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Vendetta is the seventeenth episode of the second season of Ben 10: Alien Force, and the forty-third episode overall.


Kevin finds his house ransacked and enlists Ben and Gwen's help to find out who did it and why. They soon cross paths with a deadly criminal.[CN 1]


In the Null Void, a criminal named Ragnarok escapes from Incarcecon. He destroys the guards and exits the building, evading shots from guards. He exits the Null Void through a nearby vortex, avoiding the Null Guardians.

The team is fighting the Forever Knights. Rath scares them away, and Gwen and Kevin surround them. Rath ties them up and transforms back into Ben. The team can't go to Mr. Smoothy because Kevin has to get home. Kevin returns home to find his house ransacked. His mother then confesses to him the truth about Ragnarok. In the morning, Kevin goes to Ben's house and asks Ben and Gwen if they know anything about Ragnarok, and when they tell him that they have no knowledge, he tells them to stay out of the situation.

Vendetta (178)

Max and Devin as Plumber partners

The two, now concerned, decide to investigate anyway. Ben and Gwen meet with Max and ask him if he knows anything about the escape, as well as an alien named Ragnarok. He confesses of having a partner named Devin, who gave his life to stop Ragnarok several years back. His partner's full name was Devin Levin, Kevin's dad, and Kevin wants revenge on Ragnarok for killing his father. Ben and Gwen go after Kevin by tracking him with his Plumber badge.

Ragnarok searches for the key he needs before Kevin confronts him, but Ragnarok beats him up in a fight and demands his key. Ben and Gwen arrive and Ben transforms into Lodestar and battles Ragnarok, but Kevin pushes him out of the way and attacks Ragnarok himself with Gwen and Lodestar helping. Ragnarok teleports away and Lodestar transforms back into Ben. Kevin blames Ben and Gwen for letting Ragnarok get away and storms off. Gwen uses her mana to scan Kevin's subconscious and find the key. They go to Kevin's house, where the key is disguised as a picture frame. Ragnarok teleports in and attacks the team. He takes the frame and turns it into his key. Kevin attacks Ragnarok, as does Gwen. Ben transforms into Diamondhead. Ragnarok attacks him, but Diamondhead redirects his blast and shoots diamonds at him. Ragnarok defeats the team, inserts the key into his head, and calls his ship into Earth's orbit. He then teleports away, but Gwen is able to jump onto his teleport signal and they follow.

Vendetta (479)

Gwen, Ben and Kevin following Ragnarok

They emerge on Ragnarok's ship and split up to search, Kevin going a different way than Ben and Gwen. Gwen worries about what Kevin will do if he finds Ragnarok first. Just then, Kevin tricks Ben and Gwen into an escape pod and launches them to Earth. Ragnarok prepares to use his ship to drain the sun, which was what he was trying to do when he was captured. He powers up the ship, but Kevin arrives on the bridge and distracts him. He starts to suck the sun's energy out and attacks Kevin. Kevin starts smashing the controls. Ragnarok tosses him away, but the ship starts to malfunction and send the energy back.

Explosions rock the bridge and the window shatters, exposing them to space. Ragnarok is sucked out and begs Kevin to save him. Kevin, refuses saying he killed his dad and now must die. He takes the key and Ragnarok flies into space. The ship explodes as Ben and Gwen watch. Gwen starts to cry, thinking that Kevin is dead. Ben tries to calm her down by telling her that Kevin was a hero to the very end. Kevin then shows up, making a joke about them caring about him. Ben is surprised that he survived, and Gwen runs up to Kevin, hugging him and telling him that she was worried. Ben and Gwen ask what happened; he simply states that Ragnarok didn't make it.

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Devin: Max! He's getting closer!
Max: Ship won't go any faster, Devin!
Devin: Have you tried flapping your arms?

Ragnarok: Enough games. Where is my key?
Devin: Have you tried checking under the couch?

Max: Ben, Gwen! Well, this is a pleasant surprise. You kids interested in one of my famous wombat omelets?
Gwen: Maybe later.

Ben: Hey! Who died and made you boss?
Kevin: If you got a problem with it, you!

Gwen: He's going through a lot, Ben. He idolizes his father and...(whispers) We have to find Ragnarok before Kevin does. I'm afraid of what he might do.
Ben: Kevin? Come on. He talks all tough, but he would never-
Kevin: Guys. Quick, come here! (Ben and Gwen run towards him) This way, I found him! (Points to what appears to be a small room)
Ben: We have to be ready for any- (Realizes Ragnarok isn't there) Hey! What is this? (Kevin seals Ben and Gwen in the room)
Gwen: It's an escape pod!
Ben: This isn't funny, Levin. Let us out!!
Kevin: Just remember, Tennyson, I asked you to stay out of this! (launches the escape pod)
Gwen: Oh, Kevin, what have you done?
Ben: There's got to be a way for us to get back there.
Gwen: It's on auto pilot to Earth. No controls. No space suits. Kevin is on his own.
Ben: (angry) Just like he planned it.

Ragnarok: The vortex is destabilized! Please, take my hand! Save me!
Kevin: Save you? You killed my dad, remember?
Ragnarok: Yes your father! He was a plumber, an honorable man. He would never let anyone die if he could help it. Please, for your father! No!
Kevin: For my father.
Gwen: Kevin! (crying) Oh, Kevin!
Ben: He was a hero, Gwen, right to the very end.
Kevin: And then some. Nice to know you guys appreciate me.
Ben: You're alive?!
Gwen: I was worried!
Kevin: Hey, I'm a survivor, remember? Guess I got it from my dad. Like saving the world.
Ben: And Ragnarok?
Kevin: Didn't make it.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
French Vendetta Vendetta
Hungarian Vérbosszú Vendetta
Italian Vendetta Vendetta
Polish Zemsta Revenge
Portuguese (Br) Vingança Revenge
Romanian Vendetta Vendetta
Spanish (HA) Venganza Revenge
Spanish (Spain) Venganza Revenge


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Diamondhead
Knight Leader
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
John DiMaggio Rath
Pamela Adlon Kevin's Mother
Ioan Gruffudd Devin Levin
Robot Guard



  • When Kevin drops Ben and Gwen off at Ben's house, he has a black eye.
  • Kevin's pants are the same color as Gwen's in one shot.
  • When Kevin leaves Ben's house after asking Ben and Gwen what they know about Ragnarok, half of Ben's hair is darker.
  • When Ragnarok destroys the engine coupling of the ship that Max and Devin are in, the ship should keep going at the same speed due to inertia and lack of friction, but it stops completely.
  • Before Lodestar uses his powers to attack Ragnarok, Lodestar is taller than usual.
  • Diamondhead's jaw does not move when he shouts his name.


  • In the Original Series, Max and Kevin were portrayed as being unfamiliar with one another.[1] However, this is retconned with the flashback in this episode which reveals that, through his partnership with Devin, Max has known Kevin since the latter was a young child.[2]
  • In this episode, it is shown that Diamondhead can absorb and redirect energy beams like Chromastone.
    • In Derrick J. Wyatt's opinion, this was probably due to some storyboard artist who was not familiar with Diamondhead's powers.[DJW 1]
  • This episode reveals a lot about Kevin's past including his father and his father's killer. However, in The Rooters of All Evil, it and the photo of Kevin and Devin[DJW 2] were revealed to be false memories and images created by Servantis.[2]


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