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You think you can destroy me? I analyzed every one of your aliens. And had Animo programmed their moves into my new DNA. Nothing you can do will surprise me anymore!

– Vilgax to Ben 10,000.[2]

Vilgax is a mutant Chimera Sui Generis who serves as Ben's archenemy. He is one of Vilgax's futures from an alternate timeline.[note 1]


Vilgax wears a red glove on his right hand, has the same respirator as he does in the Prime Timeline, and wears a red and black spandex suit with no sleeves. He has six tentacles protruding from his face. His left arm is enlarged, with two spikes just below his elbow, and a retractable tentacle.



One day, Ben 10,000 mutilated Vilgax and put away his remains in a stasis pod. This was to make sure he couldn't harm anyone anymore.

Ben 10[]

Vilgax first appeared in Ben 10,000, where he was resurrected and greatly enhanced by Dr. Animo using his DNA Transmodulator. Despite that, both Vilgax and Dr. Animo were defeated by both future and present versions of Ben and Gwen. After a long battle, Ben 10,000 defeated Vilgax by using Spitter to push him over the edge of a water pool and then using Arctiguana's ice breath to freeze and trap him before he could escape. It is unknown what happened to Vilgax afterwards.

Powers and Abilities[]

Due to being resurrected by Dr. Animo, Vilgax has a newer, stronger form with enhancements including genetic implant weapons and bio-boosters.[pop-up 5][2] Vilgax has knowledge of all of Ben 10,000's aliens and their moves, which had downloaded into his DNA during his resurrection. This makes predicting Ben's next move practically instinctual, and nullifies the benefit of quick-changing with Master Control.

Vilgax possesses massive amount of physical strength, being able to shatter a hoverboard, overpower Wildmutt, send Heatblast flying with a punch, slam Diamondhead through several walls, stop a rolling Cannonbolt dead in his tracks with one hand, overpower and pin Four Arms to the ground with smaller hand, and tackle both Cannonbolt and Four Arms at the same time. Furthermore, Vilgax can generate bio-electricity in his fists to enhance his attacks.[2]

Vilgax is immensely durable and can withstand high amounts of physical force, such as a fall from Ben 10,000's headquarters.[2]

Vilgax has enhanced reflexes, being able to catch and stop Cannonbolt just before he made an impact, and continuously attack adult Diamondhead before the latter could even react.[2]

Vilgax can shoot out an elastic prehensile tentacle from his right wrist, allowing him to snatch and pull down flying aliens, such as Stinkfly.[2]

Vilgax is able to fire a barrage of highly explosive biological bombs, as a countermeasure against speedster aliens, such as XLR8.[2]

Vilgax is immune to fire, allowing him to walk through Heatblast's flames without any visible damage.[2]


B10Mil (666)

Immobilized by Ice

Vilgax is extremely reliant on his genetically instilled knowledge of Ben's aliens and their fighting styles, placing him at disadvantage when facing against opponents outside that knowledge, such as Ben in his human form.[2]

Similar to his Prime Timeline counterpart, Vilgax is vulnerable to a massive electric cannon wielded by Max Tennyson, as it is keyed to his bio-signature. Hit from close distance, Vilgax was sent flying through a wall.[2]

Vilgax can be immobilized by a Polar Manzardill's freezing rays when completely submerged underwater.[2]


Ben 10[]

Season 3[]


  1. The Ben 10,000 from Omniverse is stated to be Ben Prime's true future self.[DJW 1]
    • This is evidenced in-show by the fact that both the Ben 10,000[3][4] and the future Dr. Animo[5] from Omniverse recalled characters and events from the present day. Chrono-Spanner also frequently visits present day with effects of his actions manifest in his present.[6] This would not be possible if these characters belonged to an alternate timeline.
    It was also stated that the Ben 10,000 from Omniverse is the same character as the Ben 10,000 from the Original Series.[DJW 1][DJW 2][DJW 3]
    • This was due to the crew's preference of the original Ben 10,000 over the Ultimate Alien portrayal,[DJW 3] as well as executives wanting everything to be more like the Original Series.[DJW 2]
    • Derrick J. Wyatt made several statements to corroborate the story, expanding on what is known from the Original Series, such as the backstory for the Biomnitrix invoking the plotline of Ben 10,000,[DJW 4] and the defining tragedy in Ben 10,000's life having now occurred at the age of 20,[DJW 5] "shifted" from the original age of 15.[pop-up 2][2]
    • The writing of the show also indicated this viewpoint, with Ben identifying the future Dr. Animo from Animo Crackers to be the same as the one he encountered in Ben 10,000, and other efforts made throughout the last few seasons to align the story with the future timeline.
    However, the above two statements are inherently contradictory, because the Original Series Ben 10,000 was from an alternate timeline[7][8][pop-up 3][2][pop-up 4][9] in which he never travelled to the future when he was 10, and consequently did not give Max a cake on his 60th birthday, while Ben Prime did.[2] Thus, the Original Series Ben 10,000 did not recall the events of the episode.[8][DM 1][DM 2][DM 3]
    • Derrick responded to the matter by saying: "Your 'plot holes' are irrelevant. Time isn't completely fixed, it's shifting. Events can be subtly altered. But Ben 10,000 is the future for the Ben Prime timeline."[DJW 1] This can be interpreted as a retcon. This wiki, however, considers the two Ben 10,000s, and by extension, the two futures, separate.


Crew Statements[]

Derrick J. Wyatt[]

Dwayne McDuffie[]


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