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The Weatherheads are a group of robots that first appeared in Riding the Storm Out.


The Weatherheads are robotic in appearance and resemble businessmen with white shirts and colored ties. Their heads resemble skulls and they have orange eyes.


The Weatherheads have a tendency to remark that they have no emotions, yet it is clear that they are programmed to have them. This can be exploited, as they were tricked by Ben into fighting each other.


The Weatherheads first appeared in Riding the Storm Out, where they attempted to construct a weather-manipulating machine in order to create a galactic cyclone. They were defeated by Amalgam Ben, and were sent through the "cosmic cyclone" that they created, launching them into space.

Powers and Abilities

Each of the Weatherheads is capable of manipulating weather-based elements. Hail-O controls water, allowing him to cause torrents of water to fall from the sky. Shock-O controls lightning and electricity, allowing him to unleash powerful bolts of electricity at enemies. Gust-O controls air and wind, allowing him to attack with powerful gusts of air. The Weatherheads are also capable of combining their abilities for more powerful attacks, like when Hail-O and Gust-O combined their powers to blanket a small town in snow.

The Weatherheads are able to absorb negative emotions in order to recharge themselves.[1]


The Weatherheads' denial of their own emotions can easily be exploited by their enemies.

In the event that the Weatherheads perform acts that generate positive emotions, they will malfunction and shut down.[1]


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The name of this group and the names of its members are referencing specific elements of weather (thunder, gusts, rain).



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