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Hey, I'm Justine and I'm from Belgium. I've been watching Ben 10 since the first version. I don't know when but it's so long ago. I also saw Ben 10: Alien Force and bought a swampfire from Lego. I saw a few episodes of Ben 10: Omniverse but I don't really like the cartoon style. The reboot of Ben 10 seems very interesting, might want to watch more.

If you speak Dutch like me, you can watch full episodes and even the movies on Cartoon Network's YouTube. I used to watch it in Dutch but now I'm rewatching them in English.

Favorite Stuff


Classic Ben 10

Image Title Number
Ditto22.png Divided We Stand 41
DevlinKenny.png Ken 10 46

Ben 10: Alien Force

Image Title Number
ATG (453).png All That Glitters 5
WotW1 (251).png War of the Worlds: Part 1 25
ICW (387).png In Charm's Way 35
TH (539).png Time Heals 41

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Image Title Number
Duped (387).png Duped 2


I haven't watched everything yet, so it will change.

  1. Ben 10: Alien Force
  2. Classic Ben 10
  3. Ben 10: Omniverse






Gwen: It's more than that. I like swimming, and school, and breaking boards with my hands, and running and feeling tired afterward and, ... kissing boys
- What Are Little Girls Made Of?

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Kevin: Today I'm going to the auto show. I need a new ride.
Gwen: I'll go with you.
Kevin: You like cars?
Gwen: Not really, I like you though.
- War of the Worlds: Part 2

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Kevin: (after telling Julie and Gwen his story on how he had his nose in another dimension for three hours, going to his car to remove alien tech, that could bring Ben back on the earth) Aren't you going to ask how I smelled?
Gwen: Terrible, just like your joke.
- Singlehanded

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Also I was addicted to the Ben 10 Cartoon Network games. Some of my favorite ones are below.

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