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Ben 10,000 from the Original Series and Ben 10,000 from Ben 10: Omniverse are not the same, and the futures are different. This wiki acknowledges that Ben 10,000 cannot be Ben Prime's future even with the statements made by Derrick J. Wyatt because it does not make sense in canon. The episode Ben 10,000 highly implies that this is not the future our Ben will end up having. Furthermore, at the end of the episode, future Ben gives Ben Prime a cake to give to Grandpa Max and says it's "something he should've gotten grandpa 20 years ago". This means he didn't give a cake to Grandpa Max on his 60th birthday. Meaning he is not the future Ben ends up having.

So, since we cleared that up, I would like to talk about time travel. Time travel rules are mostly inconsistent in Ben 10. But they are consistent when it comes to Ben 10,000. The Ben 10,000 is a different future, but is it a completely different timeline? Based on what we saw in the episode and one of the biggest time travel theories, that was the same timeline up until the point where future Gwen opened a portal to the past. The events of the episode create a new timeline, which is the one we follow up to the Ben 10,000 Returns episode in Ultimate Alien. And Ben meets his futureself, who says that the original Ben 10,000 wasn't his true future, but he (UA Ben 10K) is. But by the end of the episode, that should no longer be true because it would create a new timeline with a new Ben 10,000. That's how time travel works in Ben 10.

But right when it was all good, suddenly the original Ben 10K is in Omniverse and remembers the events that happen. How is this possible if the timeline diverged from the moment Gwendolyn arrived in the Ben 10,000 episode? The only answer I can think of is that they are different timelines. And there are other reasons as well;

-In Omniverse, Ben 10,000 acts slightly differently than he did in Ben 10,000 and Ken 10 episodes.

-Characters/elements introduced in Ken 10 (Devlin, Rock Pet, Ken's replica Omnitrix that looks like the original, future Gwen's new ponytail look) are not present or changed in End of an Era (Gwen with her old haircut, Ken's replica Omnitrix instead looks like the Omniverse Omnitrix)

-When Kevin appears in Ken 10, it is implied that he had been in the Null Void for years and has always been evil. He tries to kill Ken in Ken 10 and they send him back to Null Void. But in The End of an Era, he and Ben act like they are best friends.

-During Omniverse, Dr. Animo has an exposed brain, but his head is normal in Ben 10,000. He has an exposed brain again in the Omniverse future.

Even with all those evidence, we still keep the Ben 10,000 from the Original Series and Omniverse on one page, seemingly saying they are the same person and their futures are the same.

Thank you for reading.

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