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Walton is a rich farmtown that pays host to a group of satyr-like alien college students that visit once every 17 years to celebrate a week without school by eating popcorn, and converting the waste-matter produced from it into gold.


Over the long years, the people of Walton took notice of the constant visitations, and sought to use it as part of their economy. They grew rich off of the aliens golden-leavings, allowing them to afford otherwise expensive commodities like European sportscars, and olympic-sized swimming pools.

During the most recent Popcorn Festival however, Mayor Coleman decided to take advantage of the situation and kidnap Decka; one of the alien college students that was visiting Walton, in order to pay off all of his debts that he had accumulated over the years. This situation prompted Decka's friend Orb to call up Max Tennyson in order to help find his friend again. Ben's team arrived and set to work trying to find where Decka was, it was on the final day of the Popcorn Festival that Decka was forced to eat meat by Coleman in order to produce a larger amount of gold (unknowing of their species reaction to ingesting meat), transforming the once peaceful, fun-loving college student into a feral monster that rampaged through the fields of corn in order to reach the powerplant and absorb its energy to create a nuclear explosion: wiping out all life on Earth in the process (just like what happened on Mars centuries ago). It was thanks to the timely intervention of Echo Echo that Decka was able to regurgitate the meat and revert to normal again.

After returning to his shuttle, Decka swore that he would tell his people what had happened on Earth in order to prevent future students from suffering the way that he did during the week he spent on Earth.

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