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The Weatherheads are a group of robots that first appeared in Riding the Storm Out.


The Weatherheads are robotic in appearance and resemble businessmen with white shirts and colored ties. Their heads resemble skulls and they have orange eyes. Shock-O is tall and lanky, having the thinnest yet longest skull, and has an orange tie. Hail-O is short and fat, having the shortest yet widest skull, and has a dark blue tie. Gust-O is the middle of the three, and has a light blue tie.


The Weatherheads have a tendency to remark that they have no emotions, yet it is clear that they are programmed to have them, as seen with a 'on/off' button for their emotions. This can be exploited, as they were tricked by Ben into fighting each other. However, they all fear failing their leader Sunny.

When their emotions are turned on, each of them gain far more distinctive personalities. Hail-O becomes incredibly moody, cynical, whiny, and depressed, prone to crying fits and talking about everyone's insignificance in the universe. Shock-O becomes incredibly vain and haughty, fond of condescendingly mocking opponents and ad hominem, shown when he called Max's hair out of style, leading to him running away and crying. Gust-O becomes full of rage, prone to trash talk (calling Shock-O "coat rack") and losing his temper and then lashing out at the target of his frustration, even at his own allies.[1]


The Weatherheads first appeared in Riding the Storm Out, where they attempted to construct a weather-manipulating machine in order to create a galactic cyclone. They were defeated by Amalgam Ben, and were sent through the "cosmic cyclone" that they created, launching them into space.

The Weatherheads return in The 11th Alien: Part 2, where it is revealed that they were responsible for the unnatural weather occurring in the previous episode (initially believed to have been a consequence of Ben using the Omnitrix), partnering themselves with Vilgax. However, once they become convinced that Vilgax will betray them, they decide to turn on him - thus leading to their defeat by Shock Rock.

In The Feels, the Weatherheads, almost drained entirely of their battery, attempt to recharge by creating negative emotions via their usage on weather. Whilst their initial attempts of wreaking havoc initially work and recharge them (thus making them more powerful), they are once again defeated by Shock Rock and quickly run out of charge once more as the people happily rebuild their damage. This subsequently causes the Weatherheads to perform generous acts (under the influence of these positive emotions) and therefore malfunction and are forced to retreat.

In Beach Heads, the Weatherheads are seen at Tampa beach, where they attempt to create their new base. After a fight with Diamondhead, and later Cannonbolt, the Weatherheads begin to take in the positive emotions once more that they experience whilst battling the latter - this distraction subsequently providing enough time for Gwen and Max Tennyson to destroy their base and thus foiling their plans once more. The episode thus ends with them finally accepting the relaxation and enjoyment that they feel on the beach.

In Heat of the Moment, the Weatherheads are swiftly defeated by Cannonbolt at the beginning of the episode. It is this embarrassing loss (as well as the countless ones prior) that prompt them to accept Kevin's advice of accepting their emotions, in a last-ditch attempt at finally defeating Ben. Later on, the now-emotional Weatherheads attack Ben at the ski resort, utilising their newfound emotions to further enhance their own perhaps and swiftly defeat Four Arms. However, their fall comes during their battle with Slapback, where they become convinced (from the latter taking advantage of their emotions) to question their loyalty towards Kevin - thus prompting them to then chase an angered Bashmouth instead,

Powers and Abilities

Each of the Weatherheads is capable of manipulating weather-based elements.

  • Hail-O controls water and ice, allowing him to cause torrents of water to fall from the sky, unleash streams of water from his eyes or hands, and fire shards of ice like a machine gun.
  • Shock-O controls lightning and electricity, allowing him to unleash powerful bolts of electricity at enemies, summon storm clouds to rain down lightning, and overcharge machinery or objects using electricity to make them explode.
  • Gust-O controls air and wind, allowing him to attack with powerful gusts of air or trap opponents within tornadoes. He can also use it for the purpose of dodging and propulsion, blasting gusts of wind from his palms behind or below him to increase speed.

The Weatherheads are also capable of combining their abilities for more powerful attacks, like when Hail-O and Gust-O combined their powers to blanket a small town in snow, or even unleashing a gust of wind charged with lightning and littered with ice shards.

The Weatherheads are able to absorb negative emotions in order to recharge themselves.[2]


The Weatherheads' denial of their own emotions can easily be exploited by their enemies.

In the event that the Weatherheads perform acts that generate positive emotions, they will malfunction and shut down.[2]

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The name of this group and the names of its members are referencing specific elements of weather (thunder, gusts, hail).


  • In Secret of the Omnitrix, a background character bearing a strong resemblance to the Weatherheads can be seen on Incarcecon.
  • Hail-O is the only Weatherhead to maintain the same voice actor over all of the group's appearances.


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