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He wanted to bring the universe together under his rule. And what better tool to accomplish that goal but the Omnitrix? And thus was the conception of one of the most terrifying warlords in the galaxy.


Vilgax is an intergalactic alien warlord and conqueror that seeks to obtain the Omnitrix and the overall main antagonist of Ben 10, serving as the main antagonist of the first two seasons and the movie Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie.


Vilgax is a muscular squid-like alien. His appearance is mostly similar to his Original Series counterpart; however, he has red veins across his arms and his mouth is visible. His tentacles are also darker at the ends. He wears a brown-black armored suit and fingerless gloves. His armor is spiked at the shoulder pads and he also has spikes on his forearms.

In his incomplete form, "Vil" is a very slim frail-looking old man who wears a purple cloak. He was rather short and hunched back a bit. He also had very skinny feet.

As of Out to Launch, Vilgax has blackened dark patches of flesh down his left side - a permanent reminder of his first defeat at the hands of Ben.

In The 11th Alien, Super-Villain Team-Up, and Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Vilgax wears a tattered cloak resembling the one he used to wear as "Vil".

During Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Vilgax temporarily gains possession of the Antitrix.

When Vilgax used to work with Azmuth, he wore white goggles on the top of his head as well as a cloak.

In the past when he wielded the Omnitrix, Vilgax wore shoulder pads on his cloak and occasionally wore a respirator.


Vilgax is serious and calm under normal situations. He is a master strategist and will think of alternate ways to get things that he wants, such as tricking his enemy, if physical force is not enough. He is a very convincing liar and will do whatever it takes to get to his goal, even teaming up with unlikely people such as Dr. Animo.

Vilgax wants to do everything without wasting time or effort, which is evident in him using drones to do his bidding and his calm fighting style with his carefully timed attacks and counters. Vilgax believes it is uncouth and childish to use his tentacles for fighting, preferring to keep his power controlled. He only uses them when he is irritated at his enemy or if it allows him to perform a task more efficiently.[KT 1][KT 2][KT 3]

As the series goes on, Vilgax appears to grow more aggravated towards Ben's antics, and his fighting style has changed to be more savage and ruthless, as evident by him running on all fours and using his tentacles as whips, something that he previously would not do. Despite that, Vilgax secretly considers Ben a worthy opponent.[DR 1]

Vilgax has seemed to learn a lot after his numerous battles with Ben, such as learning to ignore his quips and how to counter most of his alien roster. Ben so far has needed to rely on pure power or something Vilgax has never tackled before, such as Omni-Enhancements and Way Big, to defeat him.

Vilgax hates Azmuth more than Ben,[DR 2] and appears to disapprove of Glitch for being "more Tennyson [than] Mechamorph".[3]

Vilgax is shown to have no trouble killing a child, as he attempted to murder Kevin only to be interrupted by Glitch.[2]



Prior to the beginning of the series, Vilgax was Azmuth's friend and worked as his assistant, helping him with the creation of the Omnitrix. However, Vilgax went down a darker path upon developing an obsession of weaponizing the Omnitrix, stealing it from Azmuth's lab[DR 3] and using it to go on a warpath across the universe. Azmuth could not let his creation be used this way, prompting him to use the Omnitrix to absorb half of Vilgax's DNA, leaving him powerless, and hiding it from him on Earth.

Vilgax sent drones to retrieve the Omnitrix when it was on its crash course to Earth. The drones found the Omnitrix with Ben but were destroyed by the boy.[4]

Ben 10[]


Vilgax meets Ben.

Vilgax was introduced as the main antagonist of the season 1 finale in Omni-Tricked: Part 3. He wore a cloak and, after meeting Gax, named himself as 'Vil'. He gained Ben's trust by teaching him how to use Gax's laser vision properly, before betraying him and removing Gax from the Omnitrix. This caused a malfunction in the Omnitrix, causing Ben to be unable to return to his human form.

In Omni-Tricked: Part 4, he refueled his ship, the Chimerian Hammer, in the lava at Mount Megalodon. He was confronted by Ben, who gained the upper hand thanks to his unpredictable transformations before Vilgax repaired the Omnitrix for him. He captured Ben and attempted to remove the Omnitrix but failed. Ben then crashed the Chimerian Hammer by taking control of the main control console using Upgrade. He then upgraded his own Omnitrix, temporarily unlocking a form of master control, and defeated Vilgax, leaving him in his ship as it sank into lava.

In Out to Launch, Vilgax returns scarred from his volcano encounter and attempts to take over a ship "piloted" by Betts McCabe and intending on weaponizing its engine. However, he is stopped by Ben once again after another lengthy battle and being thrown out the cargo bay by McCabe and Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead.

In The 11th Alien: Part 1, Vilgax warns Ben of the dangers of unlocking Shock Rock (and nearly falling under the effects of being attacked by said alien) and escapes after being defeated.

In The 11th Alien: Part 2, Vilgax asks for the Omnitrix until Gwen reveals that Shock Rock's rampage had been staged by the Weatherheads. Ben is able to convince the Weatherheads that Vilgax will cheat out of conquering Earth, causing a villain-against-villain confrontation. Vilgax ultimately is blasted away along with the combined Weatherheads after Shock Rock unleashes a devastating electric attack.


Vilgax teaming with Animo.

In Animorphosis, Vilgax forms another alliance, this time with Dr. Animo to steal DNA from the Omnitrix and offering an upgrade to Animo's Alphas in return. However, Vilgax winds up double-crossing Animo after they retrieve the DNA, having the mindwiped Alphas attack Animo in addition to Ben. He would subsequently convert Animo's laboratory into a hideout with an alien superweapon. Omni-Enhanced Overflow and Animo attack Vilgax, but he quickly overpowers the two only to be attacked by a Rath-transformed Animo. Though he is consumed by an explosion the two created, Vilgax manages to escape.

In Drone On, Vilgax has made some drones in an abandoned car factory to get some power rods for his new spaceship and had them attack the Tennysons. Gwen used a wing glider to attack Vilgax's drones that were after them, with Ben transforming into Omni-Enhanced Heatblast to join in the fight but eventually timed out and was saved from falling by Gwen. Ben then used Grey Matter to hack one of the drones to continue fighting. Ben and Gwen found the abandoned car factory, where Vilgax's new ship had been completed. Since his drones were no longer needed, the drones self-destructed with Vilgax's new ship going up into space.

SVT (249)

Mind-controlled army vision

In Super-Villain Team-Up, Vilgax teams up with Zombozo so they can use the DNA extractor to extract DNA from the Omnitrix and turn human civilians into an alien army with the help of Zombozo's hypnosis technology. After capturing Stinkfly, Zombozo got him into the DNA extractor but accidentally presses the Omnitrix dial, causing Ben to transform into Omni-Enhanced Four Arms. Vilgax waits for the machine to power up as Zombozo fights off Four Arms. Soon, Vilgax is fed up with his antics and attacks him himself. Four Arms annoys Vilgax even more. Soon, Ben times out, and Vilgax chases him around the ship. Vilgax then uses his laser vision and tries to hit Ben, damaging his ship in the process. After Ben escapes, Vilgax throws Zombozo out of the ship.

Elsewhere, Grandpa Max and Gwen destroy Zombozo's hypnotism machine. During the fight, Ben timed out and Vilgax aimed a powerful laser at him, which nearly destroyed the ship and put it on manual override. Team Tennyson escaped using Gwen's thinking and Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead's powers, and Zombozo was thrown overboard.

In Innervasion Part 1: Message in a Boxcar, Vilgax created a nearly indestructible Warbot to take the Omnitrix before the Fulmini could use it to enter Earth. After his Warbot was neutralized by Shock Rock, he was captured and placed in an energy cage he created. He again attempts to warn Ben about the dangers of said alien and his species.

Vilgax is seen in the rest of the Innervasion special, helping Ben and Glitch repair the Omnitrix. In Innervasion Part 4: Mind Over Alien Matter, he is banished into the Null Void by the Fulmini's leader the High Override following a failed attempt to betray the boys and commandeer the Omnitrix for himself.

Prior to This One Goes to 11, Vilgax sent blueprints for the Antitrix to Kevin in a dream. During his imprisonment in the Null Void, Vilgax met an incarcerated Opticoid, which whom he shared his knowledge about the Omnitrix and his plans to escape to Earth and get his revenge.

1VS (517)

Vilgax in Ben 10 Versus the Universe

Vilgax remained imprisoned in the Null Void until prior to Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, where he escaped aboard a pod. As Vilgax made planetfall on Earth, Omni-Naut Jetray attempted to intercept him, under the impression the pod was merely a meteor. However, the Omnitrix's "autopilot" took control and sent Omni-Naut Jetray flying into a portal.

Arriving at Phil's house to retrieve the Antitrix, Vilgax defeated Kevin and claimed his creation before transforming into AntiVilgax. Chasing Team Tennyson in the Rustbucket driving away, AntiVilgax attempted to destroy them only for Glitch and Kevin to surprise him. After downing Glitch, AntiVilgax easily destroyed his Rustbuggy form. Glitch, however, survived by merging with Kevin as a combat suit.

As AntiVilgax uses Bootleg's powers to terraform the Earth, Ben finally returns and battles AntiVilgax as Omni-Kix Four Arms. After defeating Omni-Kix Four Arms, AntiVilgax stole the Omnitrix Key before transforming back. Though Kevin managed to reclaim the Antitrix as he inserts the Omnitrix Key into it, Vilgax still manages to transform into Alien V. Despite his Celestialsapien powers, Alien V is soon defeated by Ben as Way Big. Azmuth uses the Omnitrix to absorb Alien V's Celestialsapien DNA, reverting him and the Earth to normal in the process. Vilgax was taken into galactic custody by the Incurseans and Azmuth.

Powers and Abilities[]

Vilgax is strong enough to lift the Rustbucket,[5] a giant boulder, two giant trees, and a multitude of other aliens with relative ease.[6][7] Technically speaking, he is physically stronger than Quad Smack, who is already stronger than regular Tetramands.[2]

Vilgax possesses the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes.

Vilgax has shapeshifting arms that can change into a bunch of tentacles (five on each arm) that are very powerful, retaining equal strength to his arms as a whole. This allows him to grab his opponents, run quickly, and swing great distances.

Vilgax is a skilled warlord with great fighting capabilities, as he was able to take on Tetrax, Kraab, SixSix, and Ben with minimum effort, easily taking all of them out without hardly even moving.[6]

Vilgax is highly durable, being able to survive being drowned in lava,[8] a lab explosion,[9] and attacks from a powerful Fulmini.[3]

Vilgax has great knowledge on alien species and their home planets, having assisted Azmuth with creating the Omnitrix.[2]

Vilgax can telepathically sense parts of his DNA.[6] Additionally, after reclaiming his DNA from the Omnitrix, he also gained a link to human DNA. As such, he can use conduits to speak to humans through himself.[DR 4]

Being the designer of the Antitrix, Vilgax possesses telepathic control of the Antitrix and is able to easily remove it from whoever currently wears it, even if they are in alien form.[2]


Vilgax used to wear the Omnitrix, a device that allowed him to transform into any alien in sets of 10. However, he abused this power and it was taken away by Azmuth.[2]

Vilgax can telepathically contact others through their dreams using some form of "snooze tech",[DR 5] which is how he was able to send Kevin the Antitrix blueprints.[10]

Vilgax came into possession of the Antitrix after taking it from Kevin. With the device, Vilgax was able to turn any cross-contaminated alien, in addition to the AntiVilgax amalgam. After inserting the Omnitrix Key into the Antitrix, Vilgax became Alien V, although Kevin took the Antitrix away from Vilgax.[2]


Vilgax is limited to how much heat he can resist, as he gained burn marks from his near-death experience with lava.[8]

Vilgax's skin is vulnerable to electricity, such as the Omni-Enhanced energy that Fulmini create.[11]

Vilgax is vulnerable to the telekinetic abilities of High Override.[3]

Vilgax is often defeated by the element of surprise.


Ben 10[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

In Other Media[]

Vilgax made an appearance in the Villianous episode Guide for an Evil Conquest and used an Omnitrix created by Dr. Flug Slys, and transformed into Black Hat Alien.

Video Games[]


Vilgax is a knock out affect in the game.

Ben 10: Omni-Charged[]

Vilgax is a boss in the game.

Minecraft: Ben 10[]

Vilgax is a boss in the game.

Mobile Apps[]

Cartoon Network Arcade[]

Vilgax is a rare collectable figure in the Cartoon Network Arcade app.

Online Games[]

Super Hero Time[]

Vilgax is a boss in the game.


The "Vil" part in Vilgax's name is a play on "villain", while the "gax" part is an onomatopoeia of a throat clear.[DR 6]


  • Vilgax has destroyed several planets prior to getting the Omnitrix.[12][2]
  • Vilgax is naturally very muscular, unlike his Classic Counterpart.[DR 7]
  • The decision to make the reboot versions of Vilgax and Azmuth former friends turned enemies was made because the crew loved the idea of apprentices gone wrong. It also helped with giving Vilgax intimate knowledge of the Omnitrix.[DR 8]
    • Thus Vilgax is an amalgam of Myaxx, Albedo and his classic counterpart. He is a Chimera Sui Generis who assisted Azmuth in creating the Omnitrix, like Myaxx, and went rogue and later acquired a duplicate of the Omnitrix, like Albedo.
  • When Vilgax possesses the Omnitrix after betraying Azmuth, Vilgax had better access to the Omnitrix's entire catalogue of transformations because of his knowledge of the Omnitrix's inner functions.[DR 9]
  • In Super-Villain Team-Up, Vilgax's glove was supposed to be destroyed revealing what his hand looks like for the first time in the reboot- a point of interest given that it divides into tentacles. However, this detail was cut for the sake of ease of animation later down the line. The detail was only present in early storyboards.[KT 4]
  • It was said in merchandise that Vilgax was a tyrant who left his home planet in search of the "ultimate weapon".[merch 1] However, in Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie it was revealed that he was actually Azmuth's assistant.
  • Out of all the villains Ben has encountered over the summer, none want the Omnitrix as much as Vilgax does.[DR 10]


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