Kevin 11000
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My favorite Aliens

  • Bigchill
  • Humungousaur
  • Spidermonkey
  • Alien X
  • Rath
  • Goop
  • Chromastone
  • Wildmutt
  • Armordrillo
  • AmpFibian

I couln't put them in order it would take too long for me. I'd be here for hours trying to figure it out.

My Favorite Characters


  • Kevin
  • Gwen
  • Alan Albright
  • Manny
  • Helen
  • Max Tennyson

I don't really like Ben. He's too cocky and immature and abnoxious.


  • Mike/Darkstar
  • Hex
  • Charmcaster(sort of)
  • Dr. Animo

Darkstar is my favorite, becaus whenever he shows up Kevin gets all ticked off and so does Gwen.


i would get on more often but i had alot of stuff to do with school and my dad is always blocking this website, cuz he's a douche bag, so its really not my fault that i cant get on as often as i used to.

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