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So... slippery!

Speedyquick trying to pick up Walkatrout.[1]

Walkatrout[2] is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Ickthyperambuloid[DJW 1] from the planet Gilli-Perambulous Promenade.[DJW 2]


Walkatrout is a small, blue fish-like alien with stubby fins for arms, a shark-like dorsal fin, and a pair of thin, spindly legs jutting from his underside. He has a wide mouth with an underbite, and gills on his cheeks with bulging green eyes.

Walkatrout wears a green belt-like strap around his "waist" and back, with the Omnitrix symbol connecting the front.

Powers and Abilities[]

Walkatrout has a slippery body, making him hard to grab[3][1] and allowing him to slide on the Plumber HQ floor.[4]

Walkatrout has gills and can breathe underwater.[2]

Walkatrout has a degree of enhanced durability, as is shown when he was knocked onto the ground along with Speedyquick without serious damage.[1]

Although his body is quite weak, his tail is somewhat strong, as he was able to hurt Liam's Vaxasaurian form with it and escape.[4]

Walkatrout is somewhat acrobatic, as he can perform cartwheels.[4]

Being an Ickthyperambuloid, a Vladat's Corrupturas would not stick to Walkatrout due to his slippery skin.[DJW 3]


Walkatrout is physically very weak, being unable to break through a museum's doors[5] and he is not suited for hand-to-hand combat. He also has no hands, which makes grabbing things impossible for him.

It is implied that Walkatrout is not very fast, as Ben was disappointed transforming into him when he was trying to run away.[6]

Walkatrout is very small, giving him a disadvantage against larger opponents. He is only as tall as a Vaxasaurian's foot.[4] Despite this, Walkatrout is still unable to fit into cramped spaces such as toilets without assistance.[2]

While Walkatrout's slippery body can be used well as a strength, it also prevents him from being held up by his teammates,[1] unless he were to be held up by his tail.[4]

Being an Ickthyperambuloid, Walkatrout is vulnerable to his natural predator.[DJW 4]





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Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Уолкатраут From the original English name
Chinese 胖胖鱼 From 胖胖 (Pàng Pàng), fat, and (Yú), fish
French Truite-azur From truite, trout, and azur, azure/blue
German Wanderbarsch From wander, to wander, and barsch, perch
Greek Περιπατητική Πέστροφα From περιπατητής, walker, and πέστροφα, trout
Hebrew דג מהלך From דג, fish, and מהלך, walking, Walking Fish
Hungarian Halláb From hal, fish, and láb, leg
Italian GambaTrota From gamba, leg, and trota, trout
Polish Nogopstrąg From noga, leg, and pstrąg, trout
Portuguese (Br) Walkatruta From walk and truta, trout
Romanian plimbărețul from plimbărețul, walker
Russian Рыбаног
From рыба, a fish and нога, leg
From рыба, a fish and нога, leg
From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Walkatrout From the original English name


Walkatrout's name is derived from "walk about" and "trout", the latter of which is the common name for a number of certain species of freshwater fish.



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