Hello everyone, first, have you ever wondered what Ben's future is? And we have two hypotheses, the first is, Ben 10000 (Classic Saga, Omniverse), and the second is Ultimate Ben (Ultimate Alien). And if I told you that it is not one of them, just read the wiki of both and we will know the truth (or almost).
Many people think that Ben's future is the Ben 10,000 of the omniverse, and most people think that the Ben 10,000 of omniverse is not the same as the classic saga, but it is, that is, his universe is an alternate future according to Paradox and Ultimate Ben. So you think Ben's future is Ultimate Ben, right? Wrong, according to the wiki, was going to be the supreme Ben if Ben had not won the new omnitrix at the end of Ultimate Alien. That is, the choices made by Ben as a teenager were changed and made his future not the same as that of Ultimate Ben.

So theorize, what do you guys think about Ben's future? It is at your discretion