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So most of us already know that whenever a Ben 10 related artwork is made by a Crew Member after the show's production ended or that it was made during the Crew member's own time and not paid for by Cartoon Network. It can never be accepted as official media thus it's disqualified from being allowed on this wiki.

So currently the only way to see a fan-art made by a crew is to go to the character or alien wiki page then open Gallery -> open Other. Then there it is.

However, I'd love for this wiki site to have all of fan arts made by crew members in one place and categorised by the name of the crew member and that's where all the artwork will be posted as they get made. Of course we can still show the same notice saying that it cannot appear elsewhere on this wiki and it really shouldn't.

I personally think it would be easier and less petty for those who want to see new contents of their favourite iterations of Ben 10 whether it's UAF, Omniverse, The Reboot or the Original Series although it will never be official.

I'd like to thank all crew members past and present for their generous unpaid fan service to this fanbase on those amazing artworks you've all done just for us. You never had to do it, but you did it anyway.

I'd look forward to seeing your thoughts and views on this suggestion in comments below.

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Dedicated wiki page for artwork made by crews after the shows production so users can see it all in place.
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