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Whoa... check me out! I'm not just big, I'm WAY BIG!

– Way Big, astounded by the new form.[1]

Way Big (alternatively spelled as Waybig)[2] is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a To'kustar, a race of ultra-rare,[pop-up 1][1] gigantic aliens that are created in Cosmic Storms.


Ben as Way Big

Way Big is a white colossal humanoid creature with a large fin on his head, which is black at the front and red at the bottom. He has blade-like growths on his shoulders and spikes on his waist. He also has red arms with two black lines and white fins on the elbows, wristband-like outgrowths on his wrists and yellow eyes on his head with two extra eyes protruding on his cheeks, one on each.[TP 1] He has red feet with two toes, a black sandal-like covering on the middle of his feet and three black lines on the side of his neck. The red parts of Way Big's body are made of an unknown cosmic material with metallic properties.[DJW 1] Ben 10,000's Way Big is identical to this design.

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Way Big's head fin was red on the front and black on the bottom, his arms were white with red fins coming out of them and his neck and wrists were black. Way Big's eyes are green and he did not bear the extra ones on his cheeks. He lacked the stripes on his arms as well as the blades on his shoulders and waist. He also had red boot-like feet and did not have the sandal-like coverings.

In Destroy All Aliens, Way Big looked mostly the same as in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, except the red parts were colored to match his portrayal in the original series.

In Omniverse, Way Big has two red lines on his neck, the blades on his shoulders and waist have returned and are red and he also has black fingerless gloves, similar to the ones Four Arms wears in the same series. He is now more muscular, his head is less skull-shaped and has eyes on his cheeks again, which are more metallic. The fins on his arms are longer and he has regained the stripes on his arms and legs, and the wristband-like outgrowths on his wrists. Uniquely, both 16 and 11-year-old Way Big share the exact same design.

Way Big wears the original Omnitrix/Ultimatrix/Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Mad Ben as Mad Way Big

Mad Ben's Way Big is near identical to Ben Prime's Way Big in Omniverse, except for orange replacing the eyes and the red parts. He also wears gray shoulder pads with orange spikes, spiked shoes, and orange wraps around his forearms and calves. His arm and head blades are also serrated.

Powers and Abilities

Way Big is very strong (even for his size), being able to hurl targets into orbits from planets with an atmosphere as thick as Earth's,[MW 1] as shown when he threw Vilgax (who was Way Big's size at the time) into orbit from Primus.[3] He can even lift objects larger and heavier than him, as he managed to lift the Hyperspace Jump Gate.[4] Technically speaking, he is powerful enough to destroy a small planet.[JK 1]

Way Big has great durability, being able to withstand attacks from enemies while barely even feeling them. He is also resistant to extreme temperatures.[3]

Way Big can jump very high.[5] He also has extremely quick reflexes, being able to react to Milleous's Incursean Conquest Ray.[6]

Way Big is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as seen when he fought giant versions of Vilgax,[3] the Garbage Monster,[7] Trombipulor,[8] and Malware.[5]

Way Big can shoot a powerful cosmic ray[DM 1][note 1] from the outer edge of his right hand by crossing his arms together.[note 2] His cosmic rays are powerful enough to overpower the Incursean Conquest Ray.

Due to the nature of his species' creation, Way Big can survive in the vacuum of space.

Way Big has enhanced speed, similar to XLR8 and Fasttrack albeit with him leaving a red and white trail behind.[7][note 3] Way Big also has a massive stride, so he can get to his destination quicker than other aliens.[DJW 3]


Way Big sometimes forgets how strong he is, as shown when he accidentally destroyed the statue of Zavin by leaning on it. His size also gives him a slight mobility issue, since he has to be careful where he steps to avoid crushing objects and people around him, and easily gives his location away.[10]

Because of his size, Way Big cannot be used inside buildings or confined spaces.

Since Way Big's fin is a weak spot, a hit to that area can paralyze him.[11][12]

Way Big is vulnerable to electricity, which can incapacitate him if it is powerful enough.[12][4]

Certain beings that are about as small as Nanomech can go inside Way Big's head and attack him.[9]

A Kineceleran can generate a tornado strong enough to lift Way Big off of his feet, as demonstrated with the Way Bads.[6]

Way Big can be harmed by Argit's quills, as also demonstrated with the Way Bads.[6]

Way Big can be controlled by Vladats via their Corrupturas.[DJW 4]

Way Big can be harmed by high-pitched noises, such as a Sonorosian's sonic screams, if they were to get close enough to his ears.[DJW 5] This weakness was first referenced when Shocksquatch made an unsuccessful attempt at attacking a Way Bad using a megaphone made from Echo Echo's DNA.[13]

Way Big can be subdued by the Hephestan Neuro Grip, but only if this move were to be performed by beings with hands much bigger than Slapstrike's.[DJW 6][DJW 7]


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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Way Big is used by Ben during The Final Battle against the Evil Way Big in Tokyo, Japan. Way Big used the Potis Altiare to enhance the power of his cosmic rays to the level where it was powerful enough to launch the Evil Way Big to the Moon.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Albanian Më i Madhi From më i madhi, the biggest
Arabic واي بيج Transliteration of "Way Big"
Bulgarian Грамада Giant
Chinese 超巨人 From (Chāo), super and 巨人 (Jǜ Rén), giant
Croatian Golijat From David and the Goliath from the Bible
Dutch Heel Groot/Megareus From heel, very, groot, tall and reus, giant
Filipino Ang Pinakamalaking Higante From ang, the, pinakamalaki, biggest and higante, giant
French Géant From géant, giant
German Superriese From super and riese, giant
Greek Μεγάλος From big guy
Hebrew וויי ביג from the original English name
Hungarian Óriás Giant
Italian Gigante From gigante, giant
Polish Największy (Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix)
Way Big (other series)
From największy, the biggest
From the original English name
Portuguese (Br) Grandão / Gigante From grandão, big guy and gigante, giant
In Primus he is called "Grau Gigante" (Giant Degree), and in his first appearance he is called "Bem Grandão" (Way Big Guy)
Romanian Uriașul From uriaș, giant
Russian Супербольшой
From cупер/super, super and большой, big
From cупер/super, super and огромный, huge
From великан, giant
Spanish (HA) Muy Grande
Grandote (Ken 10 and Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens)
From muy, very and grande, big
From grandote, very big
Spanish (Spain) Gigante From gigante, giant
Turkish Vey Big Turkish pronunciation of the English name


  • Way Big's original series design was created by Tom Perkins; the first design he made was approved as the crew was very busy when Way Big was conceived during development.[TP 2] Back then, Tom did not envision Way Big with cosmic powers because the script for Secret of the Omnitrix simply called for a giant alien.[TP 3] He also did not design his fin to be a weak point, and does not think it would make sense for such a prominent feature to be one.[TP 4][TP 5]
    • Way Big's Alien Force/Ultimate Alien design was created by Glenn Wong, with color styling by Chris Hooten.[GW 1]
    • Way Big's Omniverse design was made by Derrick J. Wyatt alongside either Steven Choi or Chap Yaep.[DJW 8] It would later serve as the basis for Way Big's appearance in the reboot.
  • The parts of Way Big that have metallic properties can allow Osmosians like Kevin to absorb it.[5]
  • Derrick viewed Way Big as Ben's sixth most powerful alien.[DJW 9] Prior to Atomix's introduction, Matt Wayne guessed that Way Big was a runner-up to Alien X in terms of power.[MW 3]
  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Way Big could be eaten by a Gourmand if he were chopped up into bite-sized chunks.[DJW 10]
  • Way Big's size is portrayed inconsistently in many of his appearances. His actual height is supposed to be nearly 100 feet (30.5 meters)[CN 1][merch 1], at least 100 feet (30.5 meters)[14][12] or 120 feet (36.576 meters).[MW 4]
  • Way Big is the only alien in Omniverse whose 11-year-old appearance looks identical to their 16-year-old self.
    • This excludes Ball Weevil or Bloxx, as they were both used by 11-year-old Ben in the present day;[15] or Snare-oh, who was incorrectly using his 16-year-old design when featured among 11-year-old Ben's aliens.
  • Way Big's design and fighting style are based on the heroes of the Ultraman series.[TP 6] For example, Way Big's cosmic ray attack is similar to Ultraman's signature technique, the Specium Ray.
    • Both the transformation durations of the Omnitrix and Ultraman had their own time limit settings.
    • In Omniverse, Way Big speaks with a Japanese accent, further comparing him to Ultraman.
    • However, what sets Way Big apart from Ultraman is that he is vulnerable to electricity, whereas Ultraman is actually immune to it.
  • From Arc 4 of Omniverse onwards, Way Big is replaced with Toepick in the opening intro of the show, specifically in the part where the former used to appear alongside Shocksquatch, Bloxx, and Crashhopper.
  • Way Big and Diamondhead are the only aliens who have ever defeated Vilgax.
  • Way Big is one of four aliens to make their debut in a movie or special; the others being Eon, Nanomech, and Shocksquatch.
  • Way Big is one of four aliens to have been unlocked by Azmuth; the others being Murk Upchuck, Bullfrag, Atomix.
  • Way Big is one of only five aliens who appeared in each series of the Classic Timeline; the other four are Upchuck, Cannonbolt, Diamondhead, and Ghostfreak.
    • So far, Diamondhead, Cannonbolt, and Way Big are the only aliens to have appeared in every series in the franchise, including the reboot.
    • Additionally, Way Big is one of the only five aliens who escaped from the original Omnitrix; the others are Spidermonkey, Goop, Ghostfreak, and Chromastone.
    • Furthermore, Way Big is one of four regular aliens to be temporarily destroyed and removed from the original Omnitrix/Ultimatrix, the others being Chromastone, Feedback, and Swampfire.


  1. Way Big's cosmic rays were originally colored pale blue in Ultimate Alien before being recolored green in Omniverse. Meanwhile, alternate versions of Way Big are shown firing cosmic rays in different colors. For example, Mad Ben's Way Big fires orange cosmic rays.[9]
  2. In Ultimate Alien, Way Big's cosmic ray attack was executed by crossing his arms in an "L" shape, with his right forearm vertical and left forearm horizontal in front of it and the thumb edge of his hands facing his body. In Omniverse, this move is slightly revised, as Way Big now crosses his arms in an "X" shape.
  3. According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Way Big's enhanced speed was due to a glitch with the original Ultimatrix. This ability was removed from Way Big's DNA when Ben acquired the new Omnitrix in The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2.[DJW 2] However, it is unknown if this is canon as Matt Wayne seemed to be unaware of the existence of glitch powers.[MW 2]


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