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War of the Worlds: Part 1 is the twenty-fifth episode of the first season of Ben 10: Alien Force, and the twenty-fifth episode overall.


Ben must recruit the other Plumber's kids to help stop the Highbreed invasion of Earth.[CN 1]


The Highbreed fleet appears in the skies above Galvan Prime, having shut down their planetary defenses. Azmuth, looking on from his tower, is visited by Paradox, and laments the defeat of the Galvan, noting that without them, the rest of the galaxy stands no chance against the Highbreed. Paradox disagrees and suggests that the Omnitrix could give the universe a fighting chance and insists that Azmuth come with him to Earth. A Highbreed ship fires at Azmuth's tower, and Paradox teleports them both away just as it is destroyed.

On Earth, Ben is practicing soccer with his team when Paradox and Azmuth appear to retrieve him. They meet up with Gwen and Kevin at Mr. Smoothy and go over the imminent Highbreed plan to use the Hyperspace Jump Gate to transport their fleet to Earth. The team resolves to destroy the Jump Gate as quickly as possible, and Ben decides that they ought to call in the help of the other Plumber's kids whom they have aided in the past. Azmuth asks that Gwen and Kevin be responsible for their retrieval, as he wants a word with Ben.

Gwen and Kevin visit Alan and recruit him as he is capturing a DNAlien, then meet Cooper at his lab and ask him to join forces with them as well. Cooper dons robotic armor and agrees to do whatever he can to help. The team then travels to the Plumber base at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota and release Michael Morningstar from the Null Void. They make a deal to release Michael on the condition that he help them stop the invasion. When Michael asks why Kevin would trust him, Kevin points out that if Michael doesn't help stop the invasion, he won't survive either when the Highbreed destroy the Earth.

Meanwhile, at Mr. Smoothy, Azmuth reveals that he has withheld information about the Omnitrix's true purpose from Ben. He explains that the Omnitrix contains DNA samples from over one million sentient life forms in the Milky Way Galaxy, including humanity, and that if any of these species were to be destroyed by the Highbreed, the Omnitrix could restore them to life a la Noah's Ark. However, if the Omnitrix is destroyed, then there is no hope of restoring any species destroyed by the Highbreed. Azmuth insists that Ben not participate in the final battle due to this risk, but Ben refuses, and threatens to fight Azmuth if he attempts to take the Omnitrix from Ben. Realizing Ben will not yield, Azmuth reluctantly activates the Omnitrix's Master Control, granting Ben access to every alien, as well as the voice command within the Omnitrix.

Gwen and Kevin then arrive along with Alan, Cooper, Darkstar, and Julie, who brings Ship with her to fight in his battleship form. The team makes their way to Los Soledad and enters the cloaking field. Ben transforms into Cannonbolt, and they fight their way through hundreds of DNAliens in an attempt to reach and destroy the Jump Gate. Michael is injured during the battle and attempts to drain the life force of numerous DNAliens. Ben stops him, reminding him that the DNAliens are humans possessed by alien control. He is then given the idea to use the Omnitrix to revert the DNAliens to their human forms; however, having reverted as many DNAliens to human as possible, this depletes the Omnitrix's power, reverting Cannonbolt back into Ben. After seeing the Omnitrix's genetic damage repair at work, Cooper transforms his robotic suit into several DNA repair guns, which can instantly turn DNAliens back into humans.

With the DNA repair guns in hand, Ben and the team continue the fight, making their way to the Jump Gate. Once they reach it, they attempt to destroy it but causes no damage. Ben, as Upchuck, transforms into Way Big and attempts to pull the Jump Gate out of the ground, but before he can finish, the Gate activates and Ben is severely injured, transforming back into his human form just as the Highbreed fleet arrives on Earth.

Noteworthy Events[]

Major Events[]

Character Debut[]

Omnitrix Alien Debuts[]

Minor Events[]

  • Kevin's full name is revealed to be Kevin Ethan Levin.



Aliens Used[]


Professor Paradox: Azmuth, come with me.
Azmuth: There's no point, time-walker. The Highbreed armada caught us totally by surprise. Galvan's planetary defenses are down. We don't have a chance. And without the Galvan, no other race in the galaxy has a chance either.
Professor Paradox: But, and I hesitate to say this to the smartest being in the universe, that's where you're wrong.
Azmuth: Explain.
Professor Paradox: We do have a chance. The chance you made for us.
Azmuth: That is not what the Omnitrix is for.
Professor Paradox: The boy has proven more than once that it can be used for purposes beyond what you intended.
Azmuth: Perhaps.
Professor Paradox: Come with me to Earth.
Azmuth: I'm not leaving my home, not now.
Professor Paradox: (walks near Azmuth) And I'm not going back without you. (a Highbreed warship charges up a powerful beam and fires it straight at Azmuth and Paradox's location) I hope that you sincerely reconsider in the next 3 seconds or so. (Azmuth looks at Paradox, beam hits their location, Azmuth and Paradox teleport away in the nick of time)

Kevin: What's so important that I had to miss the auto show?
Azmuth: The imminent destruction of your primitive world and all who live here.
Gwen: But if you'd rather go look at a new convertible, by all means.

Azmuth: I would have a word with the wielder of my Omnitrix... in private.
Kevin: Right, like I'm gonna miss this. See ya when you get back, Gwen.
Gwen: (grabs Kevin)
Kevin: Hey!
Gwen: Kevin Ethan Levin, you come with us right now!
Ben: "Ethan"? Your name is "Kevin E. Levin"? You just lost all remaining pretense of cool.
Kevin: (to Gwen) You promised you'd never tell!

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
French La Guerre des Mondes, 1ère Partie The War of the Worlds: 1st Part
Hungarian Világok Harca, Első Rész Worlds' War: Part 1
Italian Guerra dei Mondi, Prima Parte War of the Worlds, Part One
Polish Wojna światów: Część 1 War of the Worlds: Part 1
Portuguese (Br) Guerra dos Mundos, 1ª Parte War of the Worlds, 1st Part
Romanian Războiul Lumilor: Partea 1 War of the Worlds: Part 1
Spanish (HA) La Guerra de los Mundos: Primera Parte The War of the Worlds: First Part
Spanish (Spain) La Guerra De Los Mundos: 1° Parte The War of the Worlds: 1st Part


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Cured Woman
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Jetray
Murk Upchuck
Way Big
DNAlien #1
Jeff Bennett Azmuth
Kevin Michael Richardson Highbreed Commander
Ship Battle Mode
DNAlien #2
Vyvan Pham Julie Yamamoto
Zeno Robinson Alan Albright
Wil Wheaton Darkstar
Corey Padnos Cooper
David McCallum Professor Paradox
Robert David Hall Highbreed Guard




  • When Professor Paradox and Azmuth teleport onto the soccer field, the field seems to be empty despite Ben saving a shot from a player before they teleported in.
  • When Professor Paradox teleports himself, Gwen, and Kevin, he also seems to have taken Azmuth despite him wanting to talk to Ben.
  • When Alan fights the DNAlien, his arms switch between magma and rock in different shots.
  • Alan is not present when the team recruits Cooper.
  • Cannonbolt's hologram is drawn incorrectly.
  • Kevin has one shirt instead of two separate shirts when he is covered in green metal.
  • Before turning into Cannonbolt, Ben is facing his ragtag army, but after the transformation, he's facing away from them.
  • Just after Cannonbolt's transformation, Gwen is not wearing her stockings.
  • When DNAliens surround Professor Paradox, Azmuth is next to him, but after he stops time, Azmuth is gone. Then, Azmuth is shown running. Furthermore, there is a perspective error where some of the DNAliens look much smaller than Paradox.
  • Two of the DNAliens that Cannonbolt reverts to human have the exact same designs as two other DNAliens he cured.
  • When Cannonbolt reverts the DNAliens to human, his back is white instead of yellow.
  • In one shot when Cannonbolt reverts the DNAliens to human, one of the cured people from a previous shot appears on-screen for a split second.
  • The first DNAlien Cooper reverts to human has the same design as a DNAlien Cannonbolt cured.
  • When Jetray turns into Swampfire, he crosses his arms, but in the next shot, his arms are above his head.
  • When the team reverts DNAliens to humans, the number of humans reverted seems to be less than the number of DNAliens prior to reverting.
  • When Upchuck eats the laser, his entire torso glows instead of just his stomach.
  • When the team tries to destroy the Hyperspace Jump Gate, Julie and Ship are a lot smaller than they should be.
  • When Way Big lifts the Jump Gate out of the ground, he has five fingers on each hand rather than four.
  • The end credits misspell Cannonbolt's name as "Cannon Bolt".


  • The episode's title is listed as War of the Worlds Pt. 1 within the episode itself, War of the Worlds, Pt. 1 on the Ben 10 Alien Force: Volume 6 DVD and iTunes, War of the Worlds Part 1 on the Cartoon Network website,[CN 1] and War Of Worlds Pt.1 on Amazon Prime Video.
  • There were no female Galvan or children in the crowd at the beginning because the females were at home/work and the children were at school.[DM 1]
  • Wildmutt was among the aliens unlocked by the Master Control, albeit off-screen.[DM 1]


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