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Vreedles[DJW 1] are a humanoid species that are all part of the same family.[DJW 2]


Vreedles are humanoids with light grey skin. They lack noses and, with the exception of Sceles, have four digits on each hand. Their eyes appear to be sunken-in, with yellow sclerae and dull-red irises. Their hair can be many colors, including black, blonde, red, and white.


Ma Vreedle and Pa Vreedle were made in a lab by extremely substandard scientists.[DJW 3] They created Pa Vreedle by cloning Ma Vreedle.[DJW 4] Over time, the two formed a family through a cloning machine, creating several children ordered by batches, with Octagon and Rhomboid being the result of an outdated formation. Isosceles Right Triangle Vreedle is the only known daughter of the family.

At some point, Ma Vreedle and Pa Vreedle divorced, leaving the Vreedle Brothers and the Pretty Boy Vreedles in Ma Vreedle's care, while Pa Vreedle took care of Parallelogram and Isosceles Right Triangle Vreedle, using them as accomplices for his crimes. Ma Vreedle continued her criminal operations across space, but after being apprehended by Ben, she took up residence in Undertown.

For a period of time, Octagon and Rhomboid were the only Vreedles to join the Plumbers, but due to them deliberately blowing up the academy, they ended up being expelled and returned to work for Ma Vreedle shortly afterward.


The Vreedles are notorious for their low intelligence, brash nature, and crude mannerisms. Virtually all Vreedles are criminals, though they still put their family above all else, save for Pa Vreedle. The Vreedles currently reside in a specific area of Undertown, with Ma Vreedle in charge of domestic operations, while the Vreedle Brothers go around the city committing crimes, which always go wrong due to their incompetence. If a Vreedle dies, their mind is transferred into a cloned body via the cloning machine, making them effectively immortal.


Mashed Necrofriggian wings make good Vreedle baby food.[1][2]

The Vreddles' overall diet is rather disgusting, stemming with the fact that they have low regard for hygiene -- for example, washing their hands in filthy water. A dish enjoyed by Vreedles seems to be bones mixed with an unidentified green substance.


Vreedles are known to make cloning kits for parents to make clones of their children.

Powers and Abilities[]

Vreedles are capable of surviving in the vacuum of space.[3][2]

Larger Vreedles have enhanced strength.

Ma Vreedle has four eyes, two on her face and two hidden on the back of her head in her hair.[2] However, no other Vreedle has this ability.[DJW 5]


Vreedles are not very intelligent, and can be easily outsmarted.

Most Vreedles can be easily distracted by bubble wrap.[4][5]

Vreedles are vulnerable to being possessed by an Ectonurite.[5]

Vreedles can be immobilized by freezing liquid.[6]

Vreedles can be trapped in an Evolved Arachnichimp's webbing.[2]

Notable Vreedles[]


  • Vreedles do not have a natural predator because they themselves are not natural lifeforms.[DJW 11]
  • Vreedles are the only beings who use cloning tech for practical immortality because no other DNA that is both hearty and basic enough has been found.[DJW 12]
  • Excluding Ma, Pa, Granny Vreedle,[DJW 7] and the Pretty Boy clones, all Vreedles are named after shapes.
  • Granny Vreedle is a failed clone of Ma Vreedle, making Granny younger in actual years than Ma.[DJW 7]
  • Excluding the Pretty Boy clones, the majority of the Vreedles all speak in a southern drawl.


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