I figured it out! Vilgax captures albedo and makes his create a second Ultimatrix so he can defeat Ben, but there evenly matched so Vilgax goes back to Albedo to have him make it better. Except he can't so he tells Vilgax about the Polis Altair so Vilgax won't kill him. VIlgax then goes around to get all the peices and Ben finds out when Jimmy gets a picture of Vilgax with part of the Polis Altair and Azmuth tells him what it is. Then Ben's group goes around to get all the peices before Vilgax can. BIG BATTLE. Vilgax gets all the peices. All is lost, but Ben defeats him with the power of LOVE and the Polis Altair becomes integrated with the defeated Vilgax's Ultimatrix. Ben then switches them and sets the old Ultimatrix to explode to finish Vilgax off once and for all (But not really because he's Vilgax.) Ben now uses the Polis Altair/Ultimatrix watch...thingy to fight with the full power of the aliens in series FOUR! I tottaly guessed it!

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