As I'm sure you've noticed, the English skills of a large percentage of the editors is extremely poor at best. There are several articles that need major cleanup simply because those editors add the information in broken English, and everyone else just skims it and assumes it's properly written.

Most of these editors are non-native speakers of English, while others are simply not very good at English. Although their actions are not intended to cause harm, the truth is that they do. I will not name anyone (I'm sure you know who you are), but I am requesting that you cease editing immediately or stick to very minor edits, like adding categories or stick to editing the wiki in your native language.

This is becoming a severe issue on the wiki, almost as bad as vandalism. I'm sure I don't need to tell you what that means.

EDIT: If this issue becomes worse than it already is, I will have no choice but to tell individuals to stop editing and, if necessary, to block them permanently. The only other options would be for someone to create a bot that can fix spelling errors and/or for someone to write a spelling guide. I don't have time for either of them, so I leave it up to you.

EDIT #2: In short, if your English is barely understandable, you are to cease all editing permanently, or you will be blocked for vandalism.

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