It's not a new game nor a new series nor a movie. It's not a blog contest either, but it will be. As soon as the "Alien of the World" contest is done, I will be holding a new contest which is a crossover between Ben 10 ad Pokemon. Yeah, you heard right. It's just replacing Pokemon with Aliens and holding the contest in Pokemon style. Didn't undestand a word I said, ha? Well you will understand soon. Like AOW, it's also a poll/voting contest.

Technically, I made this blog to tell you that I need help in it. Not now, but soon. So, who ever would like to register for the contest or register to be my partner in the making of the contest, contact me via my Message Wall. Only one or two people can be my partners. These are people I need:

  • A good digital artist: I need them to make a good logo and rest.
  • A great Pokemon fan: Just to talk with them.
  • A smart, intelligent contest maker: I don't have to explain why.
  • One who will always be on the chat: Just to tell them about new ideas.

I don't need them now, but soon (I've been saying too much, haven't I?). I will be on the chat today from 8:00 to 9:00 (GMT+5:30). That is actually my time and it may change. So contact me then. Bye!

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