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My name is CHILLMANFIRE, a Ben 10 enthusiast. I have been following the franchise ever since it first debuted in 2006, and I have not stopped gaining information on heroes, villains, planets, and episodes. In 2011, I took a hiatus from Ben 10 within Ultimate Alien's second season due to other interests. My knowledge of the show remained expansive, but I was behind, missing out on new aliens and villains within the span of time not watching the show. I fortunately came back to B10 in August of 2012, in which the sneak peak of Omniverse premiered on my birthday, and I once again became hooked to the series. I then was wondering who the second 5 aliens of Ultimate Alien was, and quickly found out about Clockwork, Fasttrack, ChamAlien, Jury Rigg, and Eatle. I also finally made an account on Ben 10 Planet, after gaining information from this wiki for so many years. In Omniverse, I did not like the departure of Gwen and Kevin at first, but eventually got over it, as Rook Blonko is an excellent ally. The new Omnitrix is a great weapon(sorry, Azmuth), and I enjoy the returns of the original aliens, and the redesigns for a lot of them as well. Like I have previously stated, my knowledge is expansive, and if there is anything that someone needs to know regarding this franchise, I am the all-knowing eye!

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Ben 10:

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Favorite Episodes

Ben 10: 30

Ben 10: Alien Force; 24

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien; 28

Ben 10: Omniverse; 48

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