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My Favorite Aliens

In no particular order except the ones who are placed at the very top of the series they first appeared in.

Ben 10

Alien Force

Ultimate Alien



  • N/A (I have no interest in watching it, even if people say it has improved a lot (XD). However, I might eventually edit some reboot-related pages just for the hell of it.)

Aliens I Would Have in My Omnitrix and the Order I Would Use Them in

My first 10

  1. Ghostfreak
  2. Chromastone
  3. Heatblast
  4. XLR8
  5. Jetray
  6. Brainstorm
  7. Upgrade
  8. Echo Echo
  9. Spidermonkey
  10. Four Arms

Unlockable/Obtainable Aliens

  1. Diamondhead
  2. Lodestar
  3. Ampfibian
  4. Chamalien
  5. Cannonbolt
  6. Water Hazard
  7. Rath
  8. Snare-oh
  9. Big Chill
  10. Alien X
  11. Literally all the rest of them when I finally realize that Brainstorm is smart enough to hack the Omnitrix and unlock the Master Control. :)

My Random Ben 10 Headcanons