About me

Hey, my name is ZeoSpark. I used to be known as Lightning Flash but that name didn't just seem all that right to be. Anyway, I have been a fan of Ben 10 since the very first episode. I defintally want to own some on DVD espically those from the Ultimate Alien series.

Favorite Alien

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My favorite alien is Water Hazard. He just has that cool look to him and he can take a lot of hits. He can also shoot out water wheither it's hot or cold and even absorb the moisture in the air. Coolness by far!

Favorite Character

File:Ben 10 alien force Albedo.jpg


My favorite character, believe it or not, is Albedo. I know he's just a regular Galvan that is probabilty destined to look like Ben for the rest of his life but he plays the villain role real well. I also loved his line "BRING ME CHILI FRIES" having fully developed Ben's cravings.

Favorite Episodes

  • Duped: I like this episode mainly because of the other seperate personalities of Ben espically the nicer Ben. I love the part when he sang Humungousaur's name and Kevin replied "Never do that again."
  • Ready to Rumble: I'm a pretty big fan of wrestling and this is the only episode in Ben 10 that mainly focuses on that sport. Four Arms is defintally worthy of being World Champ.
  • Con of Rath: Lol, do I even need to explain this one? The debut of the always angry, always shouting, always calling people by their full names alien. This episode was funny beginning to end.

My favorite pages

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