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This is the most amazingest thing anyone could ever see!

Ben to Rook upon witnessing the creation of their universe.[1]

The Universe is the set of dimensions where the Ben 10 series set in the Classic Continuity take place. It is commonly known as the totality of everything that exists, containing the galaxies, planets, and stars.


In Ultimate Alien, the universe was viewed from afar when Paradox guided Ben's Team through the space beyond universes. It was shown to be a somewhat flat, bright red cluster of gas with some visible points of light.

In Omniverse, the universe was only viewed from inside, and contained many multicolored nebulae and galaxy clusters.

Known Galaxies[]

There are about 80 billion galaxies discovered by Humans.

Known Dimensions[]

The Universe has many dimensions, such as:


  • At least 99 that have been enslaved by Dagon

Known Timelines[]

See article: Alternate Timelines

Known Parallel Universes[]


  • The Map of Infinity is a complete map of space-time extending through seventeen dimensions.[citation needed] Anyone who has it can travel anywhere, including outside the Universe and to the Forge of Creation.
  • Altering the fabric of reality and recreating the universe as a Celestialsapien is a violation against the Multiverse Preservation Act.[2]
  • Although there are at least 100 confirmed dimensions,[3][4] the multiverse itself is filled with an infinite number of universes.[DJW 1][DR 1]
    • To Derrick J. Wyatt's eyes, Multiverse means the same thing as Omniverse.[DJW 2]

      "The next universe over", as seen in The Forge of Creation

  • Other universes exist beyond ours, and sit alongside it in the space beyond. These universe might have very different physics compared to ours,[5][6] though not always.[DJW 3]
  • In addition to Generator Rex taking place in a parallel universe,[7] The Secret Saturdays takes place on the same Earth as Ben 10.[8][9]


  1. Rex made an appearance in Crossover Nexus.


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