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Vaxasaurians are a dinosaur-like species with humanoid features from the planet Terradino.


Vaxasaurians are approximately 20 feet tall. Their bodies are somewhat humanoid and muscular with two arms and two legs, with the legs being shorter than the arms. They have elephant-like feet and a lengthy lizard-like tail. Their armored hide comes in different colors, such as brown, beige, dark green, and greyish-cyan, with minor plating on their shoulders, tail, back, arms, and upper legs. Their chest, abs, inner arms, and lower jaw are of a lighter color.

Dark grey, stone-like spikes, each shaped like the dorsal fin of a shark, run down their spines from the top of the necks to naturally-occurring weapons on the end of their tails. They have three fingers and a thumb on each hand and three black, elephant-like toes on each foot. Their knee caps and finger joints also bulge out.

Their square-like heads are mostly hunched forward and the lighter-colored area of their necks is wrinkled. Both their lower jaws and eyebrows are protruding while their almost human-like noses appear to be squished inward. Their lips are black and have wrinkles. Their teeth are yellowed and minorly fanged. They also have two green eyes with thick black outlines.


The Vaxasaurians champions challenged the Appoplexian champions. When the match was tied up, the champion of each side faced each other. In the end, the Vaxasaurians emerged as winners but they still showed sportsmanship with the Appoplexians.

A group of Vaxasaurians visited Arburia for a day at a beach only to cause trouble for the local Arburian Pelerotas. When the Arburian Pelerotas had enough of the Vaxasaurians' behavior, they fought each other. The battle lasted until they found out that the Vaxasaurians' tails can help an Arburian Pelerota make a big splash, so they allow the Vaxasaurians to stay to make big splashes.

Powers and Abilities

Vaxasaurians possess incredible strength, being able to easily destroy buildings surrounding them, break free from an Incursean's tongue,[1] and hold their own against Appoplexians and entities such as Monster Kevin.[2]

Vaxasaurians possess Stegosauride features, enhanced flexibility, agility, and digging skills. They are capable of sonic claps.

Vaxasaurians possess a strong and thick layer of armor-like skin that provides enough durability to withstand blaster fire, heavy impacts, and even the heat of re-entry into a planet's atmosphere.

Vaxasaurians have naturally occurring weapons on the ends of their tails that resemble a plethora of medieval weaponry. For example, Humungousaur and Basher have maces, Claymore has a sword, Grille has a war hammer, and the Vaxasaurian Announcer has a battle axe.

A Vaxasaurian's tail is powerful enough to create soundwaves when they slam it against the ground, that are in turn also very strong and capable of blowing away those affected within its vicinity.

On occasion, a Vaxasaurian's tail can release waves of energy, as demonstrated by both Humungosaur[3] and Humungoraptor.[4]

Vaxasaurians can alter their size.[DR 1][note 1]


A Vaxasaurian's naturally large size physique makes them both slow runners and a very easy target for enemy attacks. Furthermore, they cannot fit in tight spaces.[5]

A Vaxasaurian's tail can cause unintentional damage if they does not watch what it hits.[6]

Vaxasaurians have a strength limit, as Humungousaur was unable to stop himself from falling off a cliff with the added weight of Wreckingbolt. Likewise, their tails can be used against them as a way of weighing them down.[6]

Vaxasaurians are unable use their sonic attacks on soft surfaces such as mud.[7]

A Vaxasaurian's sonic attacks can be exploited and redirected back at them, such as when Humungousaur was launched backwards by Lord Decibel's portable sonic-based jetpack.[8]

Whilst their hides are extremely durable, Vaxasurians are still shown to suffer damage from Bashmouth's bites.[9]

Vaxasaurians are vulnerable to the telekinetic abilities of a Celestialsapien.[10]

Notable Vaxasaurians

Notable Vaxasaurian Hybrids


Vaxasaurian comes from the Icelandic "vaxa", which means "to grow", and "sauria", which is a clade of lizards.


  1. Duncan Rouleau initially claimed that Vaxasaurians in the Reboot Continuity could not alter their size like Humungousaur from the Classic Continuity.[DR 2] This statement was later refuted and/or corrected, with Duncan adding that Ben has not yet trained himself to alter his size as Humungousaur.


Duncan Rouleau

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