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Vaxasaurians are a dinosaur-like species from the planet Terradino.


Vaxasaurians are a humanoid dinosaur-like species, being biege in color. They have human-like hands with four fingers, each with large gray nails. They have long dinosaur-like tails and stand about 12 feet tall and can grow to about 60 feet tall.

When they grow, the Vaxasaurians' dinosaur features become more pronounced, growing Stegosaur-like plates on their back, a crest on their forehead and spikes on their tail. Also, on their shoulders, three plates separate and grow.

Female Vaxasaurians look like males, but wear bones and a big loincloth, much like that of a caveman. They also have five spikes on their head.

Vaxasaurians from Dimension 23 are greyish-cyan in color.


Vaxasaurians reproduce by laying eggs.[1][2]

Powers and Abilities

Vaxasaurians possess incredible strength, being able to lift and throw objects (heavy or light) up to a high altitude, even into near-earth orbit. Technically speaking, they are physically stronger than Methanosians[DM 1] and Crystalsapiens.[DM 2]

Vaxasaurians possess thick, armored hides, which have proven to be durable enough to withstand blaster fire and heavy impacts. Their skin is also resistant to heat.

Vaxasaurians have the power to increase or decrease their own body size and mass. They can grow bigger up to about 60 feet at will, increasing his natural strength as they grow. They can also shrink down to about 10 feet.[DM 3]

When Vaxasaurians grow, their dinosaur features become more pronounced, growing Stegosauride features such as plates on their backs, a crest on their foreheads, and spikes on their tails. The plates on their shoulders and arms also separate and grow, giving them a more ferocious look. These features give them an extra edge in battle both defensively and offensively. Vaxasaurians can also generate their Stegosauride features without changing size.[3][DM 4]

Vaxasaurians are durable enough to survive in the vacuum of space for a few minutes[4][5] and pass through dangerous force fields.[6]

Vaxasaurians are capable of jumping extremely high despite their size and weight. Their tail is also powerful enough to easily knock away Malware's third form, as demonstrated by Humungousaur.[7]

Vaxasaurians can run on all fours in a similar fashion to a bull or a rhinoceros.[8]

Vaxasaurians are quite agile for their size, as Humungousaur could somersault onto one of the Forever Knights' battle horses,[9] perform a slide tackle,[10] and evade attacks while jumping.[7]

Vaxasaurians have powerful jaws that are strong enough to cause pain to a Highbreed.[11]

A Vaxasaurian's immense size and weight make them very useful for moving against strong suction forces[12] and powerful winds.[13]

Vaxasaurians have a powerful roar.[14]

Similar to Tetramands, Vaxasaurians are strong enough to create shock waves by clapping their hands together.[MW 1]

Also like Tetramands, when infected with a cold, Vaxasaurians gain the ability to spit slime.[15]


A Vaxasaurian's strength has a clear limit, as with such cases with moving and lifting beings or objects as heavy as a Tyrannopede, whose sheer weight proved a challenge for Humungousaur to manage Technically speaking, Vaxasaurians are physically weaker than Tetramands,[DM 1] Highbreeds,[11][16] or Evolved Vaxasaurians, the latter of whom is able to lift a To'kustar in record timing.[17]

Vaxasaurians are also very slow and combined with their naturally large physique, it makes them a very easy target for enemy attacks. Even their base size makes it impossible for them to fit into small spaces.

Vaxasaurians can be discomforted by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.[18]

Vaxasaurians are extremely susceptible to electricity such as an Amperi's attacks.

Vaxasaurians are vulnerable to being trapped by a Kaosseffexx Ultimasauria, as shown when Humungousaur was encased in Tyrannopede's cocoon and was unable to escape on his own.[19]

Vaxasaurians cannot breathe underwater.[20]

Vaxasaurians are vulnerable to a Methanosian's fire blasts. Similarly, they can be harmed by a Pyronite's fire attacks even while they have their Stegosauride armor.[5]

Despite their enhanced durability, a Vaxasaurian's feet can be badly hurt by a strong enough blow, similar to those of a human.[21]

Despite their wind resistance, Vaxasaurians can still be blown off their feet if the wind is strong enough, as shown when Humungousaur battled Sir George.[22]

Like Tetramands, if a Vaxasaurian is under the effects of a cold virus, their strength and stamina will be severely reduced.[15]

Notable Vaxasaurians

Notable Vaxasaurian Hybrids

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Spanish (HA) Vaxasaurio
Vaxasuaurio (The Ultimate Heist)
From Vaxasaurio, Vaxasaurian
From Vaxasuaurio, Vaxasuaurian


Vaxasaurian comes from the Icelandic "vaxa", which means "to grow", and "sauria", which is a clade of lizards.


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