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Hello, I loved watching the original Ben 10.

Now I'm watching Ben 10: Alien Force. I saw the Season Finale, this must be what Paradox (or one of them) was talking about. Or maybe something bigger is going to happen in the show! I'm glad Grandpa Max returned (for good this time) with the other Plumber kids to help. I knew the Highbreed from "Alone Together" would return and contribute to Ben's group by having his kind learn the error of their misguided ways. Looks like the Highbreed will no longer be the villains anymore. I'm sure all of you know that "Highbreed" sounds a lot like "hybrid". This means the Forever Knights will take over as the main villains now. Perhaps that blond squire from "Be-Knighted" will leave the organization realizing they are not so noble.

It looks like the events in the Ben 10 episode "Ken 10" isn't going to happen as we saw it since Kevin seems to have changed his ways and Max is back from the Null Void.

At first, the only villains from the original series were Dr. Animo (now DeVoid) and the Forever Knights. Now Vilgax, Hex, Charmcaster, and Ghostfreak returns. Hex is back to being an adult again (it would have been funny if he has aged to 5 since their last encounter in the original show). Charmcaster and Darkstar will probably team-up because of their mutual hatred for Gwen. I wonder if Vilgax had any previous encounters with the Highbreed before the original series, and/or sometime after that and before Alien Force (there might still be a chance for a possible Vilgax vs. Highbreed). Maybe Enoch will return, or even Driscoll (AKA The Forever King). I wonder if Max has encountered his ex-partner Phil in the Null Void, or if Phil will escape to get his revenge. I wonder if Simian the evil Spidermonkey is really dead, or that he might come back (all deformed) and have his revenge on Ben. Let's face it, all villains want revenge!

The only thing I don't like in Alien Force is that Gwen's powers aren't magic and that she's (and the other Tennysons are) part-alien. And I also didn't like the revelation that magic doesn't/never exist. How do you explain Hex and Charmcaster's power and the Fountain of Youth (if the fountain's power could be considered "magic", it seems more mystical in nature)? But it looks like Mana and magic both exist, so now everything's cool. I always thought Kevin was a mutant/metahuman/mutate rather than an alien-descended human.

In "Grounded", there is a picture of 10-year-old Ben and his parents on the wall. Why didn't Ben's parents look like they did in the original series episode "Goodbye and Good Riddance"? Even if its a "What if?" episode, it would have given a sense of "continuity".

I can't wait for Ben 10: Ultimate Alien! I wonder if Vilgax will be defeated for good in the finale of Alien Force.

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