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The Werewolf, previously mischaracterized[2][3][1][note 2] as a Yenaldooshi,[5][note 3] is a Loboan who once served Zs'Skayr.


The Werewolf resembled Blitzwolfer's appearance in the Original Series, except his eyes were purple and that he wore no clothes. He also obviously lacked an Omnitrix symbol and also the black and white suit.


The Werewolf first appeared in Benwolf, where they were sent by Dr. Viktor to steal satellite equipment from Chinle. Ben, Gwen, and Max were visiting the reservation at the time, and encountered the Loboan. At first, it was believed to be a Navajo werewolf known as a Yenaldooshi, hence they were given that name for the entirety of the episode (though not in consequent appearances). Ben first fought the Werewolf as Wildvine. During the battle, he was bitten. When the Omnitrix timed out, the Werewolf attacked Ben and inadvertently scratched the Omnitrix, causing the device to become stuck between Collect Mode and Active Mode.

This caused Ben to undergo a gradual transformation into Blitzwolfer, as the DNA from the Codon Stream was unable to be used all at once. However, everyone believed that Ben was actually turning into a werewolf. They tried to destroy the Werewolf with a silver pendant covered in the juice of a rare cactus but were surprised when it failed. It was only after Blitzwolfer's transformation was complete and the Omnitrix symbol appeared on his stomach that they realized that they were dealing with an alien werewolf. The Werewolf later was thought to have been killed in a cave-in during a second battle with Cannonbolt but survived. They built a device from the stolen communications equipment, which activated without the Tennysons' knowing.

In The Return, the Werewolf returned with the device, which was part of Zs'Skayr's plan to block out the light of Earth's sun. The Werewolf freed the Mummy from their prison, and the two then joined Dr. Viktor at Cape Canaveral. The Werewolf attacked Ben first in a G-force trainer, and later with their two teammates in the NASA graveyard. Afterwards, they were teleported back to New Mexico to activate the satellite machine they had constructed.

In Be Afraid of the Dark, the Werewolf's transmitter exploded when Max rammed a space shuttle into Zs'Skayr's Corrodium projector. The Werewolf was last seen standing next to the transmitter; it is unknown if the explosion killed him or if he survived it.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being a Loboan, the Werewolf shares many of their abilities with Blitzwolfer such as the sharp claws/teeth as well as incredible agility, strength, jumping and other abilities.

The Werewolf can produce extreme sonic howls through their mouth, and can split it into two to increase the sound. This howls are enough strong to break down a Petrosapien as demonstrated by Kevin 11,000 against Future Diamondhead.

The Werewolf is immune to Corrodium and also to lava as well as being able to see in the dark and having prehensile feet.


Ben 10[]

Season 3[]


  • Unlike the rest of their species, the Werewolf does not wear clothes or speak. This is because when they first appeared, they were supposed to give the impression of being a savage mythical monster, and only later be revealed as an alien. No extensive plans were made yet to further develop their species.[TP 1]
  • Though most Loboan adults have red and pale orange eyes,[pop-up 2][1] the Werewolf has purple eyes, a hint at their connection with Zs'Skayr.


  1. Originally, the Werewolf was the DNA source for Blitzwolfer.[pop-up 1][1] This was later changed, as Loboan DNA was said to have already been present in the Omnitrix. Ben just misunderstood what the device was doing when it "sampled" the Werewolf's DNA.[DM 1][DM 2]
  2. This page was created on August 21, 2009, by a user named Monkeyface77. This earliest revision named the Werewolf (and Loboans by extension) Yenaldooshi (see other note). However, in the episode itself, Kai and Gwen called out the mischaracterization by Wes and declared that the Werewolf is an alien and not the Navajo god Yenaldooshi, which it was then no longer referred to as beyond that point. Thus, the name attributed to the Werewolf on the wiki was incorrect. Moreover, in the real Navajo folklore, the Yenaldooshi a are sign of pure evil, making the usage of the term culturally insensitive.[4]
  3. The name Yenaldooshi is derived from yee naaldlooshii, a Navajo term for mythological shapeshifting harmful witches known as Skin-walkers.
    • In the show, however, Yenaldooshi refers to a Werewolf-based god[2] in (fictitious) Navajo folklore. The Yenaldooshi's power is at its greatest on a full moon, and it can create others in its exact image by biting them. Those who turn will seek to destroy those closest to them, and the only way to reverse the spell is to stop the Yenaldooshi, by dipping a silver pendant in the juice of an Arbol Del Matrimonio cactus and pressing it against its heart, which must be done before a full moon.[5][1]



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