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Weapon Masters of Techadon are a weapons and technology R&D group from Techadon.


One of them first appeared in Inspector 13, but they were mentioned in earlier episodes. They are a weapons group that creates, supplies and sells weapons to anyone who can afford them their prices. They are incredibly anti-social and never leave their homeworld.[1][2][GT 1] No one has ever seen one of them and lived. It is even impossible to encounter the Weapon Masters when buying their products, as when Vulkanus bought Techadon battle robots from them, they simply sent a remote unit to construct them.


Unlike the more benevolent Galvan (who usually develop technologies that benefit others peacefully), the Weapon Masters are cold and calculating and have no concern with what those who buy their products do with them when they auction off their weapons to the highest bidders. However, they only deal with legal merchandise. They study any and all advanced technological feats in order to make their weapons of warfare. They have no problem with killing or kidnapping to reach their means. Weapons Master 13 wished to study Gwen's Anodite abilities to improve Techadon defense systems, by dissecting her. He also wanted to use Kevin's Osmosian powers to create raw materials for Techadon forges as punishment for wrecking the factory.


They have powerful technology and ships, with some close to Galvan inventions, as Weapons Master 13 was able to hack through the Ultimatrix's three firewalls very quickly. They have advanced suits filled with voice-activated technology and weapons that can deploy almost anything for various scenarios. They have succeeded in creating the one of the most efficient factories and ships made from materials that can self-replicate and adapt to almost anything (This material is unable to be absorbed by Osmosians or phased through by Necrofriggians like Big Chill, but is easily torn apart and digested by Gourmands). They take their products very seriously and inspect events in which many of them fail, which was Weapon Master 13's original purpose for searching for the Ultimatrix.


  • While some of their products, such as the Techadon Factory, are custom jobs, others, such as individual Techadon robots, can be commonly bought "off the shelf" and mass-produced.
  • The Galvan are far superior to the Weapon Masters and they can't stand it.[GT 2]
  • The Weapon Masters don't care about anything except for making better weapons and making the Galvan look bad.[GT 1]


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