Note: All Albedo's aliens have red eyes.

Humungousaur: None

Armodrillo: Red color replaces the yellow armor.

Arctiguana: Red color replaces the white parts of the shell, gray color replaces the blue skin.

Big Chill and Offspring: Blue skin is more paler.

Brainstorm: Pale pink replaces the orange parts on all of his body.

Goop: Red replaces the green gooey body.

Rath: White replaces the orange fur, stripes are red instead of black, white parts of the body are now purplish.

Spidermonkey: Fur is black instead of light blue, skin is reddish bright purple instead of blue. Stripes on hair and tail or light grey instead of white. 

Wildvine: Skin is greenish brown instead of green, Spiky parts(Teeth of the flytrap) of his body are black instead of yellow.

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