This is a new contest blog to see who can come up with an awesome original alien, and the winner of the contest gets me to draw what I think your alien will look like.  Remember, if you break any of the rules, then you can lose your rank.  The most awesome alien wins, why else do you think they call me Awesomastar!

Description Must Include

  • Name
  • Powers
  • Species (optional)
  • Home Planet (optional)
  • Physical Features
  • Voice Description (if able to describe)
  • Weaknesses


  • No trashing other peoples aliens
  • Must be original (that means no Ultimate or Evolved forms)
  • Original Species and/or Planet
  • Cannot have limitless powers
  • Cannot have the exact same powers/features of any alien
  • You can only post up to 10 original aliens, if you post 11+, then you and all of your aliens will be eliminated
  • When I blog a new round or post the alien picture, the round is over and you must stop posting and wait for the next round

The Battle for Awesomness has begun and will not stop until a victor is crowned...


There will be 5 (if you make a REALLY good one than there will be exceptions) finalists...

  • Dillon9988 with Water Balloon
  • Ultiverse with ShuriBen
  • ZeoSpark with Roadflash
  • Heatfreak11 with Hackerslapper
  • Ottax14 with Ripcord


The votes are in... the battle is over... and the winner is...WATER BALLOON!

Link To Winner Page On Ben 10 Fanon Wiki


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