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Vladats[note 1] (or Vladites)[pop-up 1][1] are a functionally extinct vampire-like species from the planets Anur Vladias[note 2] and Anur Transyl.


Vladats are vampire-like aliens with bluish-white skin and sharp yellow teeth.


Vladats once inhabited the planet Anur Transyl after Anur Vladias' abandonment, which is also the home planet of the Transylians. They were once the predators of Transylians and also used them as slaves and beasts of burden.[3][4]

Vladats were wiped out by the other Anur aliens rising up against them,[DJW 2] with the Transylians using captured Pyronite energy[pop-up 1][1] to incinerate and kill them[DJW 3] sometime before Azmuth started acquiring DNA samples for the Omnitrix, and therefore their DNA was not originally in any Omnitrix DNA database.

The Vladats remained extinct until Zs'Skayr restored Lord Transyl back to life by using power from the Alpha Rune to regenerate the deteriorated hand of its dead ruler. Ben was on Anur Transyl at that time and the Omnitrix acquired a Vladat DNA sample, creating Whampire.

Zs'Skayr and Lord Transyl made an attempt of using Lord Transyl's DNA as a template to revive the entire species, but was stopped by Ben with help from Dr. Viktor and Hobble.


Transyl and other Vladats used my people as slaves. We were nothing more than beasts of burden, and ultimately we were food!

Viktor voicing his disapproval of Vladats.[4]

Judging from their past history with the Transylians, Dr. Viktor's deep hatred of them and Lord Transyl's attitude toward Zs'Skayr and the others, Vladats are arrogant, cruel and both literally and figuratively bloodthirsty (with the exception of Whampire). They consider other creatures (especially the Ectonurites) to be inferior. To them, other creatures are only useful as slaves and/or food. They have an overwhelming urge to feed on the energy of their preys.

According to Ben, Vladats are more comfortable and think better whilst hanging upside-down.[4]


While Transylians are considered the Vladats main source of food, they can feed off the energy from any living being, including Celestialsapiens.[DJW 4]

Vladats can also eat bugs, as demonstrated by Whampire.[4]

Powers and Abilities[]

Vladats are masters of controlling other beings. They possess both the ability to hypnotize other beings through eye contact, and can control beings by shooting Corrupturas at their foreheads. They produce these small creatures from their mouth and can generate ones of different sizes to suit the size of their victim.[DJW 5] A Vladat's Corrupturas are effective on other races of the Anur System, such as Transylians, Thep Khufans, Loboans, and tangible Ectonurites.[4]

Other races known to be effective on Corrupturas include Revonnahganders;[4] Merlinisapiens;[5] Splixsons;[DJW 6] Crystalsapiens;[DJW 7] To'kustars;[DJW 8] Sonorosians;[DJW 9] Galvans[DJW 5]; Galvanic Mechamorphs;[DJW 10] Piscciss Premanns;[DJW 11] and Arburian Pelarotas.[DJW 12]

Vladats can absorb and feed off the energy of living beings by sucking on them. They can even drain the life force of a Celestialsapien.[DJW 4] If a Vladat were to completely drain his victims of their energy, they would look similar to Darkstar's victims.[DJW 13]

Vladats have the ability to fly and are highly agile while in flight.

Vladats have a certain level of enhanced strength, as Whampire was able to hold his own against a mob of Anur Transyl citizens before eventually being overrun,[4] get Max out of Malgax's clutches, and flip the latter over afterwards.[6]

Vladats possess enhanced durability, as shown when Whampire was able to withstand being thrown against a wall by Malgax.[6]

Vladats can hang upside down like bats and real vampires using their prehensile feet.

Vladats can turn into a bat-like creature.[7][DJW 14]

Vladats can see the internal structure, like the nerves and energy of their victims using their X-Ray vision.[4]

Vladats can withstand other Vladats hypnotizing them depending on their willpower,[DJW 15] as demonstrated in Lord Transyl's failed attempt to control Whampire.[4]

Vladats can create a huge sonic explosion as a last-resort means of self-defense that, as demonstrated by Whampire, was powerful enough to send Rook Blonko, Scout, Rad Dudesman, and a mod of Anur Transyl citizens flying in every direction.[4]

Vladats can survive in the vacuum of space.[DJW 16]

Like all Anur System aliens, Vladats can see in the dark.[DJW 17]

Vladats possess smoke mimicry.[DJW 18]

Vladats can control undead aliens, such as Benzarro's transformations[DJW 19] and inanimate objects that are supernaturally possessed, using their Corrupturas. In the case of the latter, the object would have to contain the possessor's consciousness.[DJW 20]

Vladats can use Corrupturas as projectile weapons.[DJW 21]

Vladats possess enchanced smelling and enchanced hearing.[DJW 22]


Just like Ectonurites, Vladats are vulnerable against the sunlight.[7] They can also be harmed by intense heat such as that generated by Pyronites,[DJW 23] Prypiatosian-Bs,[DJW 24] and members of Atomix's species.[4]

Vladats can be possesed by Ectonurites, as demonstrated with Lord Transyl.[4]

A Vladat's explosion ability will not only blow away their opponents, it will also blow away their allies, causing a chance of accidental collateral damage.

A Vladat's Corrupturas are not very durable, as they can easily be destroyed by species with as much or more strength than a Transylian, as demonstrated by Lord Transyl.[4]

Vladats must resist the urge to drain the energy of other lifeforms, especially intelligent beings, making them potentially dangerous to their teammates and other civilians.

A Vladat's Corrupturas cannot attach to beings with wet or slippery skin, such as Ickthyperambuloids[DJW 25] and members of Hobble's species.[4]

A Vladat's Corrupturas also cannot attach to intangible beings such as Ectonurites and Necrofriggians, though they can attach to said species if they are caught off guard and are tangible when the Corruptura is shot at them.[4] Additionally, the Corrupturas are ineffective on Dagon.[DJW 26]

Vladats are unable to control an entire set of Splixson clones using their Corrupturas because each clone is an independent being.[DJW 6] Furthermore, the Corrupturas will not be copied across said clones.[DJW 27]

Vladats will not receive a cosmic power boost from feeding off a Celetialsapien because they would feel like they just slammed an energy drink.[DJW 28]

There are certain beings that both a Vladat's hypnosis and Corrupturas are ineffective against, such as other Vladats if their willpower is strong,[4][DJW 15] and cyborgs like Exo-Skull.[8]

Vladats cannot absorb the life energy of certain beings, such as Ectonurites because they have none in the conventional sense.[9][10] Similarly, they cannot absorb the life energy of human zombies because they have no life force left.[DJW 29]

Unlike Ectonurites, Vladats are not immune to Darkstar's energy absorption ability.[DJW 30]

A Vladat's Corrupturas are weak against acid.[DJW 31]

Vladats can be scared by Toepick's species.[DJW 32]

Vladats are possibly allergic to garlic.[DJW 33]

Notable Vladats[]

Notable Vladat Hybrids[]

Non-Canon Vladats[]


The name Vladat is based on Vlad III, better known as Vlad the Impaler, who is believed to be the inspiritation of Dracula.


  • Vladats are one of two known sapient predatory species in the Omnitrix, the other being Captain Kork's species.[MW 1]
    • Vladats are also the only sapient predatory species that Ben has as an available transformation associated with.
  • Whampire and Lord Transyl are the only known living Vladats in the universe.
  • A Vladat's invulnerability to light compared to Ectonurites is a nod to the original Dracula story, in which Dracula was only weakened by sunlight rather than being killed by it.
  • One card referred to Michael Morningstar as a Vladat.[merch 1]


  1. "Vladat" is a misspelling of the word "Vladite", the original name for the species as revealed in pop-up trivia for the Original Series episode The Return.[pop-up 1][1] It originated on April 26, 2008 when the page was first created by user Demonic Knight, with the error being neglected for years. Eventually, the Omniverse episode The Vampire Strikes Back would refer to the species as Vladats, thereby canonizing the spelling.[2]
  2. The name "Anur Vladias" does not appear in any official media or merchandise, nor in any background information revealed via pop-up trivia. Its first occurrence can be traced back to April 15, 2010, when user Deeman22baby added Anur Vladias to the Anur System page, presenting the planet as the homeworld of the Vladats instead of Anur Transyl. Omniverse art director, Derrick J. Wyatt, would later present background information about Anur Vladias upon being directly requested on October 26, 2014,[DJW 1] seemingly unaware of the planet's fan-made origin (as did the series' creators, Man of Action, in May 2018).[MoA 1] Thus, the canonicity of Anur Vladias is dubious.[2]


Crew Statements[]

Derrick J. Wyatt[]

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Man of Action[]

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