About me

Hi, my name is Sammy and I'm Autistic and have ADHD.

Other Wikias

I'm a admin on the Techno Games wiki. I'm also a active user on the Robot Wars and BattleBots wiki where I have a combined 9613 edits (7194 edits on Robot Wars and 2969 edits on BattleBots). I am also the Admin of the Techno Games wiki (where I have 383 edits) but there is a lack of information/videos/pictures so not much can be added.


I like playing with Lego, I do Lets Builds and put then them on youtube (my YouTube account is Madpsycho6) and make robots which are currently in a tournament on the wiki where I'm most active. I only like proper Lego though, none of knock off stuff.

Manga and Anime

I follow the following manga and anime: Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin (M and A), Bleach (M and A), Naruto (M and A), One Piece (M), Soul Eater (M and A) and Soul Eater NOT (M and A). I also like Death Note (M, A and Live Action Films) and Hungry Joker (M).

Video games

I play: Pokémon, Lego games, puzzle games, Professor Layton games, the Devil May Cry series, Bayonetta and Minecraft.

Other stuff

I like Doctor Who and Red Dwarf.


  • Fifth user to get Wiki Hero badge.

Random slideshow

  • The Master of the Ben Ten universe
  • Steam Punk Doctor
  • Awesome alien clocks
  • A short guy with a very big head
  • Look here you little.....
  • Awesome girl
  • Mmmmmm, where is that Splixson?
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