• I live in Texas (No it's not full of cowboys so don't stereotype)
  • I was born on March 23
  • My occupation is 12th grade student
  • I am Male
  • Ben2themax

    Title says it all.

    How did you start liking the franchise?

    1. I saw the 1st episode

    2. I started during the 1st series

    3. I started with Alien Force

    4. I started with Ultimate Alien

    5. I'm a newcommer

    Since I'm the OP I guess I'll start. I used to dislike (not hate) Ben 10, but eventually one day it'd get to me. Well I was (Coincidentaly) 10 during the Summer of 2006 If I remember (Coincidentaly I was 10 that summer just like Ben and Gwen), and I was watching CN. I saw that they were doing the episode They Lurk Below. I told everyone to change the channel because what they would be seeing would not entertain them, but thankfully no one listened. They continued after the commercial break and watched a few minutes of Stinfly's wings getting wet bef…

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  • Ben2themax

    Good News

    December 25, 2011 by Ben2themax

    I figured out how to turn my phone into a modem for my computer so I will now be doing my edits on my computer once more instead oy my phone.

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  • Ben2themax

    Activity status

    December 8, 2011 by Ben2themax

    Well as you can see I only made a few edits in a span of two days. The reason for this is because my home internet is messed up and won't be fixed until Monday. And school is getting busier due to the upcoming "exams week". Granted I have a more powerful phone to edit a few other things, but it's not powerful enough to meet today's standards. So for the next four days, I'll only be able to make small edits, and rollback/undo any possible vandal/spam I find.

    P.S, If you see any typos on my edits, please fix them. My phone has a small keyboard, and big hands and small keyboards don't mix, trust me.

    Edit: My ISP still hasn't arrived to setup the desktop internet so once more i'll be using my phone for another while.

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  • Ben2themax

    One year with the wiki

    October 23, 2011 by Ben2themax

    Time goes by too fast. I can't believe it's already been a year since I joined (And the one year anniversary of the episode Deep. I remember always reading things on this wiki and I wanted to see how it's like to edit on here, but I didn't want to be an unregistered user because most of them are the reason there's a lot of vandalism and/or intentional spam. So I decided to create an account. Why I chose to call it Ben2themax I had no idea but sheer random naming. I've done so much in a year (at least in my opinion). I've gone from a simple "nobody" on the wiki, to a rollback, and now a Staff Member. And just yesterday I finally got to 1,000 edts badge wise. I've edited on this wiki for over 100 days (178 currently possibly going to 179 so …

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  • Ben2themax

    Already the second marking period of the year and the PSAT is coming up. Took a practice test w/o studying and got a 137 which is equivalent to a 1370 SAT score. Who here has already taken a PSAT/SAT because I'd like some advice from someone who's taken the tests already. Were they hard? How did you study for yours? Which questions are the easiest/most difficult?

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