Science is and always has been a significant part of my life, and one of my all-time favorite cartoon television shows around the turn of the millennium so I elected to combine the two and came out with this.

What we will cover

Here you will find the science behind everything regarding the original continuity cosmos you want to know - please know I spent curled up in a ball loosing sleep thinking about all of this. I opt to shy away from using my real name, so refer to me as Prof. Paradox.


 1. The Omnimatrix
 2. Timewalking
 3. The u=Ultimate Omnimatrix

More questions ask me in the comments


The Timestream

The timestream, a 4th dimentional way of picturing the cosmos.


The omnimatrix

Paradox (talk) 23:21, December 24, 2018 (UTC)