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Vilgaxia[1] is the Chimera Sui Generis homeworld, located in a system of planets called the Shadow Realm.[pop-up 1][2][merch 1]


Simbolo de Vilgaxia

The Vilgaxia symbol

Little is seen of Vilgaxia outside its main city, only that it is built on the outskirts of plains and mountain ranges, pale green in color. Its main city includes a large fortress-like palace, home to its current ruler, Vilgax. The city is surprisingly verdant and harmonious with nature, as different types of flowers, plants, and trees all sit planted along streets or in parks; vines hang from tall buildings; and some buildings are built into (or overgrown with) the land. Its architecture features long walkways; flat disc or half-disc motifs; giant arches that shade the ground or suspend ring-like structures; and paunchy-looking buildings.[1]

GhT (254)

Vilgaxia during Zs'Skayr's takeover

In Alien Force, Vilgaxia's atmosphere was teal in color and from the ground view, its horizon invertedly got darker and revealed more of outer space the further it stretched, as if the surface was underwater.[1]

During the events of Ghost Town, as Zs'Skayr took over the planet, the entire atmosphere and mountains changed to a dark orange color; streets became desolate; and strange lime-green webbing grew all over the city. This was only temporary, and reverted to normal after Zs'Skayr's takeover was thwarted.[1]

As of Omniverse, Vilgaxia's atmosphere is back to orange. Its surface was not shown.[3]


Vilgaxia seems to operate under a form of autocracy, as Vilgax rules the planet when he is present; is addressed as "Lord Vilgax"; and is widely known and respected by all its citizens, from the adults to children.[1]

The citizens of Vilgaxia have their own opinions whether Vilgax is a hero or otherwise, however, nobody voices their thoughts publicly for sure.[DM 1] They are ever still passionate for their leader, and rely on his leadership to inspire them. For example, Milleous claimed that capturing Vilgax would demoralise the people of Vilgaxia enough to make them surrender, but when the news came out that Vilgax succeeded in escaping the Incurseans' grasp, the Chimerans put up such a fight that they were forced to retreat.[3]

They have also (assumedly) supported Vilgax jeapordizing the ownership of the planet ten times in order to legally conquer ten other worlds.[4]


Prior to Alien Force[]

Vilgax emerged from the Shadow Realm several centuries ago and left a trail of destruction in his wake.[merch 2] At some point, Vilgax gained control of his home planet and changed its name to Vilgaxia.[DM 2]

Alien Force[]

Primus (1)

Vilgaxia's landscape

Vilgaxia was introduced in Ghost Town, where Zs'Skayr attacked it, possessing all the citizens and turning them into his Ectonurite slaves. After several vain attempts to stop the infestation (including alternating the planet's sun constitution so its light would weaken Ectonurites), Vilgax escaped Vilgaxia and asked for Ben, Gwen, and Kevin's help. Despite their differences, Ben accepted and after some complications, freed the planet from Zs'Skayr's control. As an agreement between them, Ben promised to not tell anyone what happened there, and Vilgax gained credit for Zs'Skayr's defeat.


Vilgaxia was mentioned and briefly seen in Vilgax Must Croak, when Milleous attempted to capture the planet. However, he was unable to; due to Attea's failure in killing Vilgax, the citizens learned about the incident and put up a massive resistance, forcing the Incurseans to retreat.

Ultimate Alien Future Timeline[]

At some point during Ben 10,000's presidency of Earth, Vilgaxia had commenced their third official invasion of the planet. He managed to defeat and repel their forces before his term was up.[5][6]

Locations and Landmarks[]

GhT (412)

Vilgax's Castle

Known Inhabitants[]


Known Visitors[]


Alien Force[]

Season 2[]


Season 3[]


  • Vilgaxia has at least two moons.[1]
  • In winning against Vilgax in the Conqueror's Challenge, Ben technically has the right to claim ownership of Vilgaxia.[8]
  • Vilgaxia's insignia is similar to the insignia of the Marvel Comics terrorist organization Hydra.


Dwayne McDuffie[]



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