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Washington B.C. is the second episode of Ben 10.


Heatblast saving innocents

There is a building on fire nearby the Washington, D.C. area; people are out on the streets, watching it. Within, a woman and her son are trapped, and to make their situation worse, the ceiling is about to collapse onto them. They brace for the impact, but Heatblast arrives and catches the falling debris, tossing it aside. Then, absorbing all the fire in the room, he tries to lead them to safety. The three attempt to use the nearby staircase to escape, but another piece of the building smashes their route to oblivion. Spotting an alternate exit, Heatblast quickly blasts through a wall at the end of the hallway, then transports all of them down to the street below by encasing them, as well as himself, in a tornado of fire.

Once outside, Heatblast begins to act modest about the event to the impressed onlookers, but his attention is quickly drawn off by Sumo Slammers trading cards in the little boy's hand, which the kid tells him he got as a prize from Sumo Smacks Cereal. Gwen and Max drive up in the Rust Bucket (Classic) and inform him that the fire was started as a diversion so some thieves could rob the jewelry store. Having to leave the Sumo Slammers conversation to pursue the thieves, Heatblast accidentally burns the leather seat next to Max by sitting in it. Gwen sprays him with an extinguisher, chiding him for his non-strategic choice of superhero in this instance, which is met again by a quip followed by another hose down with the extinguisher. The short chase ends with Heatblast leaning out the window and blowing up the rear of their car, sending it careening into a brick wall. He walks up to the driver's side and pulls the door off, convincing them to get out by crushing the door with his bare hands and threatening to give them a permanent sunburn. But, as he continues to berate the criminals, the Omnitrix's circuitry bleeps red and Heatblast ends up reverting back into Ben before he finishes. They notice the less imposing Ben and try to escape, before being met by the police before they can go anywhere. Ben tries to take credit for the capture, but the cops shoot this down, telling him to get away from the scene.

Dr. Animo and his Transmodulator

In a different part of Washington, a man named Roger is knocking incessantly on an apartment door but gets no response, so he lets himself in. Inside the room, cages of different animals are seen everywhere and animal noises can be heard in the background. The place smelling like a zoo, a pale-skinned man, Dr. Aloysius Animo, eventually shows up to question his intrusion. Roger tells him that his rent is past due, but Dr. Animo is indifferent and says that the money goes to his research. Rogers' insistence, however, prompts Animo to reveal what he was working on; he picks up his Transmodulator helmet and takes out a frog from its cage, using it to alter genetic information and make the frog grow many times its size as well as gain horns and more eyes that are colored red. The frog grabs Roger with its tongue and spits him into the wall, knocking him unconscious. Dr. Animo remarks that he needs more components to complete his work. At that moment a commercial comes up in the TV about the new M-Mart and it catches his attention as a source for his missing components.

While shopping at the M-Mart, Ben notices boxes of Sumo Smack cereal in the cereal aisle and, desperate for a gold Sumo Slammers card, transforms into Grey Matter. In this alien form, Grey Matter raids all the boxes and makes a mess of the entire cereal aisle trying to find the card. Gwen catches him, but she is eventually blamed for the incident by an employee who comes over, and the Tennysons are forced to buy a large supply of cereal from the store. Once they are done, Max leads Gwen to the pet department while Ben notices a display of the whole collection of Sumo Slammers cards. Suddenly, Dr. Animo bursts in through the wall of televisions entertainment section, riding on his mutant frog. Ben catches him looting the place, but the doctor tells him not to be a hero and with the Omnitrix still in Recharge Mode, he is forced to take his advice. Dr. Animo then goes off to another section of the store, despite being stopped momentarily by some guards. While Gwen plays with a hamster in the pet section, Dr. Animo turns the hamster and a nearby bird into giant mutants. Ben arrives just as he finishes the process, and Dr. Animo goes off on a rant in what he deserves, and in what he plans to make Washington D.C. "pre-historical." The mutant hamster then pursues the Tennysons. It ends up going past Ben and corners Gwen and Max, but Ben improvises with a football and a motor scooter and traps it under some shelves. This angers Animo, who rants about turning Washington D.C. into Washington "B.C." and leaves on the giant bird with the electronics, with the giant frog then follows. The store owner offers a reward for their work, which Ben intends to use to get his gold Sumo Slammers card, but Max drags him off to continue their pursuit with Animo.

In the Rust Bucket, Max comments about how the chase reminds him of the good old days. This confuses Gwen, who believes him to have been a regular plumber. Ben pouts the entire time and complains about not collecting his reward. As always, Max has advice and answers that being a hero is what is most rewarding, though Ben wasn't convinced. Gwen pops in to report what she's found out about Animo. It turns out that he was a veterinary scientist who used to perform twisted genetic experiments. He is angry because his work did not win him an award when he believes it should have. Animo's comments about pre-history lead Ben to a conclusion about where he's probably headed.

Four Arms' first appearance

They head to the natural history museum, where Animo is continuing his work on his Transmodulator. When he notices them, he goes into another scientific explanation. This one is about the true purpose of his Transmodulator, which is to bring dormant organisms back to life. His speech is lost on his audience, especially on Ben. Realizing this, he makes a visual aid out of a nearby mammoth, reanimating the formerly dead animal, and leaves the mammoth to deal with them while he escapes, but Ben stays and turns into Four Arms. In this alien form, Four Arms deals with the mammoth by wrestling it to the ground while Gwen and Max go after Animo, deterred by the mutant bird. Using a nearby spear, Gwen knocks it out, and comments that Ben isn't the only one with skills. They catch up to Animo, only to witness him reanimate a T-Rex. Meanwhile, Four Arms is still fighting the mammoth and eventually defeats it after being tossed around a few times. As Animo escapes with the mutant T-Rex, the mutant bird swoops in and kidnaps Gwen. Four Arms arrives in time to chase it, but is unable to get Gwen back. He tries to take it down, but is shaken off and falls to the street below. Four Arms reverts back into Ben just after crashing into the street. Luckily, Max arrives and picks Ben up in the Rustbucket.

As Ben and Max look for Gwen, Animo is on his way to retrieve what he thinks he truly deserves. He goes through a Sumo Slammers card stand on the way, catching a gold card in the mutant T-Rex's toe. At the same time, the mutant bird perches itself on the Washington Monument, with Gwen still in its clutches. She remembers that she has her emergency cell phone and uses it to call Ben and Max. Just before getting the call, Max hands Ben a slip of paper that Animo had dropped during his escape from the museum. It addresses the information about the person that received the award in Animo's place - a man named Dr. Kelly. Ben realizes that this is who Animo is after. Gwen's call then leads and pinpoints them to her location. As she is about to fall, Ben turns into Stinkfly. In this alien form, Stinkfly is able to save Gwen before she hits the ground. This leaves him hindered, however, since the mutant bird decides to attack him. He attempts to battle the bird with Gwen in tow while Max heads to the top of the monument. Seeing Max at one of the observation windows, Stinkfly takes the opportunity to drop Gwen off there. Without the extra weight, he is able to take the mutant bird down easier. Max then tells him to follow Animo.

Stinkfly vs. Dr. Animo

Meanwhile, at Kelly Industries, Kelly is leading a group of people on a tour. Animo arrives on the mutant T-Rex to steal the award, and promptly does so. After giving a short and pointless speech, he has the mutant T-Rex attack Kelly. Stinkfly arrives just in time to save him. The mutant T-Rex uses its tail to smack Stinkfly down to the floor, where he notices the gold Sumo Slammers card. As he's about to take the card he sees that the mutant T-Rex is about to eat Kelly. Like any superhero would, he remembers what Max had told him, and realizes that some things are more important than a card. He then flies off to save Kelly, as the card gets buried in debris. After saving Kelly, Animo tries to use his Transmodulator to blast Stinkfly, but he is too agile to be hit. Stinkfly then fires some slime at the mutant T-Rex, causing Animo to drop the award and breaking it. Distracted by the destruction of his award, Animo loses the Transmodulator to Stinkfly. Stinkfly tosses it to the floor, and it emits a pulse changing every creature Animo had used it on back to normal.

Later on, as the police drag Animo away, he continues to rant about how the award should be his. The words resonate with Ben's earlier comments, and Ben realizes just how he sounded. He does get Animo's Transmodulator as a reminder, though. Reflecting on his actions, Ben sees that saving the city really is its own reward. Gwen thanks Ben for rescuing her, and he claims that heroes are supposed to rescue dweebs. This causes the two to call each other names as the episode ends.

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Max: (sniffs something burning) Knew I should have got those asbestos seat covers when I had the chance.
Heatblast: Sorry Grandpa, I can't help it. I'm hot.
Gwen: (blasts Heatblast with fire extinguisher) Ten superheroes on that stupid watch and you pick the one with the flaming butt?!
Heatblast: Jealous?
Gwen: (makes a look and she sprays his arm with the fire extinguisher)

Quotes Right.png


Stinkfly: (to Gwen) I can't shake cracker-breath. You're gonna have to trust me.
Gwen: Trust you?
(Stinkfly tosses Gwen off his back, then grabs her and flies to the Washington Monument; Gwen screams)
Max: Come to Grandpa.
(Stinkfly flies by Max, allowing him to grab Gwen, then beats up the giant bird)
Max: Go! Stop Animo. We're all right.
Gwen: Speak for yourself.

Quotes Right.png

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Croatian Washington Pr.N.E. Washington B.C.
Dutch Washington B.C. Washington B.C.
French Nos Amis Les Bêtes Our Animal Friends
German Washington, Steinzeit Washington, Stone Age
Greek Ουάσιγκτον π.Χ Washington B.C.
Hungarian Washington B.C. Washington B.C.
Italian Il Dr. Animus Dr. Animus
Polish Prehistoria Prehistory
Portuguese (Br) Washington A.C. Washington B.C.
Romanian Washington Preistoric Washington B.C.
Russian История о Докторе Энимо, Который Хотел Превратить Современный Вашингтон в Доисторический The Story of Dr. Animo, Who Wanted to Turn Modern Washington into Prehistoric
Spanish (HA) Aprendiendo a Ser Héroe Learning To Be a Hero
Spanish (Spain) Washington DC Washington B.C.
Turkish Milattan Önce Washington Washington Before Christ


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ben Tennyson
Meagan Smith Gwen Tennyson
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Security Guard #2
TV Announcer
Dee Bradley Baker Stinkfly
Mutant Cockatiel
Security Guard #1
Steve Blum Heatblast
Richard McGonagle Four Arms
Dr. Kelly
Richard Horvitz Grey Matter
VIP #1
Dwight Schultz Dr. Animo
Police Officer
VIP #2



  • The title is a play on the trio's second stop, Washington, D.C (and the historical notation, B.C.).
  • The Sotopithicus model seen in the natural history museum and Soto Bridge seen on a billboard at the end of the episode are named after supervising producer, and director of this episode Alex Soto.
  • Kelly Industries, and Dr. Kelly, are named after Man of Action member, Joe Kelly.


  • Even though Max was careful not to show any kind of knowledge of Ben's identity in public while he was in alien form in And Then There Were 10, Gwen openly calls Heatblast and took him into the Rust Bucket in this episode.
  • When Security Guard #2 tries to stop Animo, he is voiced by Paul Eiding, but in the next scene when he grabs the walkie-talkie to report Animo, he is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • When Ben hits the Mutant Hamster with a football and begins to lead it away, a black line can be seen on the back of Ben's shirt for a split second.
  • When Ben turns into Four Arms, he doesn't activate the Omnitrix. The dial just pops out.
  • When Four Arms jumps towards the Mutant Cockatiel, for a split second, the black line on his leg is not colored in.
  • When Four Arms grabs the Mutant Cockatiel, his Omnitrix symbol disappears for a few seconds.
  • When Ben falls from the sky as Four Arms, he creates a large crater, but when the Omnitrix times out and Ben turns back into his normal form, the size of the crater is too large for Four Arms to create.
  • The prehistoric creatures in the museum shouldn't be able to be brought back to life, as museums don't use real fossils in their exhibits.


  • Tyrannosaurus Rex sound effects from the Jurassic Park franchise can be heard in this episode.



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