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Vulpin is the home planet of the Vulpimancers and the Vulpinic Tortugans.



Vulpin is a pitch black planet on the edge of the galaxy. The ecosystem of Vulpin is poisoned beyond repair and the Vulpimancers are one of few species that can live on Vulpin.

Due to Vulpin being pitch black, Vulpimancers have slowly lost eyes due to them not being used for a long time. They have been mutated due to the effects of the pollution. These mutations involve heightened hearing and other developed senses.

Vilgax Attacks Timeline

In this timeline, Vulpin has enough light to see around and has a large processing plant of sorts, which filters the garbage and sludge (to a point at least).


Vulpin has long served as a dumping ground for hazardous materials far too dangerous for other worlds. The little that was once natural here long ago became corrupted by dangerous outside influences.


Part penal colony, part toxic waste dump, whatever life does manage to survive among Vulpin's subzero temperatures and the poisoned forests must learn to adapt to the harshest of climates.


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Vilgax Attacks Timeline


Vulpin's name is a play on the word "Vulpine", which means "Fox".

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