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We know all that Ben 10 is a Cartoon Network show and that it is common knowledge that Cartoon Network airs Ben 10. However, all Ben 10 iterations have aired in many countries around the world, and while it airs on an international Cartoon Network channel. Ben 10 has been aired by TV stations and channels that aren't Cartoon Network or its sister channels. Also, Cartoon Network isn't in every country in this world.

My idea is to create a wiki page where we make a list of all TV stations around the world that have aired a Ben 10 show, and we add them to a table. Users can add in their channels for the country they are in so long as they can provide sources. For example for my country Australia, All Ben 10 shows aired on a channel 9 sister channel called 9Go! And based on my research it has also aired on channel 9 going way back. There is a Cartoon Network in Australia and of course, Ben 10 also airs over there but it is behind pay-per-view services.

If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer them.

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Create a page on this wiki that lists TV stations around the world that has aired a Ben 10 show.
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