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Verdona is the Anodite partner of Max Tennyson, mother of Carl and Frank Tennyson, and grandmother of Ben, Gwen, Ken, and Sunny.


Verdona is a female Anodite whose human form seems to be in her late 50s, early 60s with neck-length silver hair, dark blue eyes, and faint wrinkles, with a blue cloak being her only form of clothing. Her Anodite form physically appears to be much younger with a more youthful form and long purple hair made out of energy.

When she was younger, Verdona had red hair in a short haircut, a white-blue dress with a black belt, with a long-sleeved white shirt with a black stripe down the middle.


Like all Anodites, Verdona is a free-spirited being. Though sometimes acting more mature and grown-up, she mostly acts like a playful child. She also likes to listen and dance to Max's favorite band, Shag Carpeting.

There is another side of Verdona which is somewhat amoral and uncaring. For example, when she almost destroyed Ben and Kevin when they first confronted her, were it not for the intervention of Gwen and learning who they really were, and when she was willing to destroy her granddaughter's physical human body to release the Anodite inside. She also viewed beings that were not Anodites as being lesser than herself, as she was constantly unimpressed with and condescending on them, especially humans. As such, she was also very apathetic, such as not realizing how hard it was for Gwen to leave her family and friends and was confused by it.[1]

Although Verdona wasn't happy neither of her sons inherited her powers, she still cared about them. She was amused Frank could tell she was watching and remarked on how Carl had a good son.

Verdona considers Gwen to be her favorite grandchild, and while initially disappointed that Ben didn't inherit her Anodite like Gwen did, they ultimately reconcile, especially after seeing how much he cares about Gwen.[1] One thing that Verdona has in common with Ben is that they both have an uncanny sense of humor.

Also, she was later shown to be a strict disciplinarian and can be serious where she needs to be, like when her other granddaughter, Sunny, misbehaved.[2]



Verdona left her homeworld, Anodyne, in an unspecified time long before the original series and was brought to Earth by a robot alien who had captured her, and wanted to use her to power his planet. They crash landed in St. Louis, and Verdona escaped.

Later Max met Verdona in a café. Suddenly the Synthroid attacked the café. Max and Verdona fled and started to hide. However, the Synthroid was able to find and beat Max and he took away Verdona.

Using his telepathic connection with Verdona he was able to locate and rescue her and Magister Labrid, who had come to arrest the Synthroid. The Synthroid was destroyed and the bracelet that prevented Verdona from using her mana powers fell off.

Revealing her true form, she asked Max whether he would go with her back to Anodyne. However Max declined, and with a kiss, they parted.

At the end of the episode, it was hinted that they met again, and fell deeply in love with each other, and romantically courted. During this time she hid her Anodite heritage from others and blended in with human society. She and Max ended up having two sons, Carl (Ben's dad) and Frank (Ken and Gwen's dad), neither of whom inherited her Anodite-powers. During their time together, Verdona always had to deal with Max's occupation as a Plumber and eventually after a long, happy, and somewhat distant relationship, when their sons were grown and out of the house, she returned to Anodyne; after so many years on Earth, Verdona wanted to get back in touch with her background. Her grandchildren initially knew very little about her other than that she and Grandpa Max met in St. Louis[3] and that she is "gone".[pop-up 1]

Sometime after, when her grandkids were born, she returned to see if they had inherited her powers and abilities. Presumably due to Gwen's powers having not been developed yet, she was put under the impression that none of her human grandchildren had inherited her powers, until the events of What Are Little Girls Made Of?.

Alien Force

Gwen meets Verdona

In What Are Little Girls Made Of?, when news went out about Max's disappearance, Verdona came to his favorite lake to remember the good times they had had together. However, she met two of her grandchildren Ben, Carl's son, and Gwen, Frank's daughter, along with their friend Kevin, who assumed she was a trespasser. She then magically disappeared, leaving behind a flower at the base of a tree which had engraved a heart with a "Max + Verdona" writing on it. She then returned later in the night, deciding to have a "little fun" with Ben and Kevin. When Gwen intervened, she revealed herself as her and Ben's paternal grandmother.

She then later came to Gwen's house, explaining her history with Max and then offered Gwen to come back with her to Anodyne to reach the full potential of her powers and abilities (which would require seventy-five years). After thinking on the roof, Gwen refused. Verdona then shed her human body, revealing her Anodite form, and thought that Gwen was too young to make her own decisions and decided to destroy her human body to free the dormant Anodite inside, but the two boys' stepped to defend Gwen.

After a brief battle that tore up the front lawn (and part of the house), Gwen explains that as much as she loves Verdona, she'd rather stay on Earth and keep maintaining her life as a human. Verdona then tells Gwen that Max should have been an energy being like them, expressing her deep longing for him and that her desire to take Gwen with her could be just a front to fill the void in her heart. Verdona then magically patches up the damage and flies into space, claiming to return every so often to see how Gwen and the others are doing.

Ultimate Alien

Verdona made a reappearance in Girl Trouble, where she was able to overpower Sunny, who was attacking Gwen, and she took Sunny and her boyfriend Antonio back to their home planets and allow their parents to decide on their punishment. Verdona talks with Gwen for a bit, complimenting her for being clever enough to call her through her mana field, also stating that her powers are improving/developing quite nicely despite her lack of formal training (as well as not being a full-blooded Anodite like her and Sunny). She then asked Gwen to accompany her to Anodyne but Gwen still refused. Verdona takes the rejection in stride and flies off with Sunny and Antonio.

Powers and Abilities

Verdona is a full-fledged Anodite, an energy being who draws life from the mana around her, and she can manipulate mana for a variety of effects such unleashing destructive blasts, projectile bolts, and creating constructs. She is capable of using her hair as a separate appendage mainly seen grabbing others. Verdona is able to emit blinding flashes and explosions of light. She also displays the ability to turn herself invisible.

Being decades older and more experienced than Gwen and Sunny, Verdona's powers dwarf those of her granddaughters'. As seen when she came to take Sunny home, Verdona even possess the ability to take control of the mana constructs of other, younger Anodites which was seen when she was able to effortlessly take control of Sunny's mana shield and turn it into a bubble to contain her.

Verdona could create a human body for her to 'wear' in order to blend in with humanity. She could also teleport and fly, in both human and Anodite form. She is able to outmaneuver Jetray along with being able to withstand rocvks being thrown at her and capable of tearing apart Spidermonkey's webbing.

Interestingly, Verdona seemed to formerly have an innate, natural human body back when she first met Max, seeing as she shifted into her Anodite form rather than shedding her human disguise when her power limiting bracelet fell off, suggesting that she used to have a natural human body like her granddaughter.

Verdona shows the ability of reality warping, seen when she fixed a broken glass at Gwen's house, created strong duct tape around Ben’s mouth, and repaired Gwen's house when it was destroyed during their fight with a mere snap of her fingers. This also shifted Ben and Kevin back to their human forms.

Verdona is telepathically connected to her lover, Max.[4]


Verdona has the same weaknesses as all Anodites.


Alien Force

Season 1

Ultimate Alien

Season 3

Video Games

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks


Verdona's unused Omniverse design

  • Verdona was supposed to appear in The Most Dangerous Game Show. She didn't made the cut because her model wasn't sent on time to the animation studio. Her role was limited to when Ben's relatives are zapped out by Charles Zenith.[DJW 2]
  • Natalie and Verdona do not like each other[1] because Natalie is "a square".[MW 1]
    • Their relationship plays off the trope of the wife and mother-in-law disliking each other.
  • Verdona was merely toying with Ben, Gwen, and Kevin during her debut episode's climax.[DM 2]
  • Verdona approves of Gwen and Kevin's relationship, except that it might be keeping Gwen from going Anodite.[DM 3]
  • Verdona is not fascinated by the Omnitrix because she thinks it is beneath her[DM 4] and does not find it interesting.[DM 5]
  • Verdona stays as an old woman in her human disguise because she likes that body.[DM 6]
  • Verdona is any age she wants to be.[DM 7]
  • In Moonstruck, Verdona's younger human form shares some aspects with her grandchildren:
    • Red hair (like Ken and Gwen)
    • Blue eyes (like Sunny)
    • A white dress with a black lining from down the middle (like Ben in his youth)
  • Verdona's human form in Alien Force was designed by Glenn Wong, with color styling by Chris Hooten.[GW 1]
  • Verdona was based on Endora from Bewitched.[MW 2]


  1. Even though they have children, Derrick J. Wyatt said that Max has never been married to Verdona.[DJW 1] Correlating with this, Dwayne McDuffie believed that Max has been married more than once.[DM 1] Matt Wayne does not know if they are married.[MW 1]


Crew Statements

Glenn Wong

Derrick J. Wyatt

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  2. File:OV Verdona Role.PNG

Dwayne McDuffie

Matt Wayne


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