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Vin Ethanol is an illegal racer who appeared in Need for Speed.


Vin Ethanol is a man with muscular arms and tattoos all over his them. His right arm has a skull with bones and a crab, and his left arm has a flower tattoo. He wears a black tank top and a necklace with a skull around his neck. His head is completely bald, and he has no eye brows or eyelashes. He has a cleft chin and a long pointy nose. He wears blue jeans and the belt on his jeans is black with a white skull in the middle. He wears shoes that are white on the front and black on the back.


Even though Vin is an illegal racer, he doesn't seem to care too much about winning compared to other illegal racers. He will race dirty to win, but if he knows he's out of the race, he won't keep trying, as seen when he just crossed his arms and stayed put when his car was flipping uncontrollably. He doesn't care about not having friends because he has "Family," which is really robotic arms for his vehicle. He also prefers to race in the streets rather than other locations.


In Need for Speed, Ethanol was one of the illegal racers that attempted to win the race and collect the treasure. Dirty Dobs burrowed into Vin's car and caused it to flip uncontrollably and break down, putting Ethanol out of the race. Vin Ethanol proceeded to run away from the police when they tried to arrest him, but was caught and arrested.


Ben 10


His name is a reference to the actor Vin Diesel, with "Diesel" being replaced by "Ethanol", both being petroleum products obtained from fractional distillation of crude oil.


  • Vin Ethanol shares similarities with Dominic Toretto from the The Fast and the Furious franchise, including his appearance (bald head, dressing style), occupation (illegal street racer), voice, personality ("I don't have friends, I have family"), his car, and even Dominic's actor's stage name (Vin Ethanol instead of Vin Diesel).