• My occupation is screw up
  • I am Male

Favorite Omnitrix Designs

  • 1.Recalibrated Prototype Omnitrix
  • 2.Omniverse Omnitrix
  • 3.Ultimatrix
  • 4.Original Prototype Omnitrix
  • 5.Ben 10,000 Omnitrix
  • 6.Biomnitrix
  • 7.Albedo Recreated Ultimatrix

Favorite Ben 10 Series

  • 1.Alien Force
  • 2.Omniverse
  • 3.Ultimate Alien
  • 4.Original Series

Favorite 10 Aliens

In no particular order and they can change in any moment,they kinda hard to chose. Their Ultimate Forms also counts since they are part of the aliens.

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