion as a last-resort means of self-defense that was powerful enough to send Rook Blonko, Scout, Rad Dudesman, and a mob of Anur Transyl citizens flying in every direction.[1]

Whampire can survive in the vacuum of space.[DJW 13]

Like all Anur System aliens, Whampire can see in the dark.[DJW 14]

Whampire possesses smoke mimicry.[DJW 15]

Whampire can control undead aliens, such as Benzarro's transformations, [DJW 16] and possessed inanimate objects using his Corrupturas. In the case of the latter, the possessor's consciousness would have to be contained within the object they are inhabiting.[DJW 17]

Whampire can use Corrupturas as projectile weapons.[DJW 18]


Whampire, like all Vladats, can be harmed by sunlight and cannot stay in such an environment for more than a short period of time.[4] He can also be harmed by intense heat such as that generated by Pyronites,[DJW 19] Prypiatosian-Bs,[DJW 20] and members of Atomix's species.[1]

Whampire's explosion ability will not only blow away his opponents, it will also blow away his allies, causing a chance of accidental collateral damage.

When the Omnitrix times out, Whampire's Corrupturas will break apart, freeing his victims from their control and returning control of the victims' bodies.[1]

Whampire's Corrupturas are not very durable, as they can easily be destroyed by species with as much or more strength than a Transylian, as demonstrated by Lord Transyl.[1]

Whampire must resist the urge to drain the energy of other lifeforms, especially intelligent beings, making him potentially dangerous to his teammates and other civilians.

Whampire's Corrupturas cannot attach to beings with wet or slippery skin, such as Ickthyperambuloids[DJW 21] and members of Hobble's species.[1]

Whampire's Corrupturas also cannot attach to beings that are intangible, though they can attach to said species if they are caught off guard and are tangible when the Corruptura is shot at them.[1] Additionally, the Corrupturas are ineffective on Dagon.[DJW 22]

Whampire is unable to control an entire set of Splixson clones using his Corrupturas because each clone is an independent being.[DJW 23] Furthermore, the Corrupturas will not be copied across said clones.[DJW 24]

Whampire will not receive a cosmic power boost from feeding off a Celetialsapien because he would feel like he just slammed an energy drink.[DJW 25]

There are certain beings that both Whampire's hypnosis and Corrupturas are ineffective against, such as other Vladats if their willpower is strong,[1][DJW 12] and cyborgs like Exo-Skull.[5]

Whampire's hypnosis is ineffective on Florauna, as their nature as plant-like creatures makes them immune to being hypnotized.[6] His Corrupturas are also possibly ineffective on Florauna, though this depends on the willpower of an individual.[DJW 26]

Whampire cannot absorb the life energy of certain beings, such as Ectonurites because they have none in the conventional sense.[7][8] Similarly, he cannot absorb the life energy of human zombies because they have no life force left.[DJW 27]

Unlike Ghostfreak, Whampire is not immune to Darkstar's energy absorption ability.[DJW 28]

Whampire's Corrupturas are weak against acid.[DJW 29]

Whampire can easily be scared by Toepick's species.[DJW 30]

Whampire is possibly allergic to garlic.[DJW 31]





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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Уампайър From the original English name
Chinese 吸血鬼 From 吸血鬼 (Xī Xuè Guǐ), vampire
French Vlanpire From the onomatopoeia vlan, bang, and vampire, vampire
German Whampir From the English wham and the German Vampir, vampire
Hebrew ערפדי From ערפדי Vampiric
Hungarian Vámpír From vámpír, vampire
Italian Vampiro from vampiro, vampire
Polish Fangampir From the English fang, and the Polish wampir, vampire
Portuguese (Br) Vompiro From vampiro, vampire
Romanian Vampirul from vampir, vampire
Russian Вампиро From вампир, vampire
Spanish (HA) Whampire From the original English name
Turkish Vampir From vampir, vampire


Whampire's name is a portmanteau of "wham", which is onomatopoeic, coming from hitting something very hard as well as the name of the band Wham!,[DJW 32] and "vampire", referencing his appearance.


  • Whampire speaks with a Romanian accent.
  • Derrick J. Wyatt came up with Whampire[DJW 33] and designed his appearance, which were based on his roughs, alongside Steven Choi.[DJW 34]
  • As the Vladats are a functionally extinct race, Whampire and Lord Transyl are the only remaining Vladats in the universe.
  • Whampire's ability to turn into a chibi-fied bat is an actual power and not just for comedic effect.[DJW 11]
  • Whampire is the only alien introduced in Omniverse who was unlocked through obtaining a DNA sample. However, unlike most other aliens that were unlocked through this procedure, Whampire's DNA sample was acquired in extraordinary circumstances: Lord Transyl was brought back to life by Zs'Skayr using the immense magical power he stole from the Alpha Rune.[1]
  • While Vladats are one of the few known to prey on sentient species bigger than them, Whampire is not the only known predatory alien in the Omnitrix.[DJW 36]
  • Whampire is the final alien introduced in Omniverse, as well as in the Classic Timeline as a whole.
    • Coincidentally, Whampire replaces Heatblast, the first alien ever introduced in the Classic Timeline, in the opening intro of Omniverse's Arc 5.
  • Albedo's Ultimatrix does not contain Whampire's DNA.[DJW 37]


Derrick J. Wyatt

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