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Shelbias Mellbini is an example of a female human from the planet Earth.



Shelbias is roughly 177cm tall and has mid-back length brown hair and green eyes.

Shelbias once dyed her hair pink with temporary hair dye, but it rained and it dyed her hood pink.


According to herself, Shelbias sees herself as a tomboy, but does have a girly side.


I've been a fan of Ben 10 since I was about eight, the first episode I watched was The Krakken. Ahh, good memories. :)

Top 5 (up to 5) Original Series Alien Force Ultimate Alien Omniverse All time
Favourite episodes
  1. Secrets
  2. Back with a Vengeance
  3. Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray
  4. Divided We Stand
  1. The Final Battle: Part 2
  2. The Final Battle: Part 1
  3. War of the Worlds: Part 1
  4. Plumbers' Helpers
  5. X = Ben + 2
  1. Catch a Falling Star
  2. The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2
  3. Solitary Alignment
  4. Ultimate Aggregor
  5. Ben 10,000 Returns
  1. And Then There Was Ben
  2. Weapon XI: Part 1
  3. A New Dawn
  4. Rook Tales
  5. For a Few Brains More
  1. And Then There Was Ben
  2. Catch a Falling Star
  3. Weapon XI: Part 1
  4. The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2
  5. Secrets
Favourite aliens
  1. Stinkfly
  2. Ditto
  3. Grey Matter
  4. Upgrade
  5. XLR8
  1. Goop
  2. Alien X
  3. Swampfire
  4. Way Big
  5. Diamondhead
  1. Swampfire
  2. NRG
  3. Way Big
  4. Nanomech
  5. Terraspin
  1. Ultimate Albedo
  2. Mole-Stache
  3. Pesky Dust
  4. Feedback
  5. Kickin Hawk
  1. Ultimate Albedo
  2. Stinkfly (prior to Omniverse)
  3. Ditto
  4. Swampfire (prior to Omniverse)
  5. Mole-Stache
Favourite villians
  1. Kevin Levin
  2. Vilgax
  1. Albedo
  2. DNAliens
  3. Highbreed (when they were villans)
  1. Aggregor
  2. Albedo
  3. Sir George (when he was a villian)
  4. Diagon
  5. Ultimate Kevin
  1. Servantis
  2. Albedo
  3. Vilgax (in Malgax Attacks)
  4. Zed (when she was a villain)
  5. Khyber
  1. Servantis
  2. Albedo
  3. Aggregor
  4. Vilgax
  5. Zed (when she was a villain)

Alien Thoughts (INCOMPLETE)

Here I'll list all the aliens in the Omnitrixes, Ultimatrixes, Nemetrix and Biomnitrix and my thoughts on them.


  • The aliens are listed alphabetically, with the Ultimate Form below their original form. (Ultimate Albedo is below Grey Matter and Khyber's Panuncian is listed as a Nemetrix alien)
  • I'm a big realist, so that's what influences alot of my opinions.
  • Unseen aliens are not included. (Rocks and Squidstrictor count as unseen since they've never appeared in the cartoon)
  • I'm sorry for all the criticism.
Alien Image(s) Thoughts
Alien X

AlienX Debut.png

Alien X- Ben 10 Omniverse.png


I think Alien X is a decent alien, I like his appearance in Alien Force best, being just like a regular, muscular human with three horns. Ultimate Alien is alright, but I rather him being human sized, not rather big. I don't really like his appearance or voice in Omniverse though, that chin looks silly if you ask me and his voice should sound like Ben when Ben's in control, but sadly, it isn't.

Powers and Abilities

Alien X is an interesting alien, capable of doing anything with the major hindrance of having multiple personalities having to debate every action, but can be controlled by just one, but isn't able to use all Alien X's power with just the one.

What I'd Change

I would give Alien X his Alien Force appearance and size back.



AmpFibian omniverse.png


AmpFibian has a problem all the aliens scanned in Ultimate Alien had, he was a green eyed version of his DNA source, Ra'ad.

Despite this, I much prefer his Ultimate Alien appearance compared to his Omniverse appearance, I just don't like those eyes in Omniverse and I think his body looks better rounded than sharp.

Powers and Abilities

AmpFibian's electrical powers are alright to me, but why would he electrocute himself if he's only partially in water? That doesn't make sense to me.

AmpFibian's flying ability doesn't quite make sense either, maybe he flies using electromagnetism? That would make some sense.

I don't like the idea of AmpFibian turning into an electrical current since AmpFibian seems to be more like a water-y jellyfish, far from electricity.

Intangibility? Not really what he should have unless his composition was more like water, but Ra'ad's fight scene with Jetray shows that Amperis is too solid for that.

Mind reading isn't really acceptable to me, being able to sense electrical currents is okay, but being able to read minds through them is not really what I agree with.

What I'd Change

I would give AmpFibian his Ultimate Alien appearance back and let him have his electrical absorption, redirection and generation, his enhanced flexibility and stretchability, underwater respiration and gentle flight.

Articguana 10k.png

Arctiguana, not really a bad alien but he isn't my favourite either.


Arctiguana was the first ice-based alien shown and I didn't really like his appearance in the original series or Ultimate Alien. It's definitely improved in Omniverse.

Powers and Abilities

Arctiguana's ice breath is understandable to me, but the ability to use it to propel himself is silly to me, I don't think it looks like it should be have enough force to carry Arctiguana, let alone Negative Arctiguana while carrying Khyber.

According to the wiki, Arctiguana can breathe underwater since he appears to have gills. I won't believe he can until it's confirmed by the creators or shown in the show. I don't think Arctiguana should be able to breathe underwater, any water breathed in would freeze inside him, right?


I would prefer the spelling 'Articguana', since it seems clear to me that Diamondhead said Ar-tick-guana in Ben 10,000.

What I'd Change

I think Arctiguana is a pretty well designed alien, just take away his ability to propel himself.

Ultimate Arctiguana
Negative Ultimate Articguana.png


Ultimate Arctiguana seems interesting, those cannons on his back would be an incredibly rare and unlikely thing to evolve in nature in my opinion, but still probably possible.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Arctiguana should not be able to fire huge ice clumps that are much larger than the cannons he's using to fire them.

Ultimate Arctiguana hasn't shown himself able to fire ice beams, but I would expect he can from his cannons, and/or his mouth.


Like Arctiguana, Ultimate Arctiguana's name should be 'Ultimate Articguana'.

What I'd Change

Take away Arctiguana's ability to fire huge ice clumps.

Armodrillo full.png


Armodrillo has a problem all the aliens scanned in Ultimate Alien had, he was a green eyed version of his DNA source, Andreas. Despite this, I prefer his Ultimate Alien appearance compared to his Omniverse appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Armodrillo's powers are pretty acceptable to me, strength, jackhammer arms are unique.


I really like the name Armodrillo to be honest.

What I'd Change

I'd just give Armodrillo his Ultimate Alien appearance back, but let him keep his drill hands.

Astrodactyl official artwork.png

Astrodactyl is a strange alien, why does he have a jetpack? He has wings, what's the point in the jetpack?

Powers and Abilities

Astrodactyl's star power is weird to me and how he uses it to make whips and shockwaves that don't really work how I think they should.

Astrodactyl's energy beams from his beak are bit more accept to me, but I don't think Astrodactyl seems like the right alien to be using energy beams.

What I'd Change

I'm not really sure to be honest.

Atomic x.png

Atomic-X, seems to be the most powerful alien after Alien X.

Powers and Abilities

All of Atomic-X's demonstrated abilities make sense since half of his DNA comes from a species that can do anything.

It doesn't appear like Atomic-X is as powerful as Alien X, or else he would've been able to stop the Chronosapien Time Bomb, unless he can but just tried in a way that didn't work. I would expect that Atomic-X isn't as powerful as Alien X, since I feel his half DNA should interfere with his abilities in some way.


I always wondered what Atomix would look like and what his powers would be like ever since his mention in Ken 10, I'm really glad they revealed him in Omniverse.

Atomix isn't my favourite alien, but he is a rather well designed alien nonetheless.

Powers and Abilities

I feel that Atomix's powers should more dangerous than they actually are, a nuclear blast in real life would probably kill nearly anything even close to the blast, or at least severely damage it, but yet, Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey took the hit and only passed out as a result, not a sign of damage on his body at all.

I don't understand why Atomix can fly, he doesn't seem to have any propulsion units and I don't think nuclear reactions would give any lift.

I'm not sure if Atomix's physical strength is a bit over the top or makes sense since he has nuclear power, which I believe is one of the most powerful energies humans have ever been able to harness.

Ball Weevil
Ball Weevil Rules 4.PNG

Being a fan of Pokemon, I can see how Ball Weevil was inspired by Pokemon and I really like that.

Powers and Abilities

Ball Weevil definitely has a unique ability, spitting plasma that absorbs matter and explodes when Ball Weevil chooses for it to. I find it a bit strange how Ball Weevil has a connection to his plasma and it's down to him when it explodes. I don't like the backstory behind how his species evolved this ability to clean after Atocians.

Ball Weevil's strength is actually acceptable to me. Being able to stop one of his plasma balls rolling at a high speed, considering his body position as he does it, it would be rather good for stopping a rolling ball. His thin legs would be able to pierce a bit into the ground for extra support.

Ultimate Ben
Ultimate ben character.png

Does Ultimate Ben really deserve a spot in this list? Yeah, I guess he does.

When Ben 10,000 Returns aired, I was really eager to see an Ultimate Human. However, I was somewhat disappointed by what Ultimate Ben turned out to be. I was expecting him to be the example of a human who has evolved in Earth's worst possible conditions, instead, he's just Ben 10,000 using the aliens' powers as himself. It's interesting to see Ben fighting as himself, but it becomes silly with certain powers.

Powers and Abilities

With Ultimate Humungousaur's powers, Ultimate Ben grows to Ultimate Humungousaur's general size and shape, which makes the increased strength make sense. Using Ultimate Humungousaur's level of strength with his normal size would make no sense at all. He hasn't shown the ability to fire missiles and I would hope he can't unless he could spit them out, which still wouldn't make much sense.

With Arctiguana's powers, I find that alright since it's just ice breath, I don't see why Ultimate Ben couldn't do that.

With Heatblast's powers, it's a bit weird how Ultimate Ben can project fire from his hands like a flamethrower, he has a stream of fire coming out of his skin, that just doesn't make sense to me. Wait, does that mean Ultimate Ben could shift into a more Pyronite-like form since Pyronites can shift into a more human-like form?

With Clockwork's powers, it does seem a little strange how Ultimate Ben can fire time rays from his hands, but I'm more accepting of that then fire since time rays could be any type of energy.

With Spidermonkey's powers, I guess it's alright that Ultimate Ben becomes more agile, even though he jumps in a rather strange way and turns in a way that wouldn't really work. Only thing is, since Ultimate Ben lacks a tail, and if he does have Spidermonkey's web shooting ability, where is it going to come from? Yikes.

Here's the most ridiculous one. With Jetray's powers, how can Ultimate Ben fly? He doesn't have wings so he's just floating. Maybe Jetray flies without his wings and Ultimate Ben just doesn't either.

With XLR8's powers, Ultimate Ben becomes incredibly quick, like XLR8. I can accept this one.

With Diamondhead's powers, it somewhat makes sense that Ultimate Ben can generate diamond like Diamondhead (see Diamondhead's section to see why it only somewhat makes sense to me). However, when he fires diamond shards, they seem to be coming out of his knuckles. I don't even feel like explaining.

I'm a little unsure about Ultimate Ben's strength (while using Jetray's powers) because Jetray never demonstrated strength this high. While using Jetray's powers, Ultimate Ben was strong enough to stop the Rust Bucket III mid-flight and was actually holding up all it's weight and put it down once they landed. Jetray never demonstrated something requiring that much strength so it might not actually be Jetray's strength but Ben 10,000's strength, which is still incredibly strong for a human like that.

Big Chill
Big chill render.png
Pose of Big Chill.png


I really like Big Chill in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, but I strongly dislike how he looks in Omniverse.

Powers and Abilities

I actually like Big Chill (ignoring the Omniverse appearance), his ice breath makes sense and I find his intangibility alright too.

However, I'm not too sure what I think about Big Chill's heat resistance since he is an ice-based alien who lives on an winter-based planet. I would doubt Kylmyys has much oppurtunity to expose and allow it's species to evolve the capability for surviving extremely high temperatures, but I can see how some species just so happen to be able to survive in an enviroment drastically different then their natural one. I would imagine Kylmyys to be an extremely cold planet, so wouldn't Earth seem rather hot for Big Chill? It's a tough one.

Only bad thing about Big Chill in my opinion is his ice beams from his hands. The idea of ice blasts is alright to me, but not when they can just come out of his skin like that. I would much rather them come from his mouth. Since the ice beams aren't something real I can talk about, I'm going to let it slide. Reminds me of the move Ice Beam from Pokemon all of a sudden.

I approve of Big Chill's underwater respiration, it makes sense that some aliens can breathe oxygen from gases and liquids. Do aliens even need to breathe oxygen? Probably some would need a different element or something else they must breathe to survive and some probably don't even need to breathe that much.

What I'd Change

I'd give Big Chill his Alien Force / Ultimate Alien appearance back and remove his ice blasts.

Ultimate Big Chill
Ultimate Big Chill UA 1.PNG

Ultimate Big Chill, probably my least favourite Ultimate Form in Ultimate Alien. Considering the Ultimatrix's evolutionary function simulates the worst possible conditions for a species and that Big Chill is an example of a Necrofriggian from Kylmyys, I'm going to assume Ultimate Big Chill is the example of a Necrofriggian that has evolved in the worst possible conditions on Kylmyys.


From what's been shown, Kylmyys appears to be a completely winter and snow based planet. How would a bright red fire-based design help Ultimate Big Chill on Kylmyys? It makes him stand out from his surroundings, opening himself up to being attacked by anything, including Psycholeopterrans.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Big Chil's ice flames are a bit of a questionable one for me. The idea of fire that turns to ice is silly to me, however, if ice flames aren't fire at all, but are basically a reverse version of fire that emits coldness (is that the right word?) instead of heat. I would prefer the ice flames be blue in colour than typical yellow and red if this is the case. I wouldn't imagine that something like this is impossible.

Big Chuck
Big chuck.png

Big Chuck, Perk Upchuck and Way Big combined.


It makes sense that Big Chuck is the size he is, much taller than Perk Upchuck and much smaller than Way Big. His legs are a bit weird to me, they are so thin for his size, they probably won't be good for a lot of walking and running around. This actually makes some sense to me, Big Chuck is an unnatural hybrid of two species DNA, they would probably be some parts where the two aliens don't compliment each other well (cough cough Heat Jaws cough cough).

Another example of not the best hybrid ever is Big Chuck's arms, they look much too short to put them in the position it appears Way Big needs to put his arms into to fire his cosmic rays. Then again, if they were long enough, could Big Chuck fire cosmic rays at all or would his Perk Gourmand DNA make that not work anyway?

I like how Big Chuck has Way Big's voice, I think it suits him better than Perk Upchuck's voice.

Bloxx new pose.png

Bloxx, basically an alien made of Lego. It's certainly a different idea.

Powers and Abilities

I'm a bit iffy about Bloxx can completely shatter apart and still be able to build himself back together, although it makes sense for being made of Lego. Reattaching lost body parts is sort of like transplants in a way, an organ completely separated from a body can be put into another and still function. I guess reattaching lost body parts isn't too farfetched. Not too sure what I think about that.

Blitzwolfer os render.png
Blitzwolfer official.png

Appearance / Powers and Abilities

Blitzwolfer is a really well designed alien if you ask me, the sonic howls are just fine to me and his enhanced strength, agility and senses all make sense for what he is. Nothing bad to say.


I'm sorta glad they renamed him since Blitzwolfer is better than Benwolf, but I thought Benwolf was nice too considering the situation it was used in.

Pose of Brainstorm.png


Brainstorm is actually pretty good, I do prefer his Alien Force / Ultimate Alien appearance and voice to his Omniverse appearance and voice though.

Powers and Abilities

Considering the brain has electrical currents in it and Brainstorm with his huge brain and high intelligence, it makes perfect sense for him to have electrical abilities.

However, I don't think Brainstorm should be able to fly, even if it's with electromagnetism. Also, his electrical telekinesis isn't something I'm fond of either.

What I'd Change

I'd give Brainstorm his Alien Force / Ultimate Alien appearance and voice back and take away his flight and telekinesis.

Buglizard Render.png

The first Nemetrix alien in this list, Buglizard.

Powers and Abilities

Buglizard is an alright alien, it's fog makes sense as a counter for Lepidopterran prey and it's agility allows it to keep up with fleeing Lepidopterrans too.


I like the name Buglizard for the Nemetrix alien, but not for the species name. The Lepidopterrans have a more scientific name which is named after their home planet (which I don't really approve of) while Buglizards have that name, I just don't really agree with it. I don't really like how Buglizard is named after it's species either.

Bullfrag OV 4.png

Bullfrag is another weird one for me.


Bullfrag is unique because he's the most frog-based alien (yes, I know Grey Matter is frog like too, but not as much as Bullfrag is), despite being completely humanoid.

Bullfrag's sunglasses look good on him, but are they something that is really needed by the Omnitrix? I don't really think so.

Powers and Abilities

Bullfrag's long tongue makes sense, but seems much too strong in my opinion. His chest inflation also makes sense since that's what frogs can do.

What I'd Change

I would say take away the sunglasses, but I feel it might ruin Bullfrag's appearance too much.

Buzzshock 2nd.png

The living battery, Buzzshock the Nosedeenian. I liked it better when they were Megawhatts.


I liked Buzzshock best when used by Ben 10,000, he looks better than in Omniverse. I know he appeared in Ultimate Alien's intro. I prefer that to Omniverse, but not as good the original series.

What I'd Change

I'd give Buzzshock Ben 10,000's Buzzshock's appearance. All else is good.

Updated Cannonbolt.PNG
Ben10omni cannonbolt 174x252.png


Cannonbolt's design was at it's best in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, the original series wasn't bad either, but I don't like his Omniverse design at all. His arms and face are just weird looking.

Powers and Abilities

How does Cannonbolt gain so much speed so quickly? I let that slide because if he couldn't, he wouldn't really be able to use his main power of being an out of control bouncy ball. Bouncy is he so bouncy? The shell seems more tough than rubber-y.

What I'd Change

I'd give Cannonbolt his Alien Force / Ultimate Alien appearance back.

Ultimate Cannonbolt

Powers and Abilities

The idea of Ultimate Cannonbolt is pretty good, from a high speed spinning cannonball to a high speed spinning mace. That would definitely do more damage to basically anything when launched like a cannonball and spinning, but Ultimate Cannonbolt rolling doesn't make sense at all. Those spikes would help him getting grip, but they certainly wouldn't help with speed or bouncing. However, Ultimate Cannonbolt is better to me than Ultimate Big Chill.


ChamAlien, I like that name.

Powers and Abilities

Only thing is, if ChamAlien is invisible and moving, he would have to keep changing his colour to remain invisible and his colour changing would only work from certain perspectives. Right? Not a criticism, more like a compliment.

ChamAlien's ability to see other invisible Merlinisapiens is interesting. I believe most animals in real life are believed to see differently since they can see different lights than we can, makes sense for aliens to also do this.

Chromastone official artwork AF.png
Chromastone ov official.png

Good old Chromastone.


Starting off, I like Chromastone's original appearance much better, despite him being a magenta version of Sugilite. I get that Chromastone was made from Sugilite's DNA, but I would like it if the Omnitrix was confirmed to randomize DNA samples to make the alien a bit different from it's donor, like the Unitrix does.

Powers and Abilities

I like Chromastone's powers, but why can he fly? He doesn't have wings and nothing appears to be propelling him. However, in Enemy of My Frenemy, Chromastone leaves a trail of his energy behind him as he flies. This doesn't look like it would be enough to propel him and I highly doubt any amount of ultraviolet energy would really be enough to propel Chromastone. I would imagine Chromastone is rather heavy.

What I'd Change

I'd give Chromastone his Alien Force / Ultimate Alien appearance back and remove his flight.

Clockwork Render.png
Clockwork ov.png

Clockwork is a pretty good alien to me, or machine with DNA, whichever Chronosapiens are.

Powers and Abilities

Clockwork's powers make enough sense to me, time travel, time rays that can send others through time or age them to dust.

Clockwork's past viewing ability makes sense to me, but not projecting it out for everyone to see. It would make sense to me if Clockwork only sees them in his mind, wouldn't that of worked with the stories where it was used?


Crabdozer makes a lot of sense to me again, but why is it named after it's species again? I don't like that.


Crabdozer looks like it would be a predator of fire-based aliens on a planet-like sun with that rock-like body.

Powers and Abilities

Crabdozor actually does look something that could survive in space, if it closes it's eyes and mouth. Nothing else to say.

Crashhopper official render.png
A bit more of an original alien, I like it. I don't really have anything to say about Crashhopper though.


I can see Crashhopper's name in Crashocker, but I can't see Frankenstrike's. I agree that Crashocker is a good name, but Crashenstrike is better if you ask me and would make more sense to me. Frankenhopper is also pretty good too.

Powers and Abilities

Crashocker is an interesting hybrid. I would doubt Crashocker is as good at jumping as Crashhopper, considering shape and size, he's less aerodynamic than Crashhopper.

Having Frankenstrike's electrokinesis is alright, but I would doubt Crashocker has all of Frankenstrike's strength, looking at those arms.

Diamondhead os.png
DiamondHead in AF.PNG
Diamondhead oficial.png

One of my favourite aliens, Diamondhead. I have very little to criticize about Diamondhead, but there's still something.

Powers and Abilities

How exactly can Diamondhead generate diamond? That's like creating matter, which is completely impossible according to our understanding of universe. I let this slide because without them, Diamondhead's use would be mostly ruined.

Diamond Matter
File:Diamond Matter.png


I actually really like Diamond Matter, he's my favourite hybrid.

Powers and Abilities

It wasn't actually shown if Diamond Matter has Grey Matter's intelligence, but I would imagine he does.

With Diamondhead's body alteration, it would help Diamond Matter using his intelligence with technology since he is like his own tool kit, I would imagine that Diamond Matter could alter a finger into a screwdriver or into a very thin limb for very fine, careful movements.

Ditto 16 year old.png

Ditto, again, I really like Ditto because of his self duplication abilities being new and original when he was introduced.

Appearance / Behaviour

I do like Ditto's appearance in the original series better than Omniverse, but Ditto's behaviour is better in Omniverse to me. His time in A Fistful of Brains was my favourite episode for Ditto. Ditto in Divided We Stand was also pretty entertaining, and showing how the Omnitrix won't transform back if the Ditto clones are too far apart, but then forces them back together to transform back a second time, I always loved that scene.

Powers and Abilities

Similar to Diamondhead, Ditto's self duplication is creating matter, which is a bit weird for me.

The ability to 'delete' a Ditto clone does make some sense to me because of the Omnitrix, just so long as natural Splixsons can't do so, that ability should be a Ditto exclusive.

Ditto's water breathing is alright, since at least some aliens should be able to breathe more than just air.


The major weakness of all Ditto clones sharing feelings of pain (I would presume any sense of touch, smell, taste etc, but not sight) with each other makes a lot of sense to me, but I don't like how that doesn't seem to be the case in Omniverse.

What I'd Change

I'd give Ditto his original series appearance and major weakness back and keep his Omniverse behaviour.

Eatle omniverse official.png

Eatle, I like him but I also don't like him.


Eatle has a good design in both Ultimate Alien and Omniverse (Omniverse makes more sense with his name).

Powers and Abilities

Eatle's powers are a rip off of the Upchucks.

Eatle can fire energy beams, sure, but he has to eat to be able to fire them? Sure, Eatle's species should have to eat to survive, but he is completely unable to fire his energy beams without a mouthful of dirt? I just don't like it.

Echo Echo
Echo Echo in Omniverse.png

Echo Echo, I generally dislike this one, especially in Omniverse.

Powers and Abilities

The idea of Echo Echo being living sound waves is silly to me, but it sort of makes sense for his self duplication abilities, but I still don't like how Echo Echo has self duplication since Ditto has it and I think that ability should've been left being a Ditto exclusive. I will admit, if one species has evolved a special ability, why can't others?

I do like Echo Echo's sonic screams, they're unique (no, I don't count them as a copy of Blitzwolfer's howls).

What I'd Change

I'd give Echo Echo his Alien Force / Ultimate Alien appearance back and remove his self duplication.

Ultimate Echo Echo
Ultimate EchoEcho.png
Ultimate Echo Echo omniverse official.png

I like Ultimate Echo Echo much better than Echo Echo.

Powers and Abilities

Echo Echo's self duplication has been almost removed, but he can apparently use his Sonic Disks to duplicate himself. I agree that advanced technology could make it possible, but I don't think Sonic Disks seem like the right technology to be able to do that.

I still don't like how Ultimate Echo Echo is still living sound waves in a containment suit, but it does make some sense as to why Ultimate Echo Echo can survive in space, his containment suit acting like a spacesuit. However, why can Ultimate Echo Echo use his sound-based abilities in space? I would highly doubt Ultimate Echo Echo would be able to make an atmosphere for his sound to travel through.

At the end of the day, it's not my show.

What I'd Change

I'd give Ultimate Echo Echo his lighter blue colouration back and remove his Sonic Disks' ability to duplicate Ultimate Echo Echo.

Also, Ultimate Echo Echo wouldn't be able to use his sound abilities in space.

Eye Guy
Eye Guy Negative 10 1.PNG

I like Eye Guy's design, but not his powers.

Powers and Abilities

The idea of Eye Guy being covered in eyes is unique compared to the other aliens, but why can they merge together? That makes no sense.

Why can they fire different types of energy beams? I would think all those eyes would suggest Opticoids are a prey species, prey generally aren't fighters.

Fasttrack official.png
I actually like Fasttrack, different species would have different average running speeds and it appears pretty obvious that the average running speed of a Citrakayah is pretty high, but it thankfully appears slower than Kinecelerans, except for Fasttrack's appearance in Basic Training, where it looks like he might come close to XLR8's speed.
Feedback art ov.png

Feedback, a rather good alien again, but it's not his design or powers that I'm iffy about, it's his story.


Feedback was torn out of the prototype Omnitrix and destroyed by Malware and presumably the DNA was too or is destroyed by the process and the prototype Omnitrix would not accept Conductoid DNA ever again, but why wouldn't the new Omnitrix accept Conductoid DNA? Perhaps it was synced to the prototype Omnitrix so that the same 'no Conductoid DNA allowed' rule was set to the new Omnitrix too? I presume that would count for the Ultimatrix too and would explain why Ben 10,000 didn't unlock Feedback in Ben 10,000 Returns (unless he was and Ben just never noticed until Showdown: Part 2).

Then there's another problem, if this is the case, how did Feedback come back "by forgiveness" in Showdown: Part 2? There were no Conductoids to scan unless Malware had trace amounts of Feedback's DNA within him from destroying Feedback. But if the Omnitrix wouldn't accept Conductoid DNA anymore, that still doesn't make sense.

If the Omnitrix didn't follow the 'no Conductoid DNA allowed' rule, it would make sense if Feedback was locked, but how exactly did he become unlocked? Ben didn't seem to have the time to start trying to unlock him, nor would he probably know how anyway. Maybe the Omnitrix scanned the possible trace amounts of Feedback's DNA within Malware? How did it go into Scan Mode and why would Ben set it to that? I doubt Ben would know about any possible Feedback DNA being around and scanning Malware is meaningless since Upgrade was already unlocked.

Four Arms
Four arms os render.png
Four Arms official Artwork UA.png
Four Arms (17).png

The original brute force alien, Four Arms. I like Four Arms because he makes sense and I can't really think of anything wrong with him.

Powers and Abilities

Four Arms is super strong, makes sense that he can create small shockwaves with that much strength. Strong legs can mean higher jumps.

What I'd Change

I've give Four Arms his general original series appearance back.

Humungosaur Four Arms Fusion Ben 10 Omni.PNG

There's not much to say about Fourmungousaur considering the little screentime he got.

Powers and Abilities

It does make sense to combine Humungousaur and Four Arms, the two major strength aliens, but Fourmungousaur doesn't really demonstrate how high his strength is, I wouldn't imagine he is as strong as Humungousaur and Four Arms combined, maybe a bit stronger than the stronger of the two, but not combined.

Benvicktor 2.png
So, Frankenstrike, formerly Benvicktor, is an interesting idea. I definitely do like the name Frankenstrike better than Benvicktor. I prefer his Omniverse appearance.
Ghostfreak os.png
Ghostfreak Ghost Town 1.PNG
Ghostfreak in UA.png
Ghostfreak ov official.png

I do like Ghostfreak, but as always, I hate how he's a green eyed version of his DNA origin, Zs'Skayr (Alien Force only). Thankfully, this was fixed in Omniverse.

I think it a bit strange how when Ghostfreak becomes intangible, his chains that he wears become intangible too. That just doesn't make sense to me.

Goop art.png

My favourite alien from Alien Force, Goop. I really like how Goop is just slime, sometimes acidic, that can take any shape he wants and appears to be unkillable, it's simple and unique.


Goop's big weakness is him being limited to his Anti-Gravity Projector and without it, he's immobile. With all that invulnerability, he needs to have a pretty big weakness. I would like to see how Goop would be on Viscosia, since it likely has weaker gravity since that where Polymorphs live.

Why does spinning hurt Goop so much? Just don't quite see why.

I would think energy like electricity would hurt Goop.

Gravattack full.png
I don't have much problem with Gravattack, I can't even think of anything to say.
Ultimate Gravattack
Ultimate Gravattack art.PNG

Again, I don't really have a problem with Ultimate Gravattack.

Considering how Galileans live in space, it makes sense for them to lose their legs since there isn't much walking to be done in space.

Grey Matter

Good old Grey Matter, another one of my favourites.

Powers and Abilities

Only question is: Why exactly does becoming a Galvan make Ben as smart as Grey Matter is? Maybe it's just instinctual for a Galvan to know how to build and modify technology and how to control Null Guardians, doesn't that sound a bit silly?

It might be somewhat wrong for me to say, but I've heard of people being denied education and not having chances to learn otherwise don't mature mentally. I don't quite know if this is the same as Ben becoming Grey Matter.

What I'd Change

I'd give Grey Matter his original series appearance back.

Ultimate Albedo

I do really like the idea of Ultimate Albedo, however, I'm a little questionable about if Ultimate Albedo is an example of a Galvan that has been exposed to the worst possible conditions on Galvan Prime / Galvan Mark II.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Albedo's energy beams would make sense for the likely need to attack and his telekinesis would help due his small arms.


Here is why I question if Ultimate Albedo is an example of a Galvan that has been exposed to the worst possible conditions. Having such a huge head that makes him require support would put Ultimate Albedo at an incredible disadvantage, this would not help in the worst possible conditions.

Other Thoughts

Perhaps Albedo made his Galvan DNA go through a different simulation just to help him overthrow Azmuth, because I really doubt that Ultimate Albedo is a Galvan from the worst possible conditions.

Gutrot official.png
Well, Gutrot does have a unique power, but does it make sense? Well, all animals (to my knowledge) produce and breathe out carbon dioxide, so gas creation isn't completely out of the question.
Ben 10 Heatblast.png
Heatblast ua.png
Heatblast omniverse official.png

The first alien ever shown (to me, the first alien shown to me was Four Arms), I do like Heatblast to be honest.

Powers and Abilities

I accept all but one of Heatblast's powers, why can Pyronites shift into a human-like form? That just doesn't make sense to me.

Also, why can Heatblast swim without much problem? I would think being completely submerged in the water would be fatal, or at least incredibly debilitating.

What I'd Change

I'd change it so Heatblast is much more vulnerable to water.

Heat Jaws

The perfect example of how creating hybrids can result in the two species interfering with each other.


I like how Heat Jaws's body has Heatblast's arms legs and head flame with Ripjaws's torso, head and tail without much blending between them, I think this can happen among animals that were interbred.

Powers and Abilities

Heat Jaws struggled at first to project fire, but was able to do so with a little time. That is acceptable, but why did he struggle at first? Perhaps his half Pyronite nature made it a little harder?

It seems Heat Jaws was comfortable underwater, despite having arms and legs made of fire. Like Heatblast, I feel that should hurt his arms and legs quite severely.

Humungoopsaur official.png

Humungoopsaur an interesting hybrid of Goop and Humungousaur.


I don't really like how Humungoopsaur's Anti-Gravity Projector and sash are white, unlike Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector and Humungousaur's sash. Why would being a hybrid make it white?

Powers and Abilities

Humungoopsaur should not be as strong as he is. From what I can see, he is composed completely of Goop's slime and slime is not strong at all.

One thing I want to point out is wouldn't Goop be able to take Humungoopsaur's shape anyway? I don't think he'd have enough slime to match the size, but still.

What I'd Change

I'd make Humungoopsaur much weaker.

Humungousaur uaf render.png
Humungousaur omniverse official.png

Alien Force's version of Four Arms, but I don't have a problem with it, it's not like Tetramands are the only strength-based aliens in the universe and Humungousaur is far from a clone of Four Arms.


There isn't much to complain about with Humungousaur, but I don't like how Hugh is a glasses wearing clone of Humungousaur (I consider Hugh the clone because Humungousaur appeared way before Hugh did).

Powers and Abilities

It just came back into my mind that Humungousaur can change his size, I disapprove of that power.

Also, I think Humungousaur is a bit too quick and easy to jump when you consider his legs and probable heavy weight.

What I'd Change

I'd give Humungousaur his Alien Force / Ultimate Alien appearance back and remove his size alteration.

Ultimate Humungousaur
Ultimate humungousaur ben.png
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur.png

So, Ultimate Humungousaur.


Despite me admitting Ultimate Humungousaur's appearance in Omniverse is cool, I like his Alien Force / Ultimate Alien appearance better. In Omniverse, Ultimate Humungousaur's appearance is a bit overdone and too dull in colour in my opinion.

Powers and Abilities

I'm glad that Ultimate Humungousaur is unable to change his size, I even accept his missile launching hands. Just one question, where are the bone fragments he launches before they're launched? There doesn't appear to be much space in his arms unless they come from somewhere else in his body and he has really thick veins or something for them to travel to his hands.


Well, Hypnotick is unique compared to the other predators.

Powers and Abilities

Hypnotick hypnotises Big Chill (or anyone else who sees) into seeing what he wants the most so he's distracted while it eats him.

I'm a bit suspicious how those circles cause anyone who sees to hallucinate and see whatever they want most. I've done those sort of visual tricks on myself and it's never caused me to hallucinate. All it's done to me is cause my vision to become blurred, but not to the point where they become images. However, for some reason, patterns (stripes, spots), especially when they're moving like Hypnotick's circles are incredibly distracting to me. I'm not sure if this is the case for everyone but I think I'm getting a bit off topic here.

I do not like how Hypnotick can become intangible, it doesn't seem to be the right type of alien to do so.


I'm glad Hypnotick is the only Nemetrix alien confirmed to not have it's name be it's species name.

What I'd Change

I'd remove Hypnotick's intangibility.


Alien Force's version of Stinkfly, XLR8 and to an extent, Ripjaws.

Despite Jetray apparently being more adapted to the water, his only use in water was a brief moment in Pier Pressure. I think Ripjaws would be a better choice for underwater fighting due to his jaws and claws.

Powers and Abilities

I feel Jetray is much too fast. It did seem that in Eye of the Beholder, Ben needed some alien that could travel "halfway across the galaxy" quickly since all his other aliens are either too slow, can't fly, can't survive in space or all of the above.

Speaking of space survivability, I don't like how Jetray has that power either, he doesn't look like he should be able to.

In my opinion, Jetray looks like he shouldn't be able to fly due to his small wings compared to his body size. More like just glide if he's lucky.

Jetray might be far too strong. The only real demonstration of his strength is in Ben 10,000 Returns, where Ultimate Ben (while using Jetray's powers) was strong enough to stop the Rust Bucket III mid-flight and was actually holding up all it's weight and put it down once they landed. Jetray never demonstrated something requiring that much strength so it might not actually be Jetray's strength but Ben 10,000's strength.

What I'd Change

I'd remove Jetray's space survivability and slow him right down.

Jury Rigg
Jury Rigg.png
Jury rigg ov official.png

Jury Rigg is one of my least favourite aliens, but despite that, I find him strangly likeable.

Powers and Abilities

The ability to break technology. Basically, anything could break anything, it's not a power. As Ultimate Albedo said "to tear down and destroy is of no consequence or quality. To create is divine."

Jury Rigg can recreate technology that isn't always built to last, but I don't count that as a power either since anything could build something, it's just the knowledge you need to know how to build it.


Despite that, I find Jury Rigg likeable because of his personality and behaviour.

Kickin Hawk
Kicken Hawk Omniverse official.png

Well, Kickin Hawk is a likeable alien to me, just a good hand-to-hand fighter, or foot-to-hand fighter.

Well, I honestly have nothing else to say.

Lodestar UAF Action Pose.png
Lodestar OV.png

So, Lodestar is another alien I'm not too fond of. I don't understand magnets that much so perhaps if I did, I'd like Lodestar more.

Powers and Abilities

Since I don't understand magnets much, I don't understand how Lodestar can project waves that can magnetise metal. I know he can act as a magnet himself, I find that okay.

Also, I don't think magnet can repel metal, so how did Lodestar manage to launch Kevin (while he had absorbed metal) with his waves? I feel there is probably a proper explanation but I don't know it.

Mole-Stache official.png

When I first saw Mole-Stache in Outbreak, I expected him to be another near powerless alien, which I'm alright with. There has to be some aliens in the Omnitrix that don't have actual superpowers, like humans (ignoring adaptability, it's not a power that can be used to fight. Magic could though).

When I heard he "has an elastic mustache that can wrap people up," I was disappointed. I'm yet to hear about elastic hair but I won't deny it's existence. Imagining that his mustache is made of elastic, I would doubt it would be able to stretch very far considering it's length.

But ever since he displayed his mustache powers, I quickly changed my mind. Despite it not actually making sense, I find it so amusing how Mole-Stache fights with his mustache. Combined with his gentleman-like personality and voice (which makes him even more amusing to me), it makes me imagine a typical older fashioned gentleman taking such pride in his mustache and another gentleman comes by and they start arguing about mustaches. xD

Mucilator dt.png

So, like Crabdozer, Mucilator makes sense to me, despite how fast it is, looking at it's back legs.

Mucilator's slime sacs are perfect for catching Crashhopper. Nuff said.

Nanomech Ultimate Alien.png

NOTE: I've never actually watched Alien Swarm, so I may be missing some details. Nanochips are a sapient species? They seem more like technology that are just controlled by a Queen of some kind.

Okay, presuming Nanochips are a sapient species, why is Nanomech a hybrid of a Nanochip and the Omnitrix's user? Why not become just a Nanochip? I admit that Nanomech would be nigh useless if he was a single Nanochip since it seems it takes many Nanochips to make anything.

Well, ignoring all these mysteries, Nanomech is an alright alien.



My personal favourite of the Andromeda Quintet (terrible name).

From what I've heard, radiation destroys DNA. Since Prypiatosian-Bs have DNA (how else would they be able to be in the Omnitrix?) how is their DNA okay? My only explanation is that their DNA is radation resistant. Yes, very obvious.

Omniverse S3E01 Omnivoracious.png

So, Omnivoracious looks like an ostrich to me. Do ostriches prey on frogs? -Two minutes later- I just looked it up and it seems they mainly eat roots, leaves and seeds and sometimes eat insects, snakes, lizards and rodents. Along with sand or stones to help them grind their food.

According to the Omnivoracious page, Omnivoracious looks like an emu (I don't exactly agree). Emus eat fruits, seeds, plant shoots and insects along with small stones to help them grind up their food. Neither of them regularly prey on frogs (which are what the Galvan resemble).

Despite this, not everything has to match real life Earth animals. We're talking about a fictional Galvan Prime species.

Yes, I know Omnivoracious is named after it's species, but does it need mentioning? Seems so.

Panuncian official.png

I'm counting Khyber's Panuncian as an alien since it has an Ultimate Form and I want to talk about the regular Panuncian too. I will be referring to it as Panuncian since it doesn't have an actual name I can use.

Powers and Abilities

Well then, I disapprove of Panuncian's self duplication abilities for the same reason as Echo Echo. Even though it comes from Hathor like Ditto and he has self duplication, I just don't like how Panuncian can do it too.

Ignoring that, I do like Panuncian's design as a sabre toothed tiger-like alien.

Ultimate Panuncian
Ultimate panunucian official artwork.png

The only Ultimate Form for a predator so far.

Ultimate Panuncian does make a bit more sense to me as an example of a Panuncian which evolved in Hathor's worst possible conditions (Hathor hasn't been seen yet so I can't comment on anything like that). No strange superpowers or unexplained energy blasts, just a lot of extra size and thorns. Definitely makes sense in the real world.

Powers and Abilities

So, Ultimate Panuncian seems to have lost Panuncian's self duplication, which I'm happy with.

Pesky Dust
Pesky dust.png

The cute fairy, Pesky Dust. I didn't really grow up imagining about fairy worlds like a lot of young girls are stereotypically, but I still think Pesky Dust is in interesting alien.

Powers and Abilities

When I first saw Pesky Dust, I imagined a powerless alien except for flight since he has wings. I later imagined that the name Pesky Dust could fit an alien that spreads some sort of fairy dust that could cause itchiness or something, like a pesky itch.

When I heard that Pesky Dust has powers similar to Jigglypuff from Pokemon, I correctly guessed that Pesky Dust could make people fall asleep. Also, that combined with his dream viewing and manipulation makes Pesky Dust a really well designed alien to me.


So, this thing. Portaler.

I get that Portaler was part of a competition that probably involved mainly kids, I can tell that the designer of his picture is definitely very inexperienced. But that's to be expected of course.

Powers and Abilities

So, Portaler can create portals. To be completely honest, I actually didn't see the word portal in Portaler's name. I'm ashamed of myself. Confessions aside, Portaler seems to be the first alien able to create portals (seems to be because in Eye of the Beholder, it seemed like Jetray created a portal to come out of hyperspace), so this makes Portaler stand out a bit.

Rath 1.png
Rath luchador official.png

You gotta love Rath. "GIVE UP GRAVITY!!!!! YOU CAN'T BEAT RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" -hits the ground-

I have almost nothing to say other that I really like Rath for his personality, it really does make him stand out.

Ultimate Rath
Ultimate Rath OV.png

Another Ultimate Form that makes more sense than others.

I find it a shame how Ultimate Rath only really got to be used by Albedo, who has more control over Rath and Ultimate Rath, because I imagine Ultimate Rath to have Rath's personality, but become much more violent and fierce. Probably likely to actually swear. But oh well, it wouldn't be allowed anyway.

Ripjaws ua.png
Ripjaws ov official.png

I actually really liked Ripjaws in the original series, but it's only gone downhill since Ultimate Alien.

So, Ripjaws is the first, and so far, only aquatic alien that actually needs to breathe in water to survive. All the other aliens that can breathe underwater can breathe air as well. Ripjaws only can for some time until he needs water again.

What I'd Change

I'd give Ripjaws his original series appearance back.

The Worst

The Worst is actually pretty amusing to me, along with She-Worst in The Most Dangerous Game Show.

Powers and Abilities

The Worst being indestructable is a bit silly if you ask me, but being incredibly durable isn't.

Toepick art.png

Toepick, not exactly what I was expecting when I heard about him when I saw Ken 10. I was expecting an incredibly grim looking alien with some sort of long thorn or something coming out of his head. Grim looking is probably an underestimate for what Toepick really looks like.

Toepick having an incredibly frightful face is unique, but how exactly is it scary? Maybe it's like Hypnotick's hypnosis and causes the viewer to see what is the most frightful thing they could see, making it different for everyone. This probably isn't the case if it is possible to not be scared of Toepick's face (Ma Vreedle), unless Ma Vreedle just can't be scared by looking at something.

Shocksquatch ua render.png
Shocksquatch omniverse official.png

When I first saw Shocksquatch in Heroes United, I knew that he was never going to be one of my favourite aliens. A yeti with electrokinesis doesn't fit to me.

Once Omniverse came out and I saw Shocksquatch again, I promptly changed my mind because his new design is so much better.


Seems to be a very popular predator, quite a few members of Slamworm's species have popped up in Omniverse.

I would doubt worms prey on armadillos, but not everything matched Earth's wildlife.

Powers and Abilities

Slamworm's acid spit is a bit unusual to me, but I let that go as well because I can't actually think of an explanation as to why it wouldn't work.


Powers and Abilities

Let's jump right into it. How can Snare-oh produce a seemingly endless supply of bandages? It seems some of the aliens seem to have the power of creating endless supplies of something, meaning they create matter. It seems that it's basically undeniable that Kevin actually does.


The old name 'Benmummy' was a bit urgh to be, so I'm glad it's been changed to Snare-oh.

What I'd Change

I'd give Snare-oh his original series appearance back.

Spidermonkey omniverse profile.png
I don't really have any problem with Spidermonkey.
Ultimate Spidermonkey
Ult. spidermonkey.png
Negative ultimate spidermonkey official.png

By far, I prefer Ultimate Spidermonkey to Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey.

So, like Spidermonkey, I don't have any problem with Ultimate Spidermonkey.


I admit that Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey looks like a monkey acting as a spider (especially right as he attacks Shocksquatch in A Fistful of Brains).

What I'd Change

I'd keep Ben's Ultimate Spidermonkey's appearance.

So, Spitter is a very underused alien, but I'm not really that fond of him.
Stink Arms

First hybrid ever shown, good old Stink Arms.

Powers and Abilities

So, Stink Arms can somewhat fly, has enhanced strength (but less than Four Arms) and has Stinkfly's sharp tail.

Can Stink Arms release Stinkfly's slime? I doubt it to be honest.

Ben 16 Stinkfly.png

One of my original series favourites, Stinkfly. But I really don't like his Omniverse appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Stinkfly's just fine in terms of powers, but what is up with his "blue lasers"? How would that make sense?

What I'd Change

I'd give Stinkfly his original series appearance and voice back and take away his blue lasers.

Swampfire uaf official.png
Swampfire ov2.png

I used to love Swampfire in Alien Force / Ultimate Alien, I just found him so cool and original, it's not often you see a plant based alien or character with powers relating to fire that actually makes sense.


After his blossoming, I lost a lot of my like for Swampfire. He just doesn't look that good anymore.

What I'd Change

I'd give Swampfire his Alien Force / Ultimate Alien appearance back.

Ultimate Swampfire
Alien-gallery ultimate swampfire.png

So, I like Ultimate Swampfire, like Swampfire (before blossoming).

Powers and Abilities

Here's another Ultimate Form that makes sense to me, being more durable makes perfect sense and with some fire bombs, that gives Ultimate Swampfire an edge.

Terraspin 1.png
Terraspin in Omniverse.png

Not sure what I think about Terraspin making sense, but I like him anyways, but I still like his Ultimate Alien appearance better, despite being a green-eyed, Ultimatrix symbol wearing Galapagus.

Powers and Abilities

Terraspin's legs shifting into a near-copy of one of his arms is a bit strange, and how can he spin his limbs like a fan if there's no slot for them to spin through?

Terroranchula pose.png

Powers and Abilities

How do Terroranchula's webs "absorb" Ball Weevil's plasma balls?

Either Terroranchula is incredibly...squidgy(?)....or able to change it's size to fit through the pipe it did in Of Predators and Prey: Part 1. Unless, maybe Terroranchula broke the thin part of the pip and continued through the wider part?


Terroranchula's name is great, I'll admit.

Tyrannopede artwork.png

Powers and Abilities

In my opinion, it is a bit strange how Tyrannopede can fire webs from it's horn and they make a cocoon. That just doesn't work in my mind.


Tyrannopede, another pretty cool name.

Perk Upchuck
Ben 10 Upchuck.PNG
Ben10omni upchuck 174x252.png

Yes, Perk Upchuck and Murk Upchuck get their own sections.

Powers and Abilities

So....Perk Upchuck was interesting to me when I first watched The Visitor, but why exactly did Gourmands become able to fire out what they eat as explosive energy? There doesn't seem to be any need for them, plus it would ta.

UNLESS, since Plan Omega was used to eat planets Peptos to Peptos XI so it can't be taken by invaders, it seems that they probably fight for their planet quite often so it would make sense for them to develop a natural attacking method, but it seems that it would be a rather expensive power.

Murk Upchuck
Murk Upchuck.png
Murk Upchuck OV022.png


I prefer Murk Upchuck's appearance to Perk Upchuck's.

Powers and Abilities

So, Murk Upchuck shares the questionable backstory of why they have the power they do, along with the same possible explanation.

Since Murk Upchuck has displayed the ability to spit slime and Perk Upchuck hasn't, I'm going to presume this is a Murk Upchuck only ability. It makes sense that both Upchucks have abilities that the other doesn't have to differentiate them better.


Upgrade, one of my all time favourite aliens.

So, my big question, why is Upgrade in the Omnitrix? As far as I know and can see, Upgrade is completely mechanical and shouldn't have any DNA. This is the only thing that bothers me about him.

I love the way Upgrade can merge with technology, upgrade it and use it as his body.

Malware was a corrupted Galvanic Mechamorph that absorbed technology, but he was unable to absorb the prototype Omnitrix and as he said, it overloaded him. This suggests to me that perhaps Galvanic Mechamorphs can't merge with/absorb technology that is a higher level than they are.

For example, let's say Galvanic Mechamorphs are Level 18 technology, they would only be able to merge with Level 17 and below technology and maybe other Level 18 technology, but won't be able to merge with level 19+ technology, which would include the prototype Omnitrix.


Powers and Abilities

So, how exactly would UpRigg be better at using his technology modification (abilities) than Jury Rigg? He didn't appear to use any of Upgrade's powers as he built the Time Cycles and it doesn't appear that Upgrade has enhanced intelligence (not that it would make much sense to me).

Unless, UpRigg could his hands into his own toolkits or possibly used Upgrade's merging powers offscreen.


At first, I preferred Jury Grade, but I warmed up to the name UpRigg.

Vicetopus P3da2r.png

Well, Vicetopus has barely shown itself at all due to it's two appearances consisting of holding Dr. Psychobos or just standing there.

Powers and Abilities

So, Vicetopus has extendable tentacles and is strong enough to crack Dr. Psychobo's shell.

Since a Cerebrocrustacean's main attack method is with their electrokinesis, it would make sense for a Vicetopus to be immune to such. Seeing Vicetopus extend it's tentacles, it seems possible that Vicetopus has rubber-like properties, which would grant immunity to electrical attacks.

File:Ben 10 Omniverse- Walkatrout.png


There has to be some battle-useless aliens out there and Walkatrout is a good example of one.
Water Hazard
Water Hazard official artwork.png
Pose of Water Hazard.png

So, Water Hazard is another alien I like.


I prefer Water Hazard's Ultimate Alien appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Water Hazard being able to fire water (and possibly control the temperate of it) is fine, but where does it come from? Water Hazard's body isn't really that big to be holding a large amount of water.

Way Big
Way big render.png
Way Big OV Artwork.PNG

I like Way Big's appearance in Alien Force / Ultimate Alien best.

For some reason, I have nothing else to say.

Ultimate Way Big


Ultimate Way Big. Again, I have nothing to say. xD
Big whampire.png

Whampire is likable, to me at least.

Wildmutt UA Season 2-12.png
Ultimate Wildmutt
Ultimate Wildmutt official artwork.png
Wildvine Flors Verdance.png
WildVine 16 Year Old.png
XLR8 OV2.png