Yo, I am Ben10fan3, a former admin on this wiki. If you need any help, just message me on my wall. :) I'm also on BTFF.

Ben 10-related things

Favorite Aliens

(Truely, I like mostly all of them but these are probably my most favorite. These are mainly going to be pre-Reboot continuity so, if you haven't watched any of the OG continuity, then uh, sorry!)

  • Way Big - Always have, always will.
  • Rath 
  • Spidermonkey/Ultimate Spidermonkey
  • Swampfire/Ultimate Swampfire
  • Echo Echo/Ultimate Echo Echo
  • Ditto (especially OV Ditto)
  • Wildmutt
  • Ripjaws

Favorite Episodes





  • Omni-Tricked Four-Parter

Dates (not uber important but eh)

  • August 23, 2015 = Promoted to an Admin.
  • March 1, 2017 = Due to inactivity, I demoted myself back to a regular user. 
  • April 8th, 2019 - New era of activity for me (hopefully or it will just end like last time with me leaving again, idk)

Other stuff besides Ben 10

  • I'm into Alternate History
  • Longtime Nintendo fan: Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, ya name it. 
  • Buttigieg, Swalwell, Gillibrand, or Harris would be my 2020 Dem picks. 
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