Template:SpellboxThe Warp Field Generator is a device with allowed Blarney T. Hokestar's Mr. Smoothy store to rotate through different dimensions.


The machine itself is located in the back storeroom of the establishment. As its name suggests, it projects a warp field which allows the store to pass through alternate dimensions or universes, while remaining in the same location in the time-space continuum. As Driba described it, this was a 'dimension-skipping' Mr. Smoothy. Apparently, Hokestar thought he could make a great amount of profit by selling smoothies to various realities.


As shown in Store 23, the Warp Field Generator is not very reliable and is prone to malfunctioning or breaking down during business hours. Blukic and Driba were unable to repair it until Dimension 23's version of Azmuth showed them how to do so.

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